Kitty Quicky- What is this feline sorcery?

Kitty Quicky- What is this feline sorcery?


Now here’s a thing; recall a blog post back in June that I posted about the STRAY CATS? I decided to indulge and got myself a male and a female just for shiz and giggles. If you remember at one point I was a total virtual critter addict, but I weaned myself off the habit and saved myself a small fortune in the process. However, because these cats are the descendants of the WILDWOOD BREEDABLES that I so loved I felt I had to give them a try, just for nostalgia.   I’ll be honest, I didn’t expect much but here’s the thing, these cats are actually TONS of fun, and I really do mean that!  For a start, they have some kind of mad cat voodoo that means they genuinely do seem to interact with you.  When I rez into my skybox they tend to amble over to greet me, or plonk themselves right in the middle of what I am doing, just like real cats. It was actually unnerving the first time that they did it; now I just accept it as being a quirk of virtual cat ownership. By their doing this they’ve provided me with some stellar cat moments; case in point when I rezzed in earlier and just started taking a few snaps.  Onion, my female, decided to join in…bathtime_006

.and then when I started to try different poses, my little black lad Mylo (named after my RL black lad, obvs) also decided to get in on the action, as the picture at the top of the page shows.   Nothing has been posed in any of these shots other than myself. It is totally bizarre, but incredibly cool.

STRAY CATS are fun cats; for example they have this mad animation where their ears go back and they run around in the mad half-hour style of a real life feline friend, and they flop around, curl up asleep and jump all over things too. But they have limitations, for example you can’t interact with them like you can KITTY CATS.  I have had quite a few kittens from this pair but I’m planning on just letting them breed out until they become perma-pets, but as it stands food for both of them isn’t expensive and they really do add something to my virtual abode.  They aren’t perfect, I wish we still had the old Wildwoods back because I still don’t like the ear shape (that point on the ear tip does nothing for me!) but in general I’m finding them to be a lot of fun, and that’s precisely what it’s all about.

Right, back to lounging around and taking pretty pictures for me, hopefully without any feline assistance this time! I just had to share this with you:)

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