Yup, that’s  precisely what I said when I discover TWO of my favourite designers were having sales!

First up is the ever amazing MAXI GOSSAMER.  I love the jewellery created by this brand and you’ll find selected pieces in store in the backroom at 50% off, which is NOT to be missed! If you’re looking for accessories to wear with summery dresses and beachwear you’ll find your favourites here. (Protip- the bangles and bracelets are especially good from MG.)

As if that wasn’t enough to cause my bank manager to weep, I then discovered that OVERHIGH (OVH) have ALL their old collection reduced to L$50 each item!

That’s why I’m stood with my gob open on the second picture. All those lovely items in beautiful colours cost practically diddly squat! I MUST HAVE ALL OF THEM!!

(Of course, I bought everything in black..but hey, still worth it!! I’ve now got leather shorts, tops galore..frocks and everything scrumptious to accessorise with my spangly new MG jewellery! Sometimes it’s GOOD to be the Kitty:)

Taxi time! Here are your rides to Maxi Gossamer and Overhigh


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