Raving about Rachel From Vista Animations

Raving about Rachel From Vista Animations

If you see me mooching about in world over the weekend have a good looksy at the AO I’m currently sporting, because it’s a bit of a cracker.  It’s another winner from VISTA ANIMATIONS, who never fall short when it comes to creating fresh and funky AO’s.

It’s called ‘Rachel’ and it is *perfect* for summer 2014. If you’re all about beaches and bikinis, then this will work perfectly for you! It’s very natural without any jerky movements, but that’s a given with Vista because they’re so accomplished in their field. The stances are natural and feminine and really jolly nice indeed.  But hey, don’t take my word for it, look, a video! Ain’t technology grand?!

What I always really love about Vista Animations  is the fact that because the stands are so good you can often snap really great photos using them, without having to use individual poses. That’s a real bonus and makes for some great shots too; here’s a kitty-quicky:


See what I mean? No pose used here- just a shot taken while using one of the stands.  Works a treat doesn’t it? Actually, one feature of this AO that I particularly rate is that with ‘Rachel’ the stands are all nice and long; making for a really natural appearance. This is the kind of thing that comes into its own when you’re with a group of friends for long periods. The ground sits are brilliant for sitting on the beach and catching some virtual sunshine too, and I’ve noticed no problems using this AO in tandem with my clothing or my SLink Physique body.

To add even more realism there’s an improved breathing effect which really does look good (it’s funny how you don’t often notice something as important as this but when you do..wow!) and the included dance animations are perfect for using in the club, or even your kitchen! (As I write this I am dancing around my kitchen using dance number #5. Love it!) There’s nothing worse than going to a club and using the dance menus there only to find that they’re pretty awful; no problem if you’re wearing this AO. Just choose from one of the 6 included dances and,well, jobs a carrot!  They’re perfect for gigs and events.


Mesh friendly, Lola’s friendly, couples compatible and with long animations, is there nothing Rachel can’t do? Short answer-newp. I wish I was this dainty in real life, instead I trudge around like a herd of elephants having a bad day.  At least in Second Life, courtesy of VISTA ANIMATIONS and ‘Rachel’ I’m feminine, elegant and a ruddy dance-floor wizard! Now move out of the way, I have a handbag that’s going on the floor and I’m going to boogie around it all funky-like..you dancing?

RACHEL can be purchased via the Marketplace HERE or at the in-world store HERE. Enjoy!

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