SKIN FAIR 2014 – Kitty The Seductress

SKIN FAIR 2014 – Kitty The Seductress


I think I’ve mentioned before on these pages how much I love a well done make-up. Skins can be incredibly expensive, but make-ups are a great alternative to forking out squillions of Lindens on a complete skin package. Done badly they can look utterly terrible; I’ve seen some with dreadful seams and outlines that wouldn’t have fit an octopus, let alone a Second Life avatar. But done well, they really can take your look to the next level.

This year Skin Fair allowed some make-up creators to exhibit and one that has really excited me is Madrid Solo. I knew as soon as I saw her stand that I would have a very good time there, and I was right. Her ‘Seductress’ range of lip and eye-colours has been an absolute find for me this year. Guys they are exemplary. Beautiful colours of shadow and lips to mix and match, and each one has been created to a very high-standard for a virtual cosmetic. Occasionally you can find that  tattoo-layer lipsticks don’t quite work on the lines of the skin.  Why would they? Skins are an individual product after all, and a cosmetic addition can sometimes be a gamble, but I’m delighted to say that I’ve worn, and enjoyed wearing, Madrid’s range of cosmetics with a number of skins from the line-up this year and they’re worked effortlessly.

In the shot above I’m wearing ‘Nar Mattaru-Freya’ with shadow and lipstick from Madrid Solo’s ‘Seductress range. Doesn’t it look fab? Of course you need a solid base to work on, and ‘Freya’ is a sensational skin without enhancement, but it really does go all the way up to eleven when these colours are added, don’t you think?


Here I am wearing more colours on a different skin, the exquisite ‘Taylor’ in  Deep Tan from ELYSIUM.    This is a deeper tone than I would normally wear, but it is luscious and beautifully done. It comes replete with a bouquet of options to select from, including freckle options and brow colours, but I’ve opted for the lovely black brow here. By now you guys must have realised I have a brow fetish (well, as far as SL skins go!) but this one is a little different in that it doesn’t have the arching definition that some of the skins I’ve reviewed previously do. But that’s not a weakness, there’s something more real about the shape of these brows,  and when you zoom in you can see that they were created with great care. They look lovely.

 In fact the face on this skin, whichever tone you opt for, is beautiful. The shape of the nose is lovely, as is the shading on the philtrum, clavicle and across the body.  The colour is constant and works extremely well, and the contour-blush adds great definition to the face. You can find some excellent bespoke lip-colours in this range too (but for this snap I am of course wearing items from Madrid Solo’s ‘Seductress’ series).

But don’t just take my word for it. Go to SKIN FAIR 2 and find Madrid Solo’s store, go in and prepare to be transported to pretty pretty make-up heaven.  The ‘Seductress’ range is L$50 per colour, L$850 for the fat pack and you’ll receive 15 eye-make ups and 4 lip colours. But that’s not all, there’s also a free gift in store, and while you’re there be sure to check out the ‘Melancholy’ eyes and also the absolutely fabulous ‘the Nudes’, which is a range of ten perfect lip-colours in TWO sizes.  I have a feeling you’ll be seeing a lot of Madrid’s work on these pages in the near future, it’s utterly fantastic and I now consider myself a fan!

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