We wanna get loaded and we wanna have a good time..

We wanna get loaded and we wanna have a good time..


As a brand APHORISM genuinely never disappoints.  It constantly  features diverse product lines, especially over the past few months. Great shape and attention to detail is for me where the label excels, and they’ve proved that again at this month’s edition of  THE MENS DEPT.

You will definitely want to check their latest release out, because it’s a bit of a dazzler. It’s called ‘Loaded‘, and features slim jeans and tees, with a twist…The jeans have a handgun down the front of them. Yikes!
(Cue zillions of “Is that a gun in your pants or are you just pleased to see me?” jokes…)

Smart jeans and tees ALWAYS work, in real life or Second. APHORISM always produces great denim, their ‘Men’s Regular Jeans’ being a firm favourite of Jez’s due to their texturing and colour. These ‘Loaded’  jeans are slimmer but no less detailed, with tonnes of creasing and fading in all the right places across the range. The tees look aged and slightly worn and wear well on your frame. Worn together it’s a classic, ever-so-slightly vintage combination straight out of Hollywood. Think heist movies, think fast cars and dark heroes; this is what ‘Loaded’ is all about, and it’s incredibly evocative as outfits go. I’m not a fan of guns in any way so wearing this felt a little out of my comfort zone, but I have to say I think he looks ruddy swell and swoonsome, don’t you think?

To finish Jez’s look I treated him to some snazzy footwear courtesy of  2REAL. These ‘Max Crystal’ trainers really are the dog’s cogs; when you wear them and zoom in the level of detail is gasp worthy. I know for a fact laddo would wear these in real life so it was very satisfying to see him wear them in Second. There’s a nifty HUD which enables you to wear your shoes with laces or without; he doesn’t have a preference apparently, but like me he really digs the pattern that embellishes these and the window in the sole giving them a retro look suggestive of Nike Air Trainers.  I do love it when you zoom in on something and it looks absolutely amazing, don’t you? Pro-tip: Buy these in a really bright colour as a contrast to your outfit to get heads turning!

Loaded 2

Last but not least, another shout-out to the ever-amazing SIGNATURE Mesh Avatar ‘Anthony’  that Jez is sporting, which I discussed in this previous post. I think he is the epitome of sexual chocolate wearing it,  and it was really easy to get his APHORISM clothes to fit perfectly courtesy of the HUD.  I really can’t wax lyrical about it enough, suffice to say if you have L$300 in your pocket that is burning a hole go and treat yourself to some mesh body happiness.

The Mens Dept. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, it really does serve the males of Second Life (and their partners) incredibly well indeed.

Get yourself over there!

*Note: It’s pretty obvious BUT The tees are made specifically to work with the jeans; they have a special tuck and shadow on them so that they’ll work perfectly when worn together so don’t buy a tee on its own unless you want to look a bit odd.. And both the APHORISM ‘Loaded’ ensemble and the 2REAL trainers are available for both male and female avatars.  Winning! 

Oh and yes, I DID listen to this while I was writing this post, how could I not?!

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