SPELLBOUND is a brand I am really digging at the moment, full stop. For a start they have really nailed their branding; the whole witchy-vibe is obviously something that’s going to appeal to me, but there’s more to it than that, it’s presented so damn well. From the store itself, to the font used on the packaging, it’s utterly perfect. And I’ll tell you what else is perfect, the latest Spellbound hair release, ‘Toothbrush’.

Spellbound_006To be honest it strikes me that the creator, Kohana Xue,  MUST have a background in Witchcraft/Occultism because the symbols on the logo and the way they’re presented is done just a little too well. Either that or they’ve a serious Harry Potter addiction! There are witchy books, potion bottles galore, and even a cauldron on the counter. ( I wish there was a Second Life Witchcraft store like this!) There’s also oodles of cat print and teak- texture giving the place a retro feel. It looks so good and frankly it just makes me want to loiter in the store with intent!Nar Mattaru leaves me spellbound

But the hair, oh the lovely, lovely hair! Gorgeous colours and shades in styles that hint at diverse influences from Kawaii to rockabilly. They look brilliant when worn (I own a few styles from here now) but I have to be honest and say that I think ‘Toothbrush’ is my absolute favourite so far. Reason? Well just look at that epic plaited fringe, the shaggy bob styling and the loose bow. It’s ruddy gorgeous.  What I don’t understand though is why it’s called ‘Toothbrush’?  For a start, it in no way resembles a brush, nor would I want to stick it in my gob. That said, I’m not going to lose any sleep over the name, it could be called ‘Donkey Nadgers’ and I would still have bought it and worn it with pride. Anyway, I got myself the Brunettes pack from C88 for a steal at L$188, and it includes HUDS for both ribbon and hair. You can also wear the style without the bow if you’re kinky like that. Why you would want to is beyond me though, it’s just beyond perfection as is.

Incidentally I MUST tell you about the skin I am currently inhabiting. It’s from NAR MATTARU and is called ‘Maya’, and bugger me it’s nice. I’ve seriously fallen in love with NAR MATTARU, I really have.

Jade Glazner is one of those skin creators that just gets it. Her make-ups are divine, and the brows are just the most delicious kind of awesome. Since discovering her work this year I’ve become transfixed by it and wearing it is an absolute dream. One of the things that I really love is her make-ups, they’re inspired. She’s clearly not afraid to try new and unusual colour combos making her skins a great choice for a more edgy, punkish look. But don’t be put off by that, they’re so pretty too that they’ll lend themselves easily to any look you can possibly imagine.

MAYA is available NOW  at the OMGacha July round. I’m a bit late in posting about her, sorry about that, but you still have five days to go and throw your lindens at the machine to try and win all six makeups (plus the bare/no-makeup Rare version). She’s  available in six tones (I’m sporting Tone 3) with Slink (hand/feet) appliers included at just L$99 per play. You’ll also be able to find Physique appliers in Jade’s store too,something I swiftly invested in so that I could get the most out of Maya.

I think the NAR MATTARU ‘Maya’ skin and the SPELLBOUND ‘Toothbrush’ hair make for an absolutely fabulous combination, and I shall be wearing them with pride.

I think you might enjoy doing the same. Care to join me?

Kitty wears: 

  • Hair by SPELLBOUND ‘Toothbrush’ Brunettes @ C88 
  • Skin by NAR MATTARU Maya in Tone 3, Goth Chic featured in the main image.  (Other make-ups featured are Spring Fling, Goth Chic, Smoky and Pinup Girl.  Not featured are Bare or Emerald but they’re equally spiffy!)@ OMGACHA
  • Eyes by IKON (Destiny Eyes-Maya)
  • Septum Ring by MONS (Style 1, Gold) @Dressing Room Fusion
  • Lashes by HUSH (‘Flirt’)
  • Tee by PIXICAT (‘Cutout Tie Top’ (Grey))
  • Skirt by BOOM (‘Tweed Mini’ (Graphite))
  • Bag by MILK MOTION (The Cat Bag, black)


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