It’s the time of the season….

It’s the time of the season….


THE SEASON’S STORY is one of those events that is as much fun to wander around as it is to buy glorious, wonderful things from. This quarterly event is always beautifully landscaped with imaginative details that make it as satisfying to the eye as it is disheartening to the old Linden wallet. In other words, it’s a treat, and the Winter edition has just begun and you would be utterly foolish to miss it.  Foolish I tell you!

There are a vast array of designers selling both clothing and accessories, along with some corking gacha items. But let me draw your attention to the selection of gorgeous winter coats on offer from APHORISM.

Yes, Rucy Byron has done it again, and you will find these astonishingly glamorous coats  only at THE SEASONS STORY-WINTER.   You will find both plain and patterned varieties, the patterned variety adds a South American flavour to the loose, fur trimmed styling.  The shaping of the mesh is bang-on, along with the choice of textures  that has been deftly applied, as per usual, by Rucy. Chaps these coats wear incredibly well and fit easily, and you have the option to wear each one with or without a hood, they look pretty awesome either way.

To my mind, the patterned coats work incredibly well against a snowy backdrop, the bold colours standing out against the stark, cold landscape.  That said, they can be worn in a variety of ways.  There’s a real hippie/boho feeling to them, and I can imagine the paler colours teamed with cut off jeans, beads, guitar cases, long hairstyles, boots and cut-off tops.  Yes, that would work very well, don’t you think? Think Kate Hudson, ‘Almost Famous’, and you’ll get my drift.

To get your hands on one of these luxurious coats catch a TP by clicking HERE. If you want to see a selection of items that are being retailed at the event, check out this link which will take you to the always brilliant resource EloquenceSL, where you’ll find a full catalogue of all the goodies that are on offer!

‘Winter Coat’  by APHORISM is available for L$350 in five different patterns and three sizes.

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