And then Kitty’s ovaries exploded..

Jez BodyAfter what has seemed like an eternity spent waiting (although very patiently so, obviously) the SLINK PHYSIQUE MALE has arrived.  HALLELUJAH!

Guys, he’s *exactly* what I was hoping for. Like the SLINK PHYSIQUE FEMALE this is an accomplished mesh body that photographs well and is incredibly easy to wear and style. You know what I really like about  though?  It’s NOT a body for aspirational bodybuilder types. ‘ManSLink’  is toned and far more Hugh Dancy in build than Arnold Schwarzeneggar, and that suits me just fine. Obviously when you wear a mesh body it’s your underlying shape which plays a huge role in how the mesh will look, but this is the body worn out of the box on Jez and he didn’t need to make any changes, which is incredibly satisfying.  ManSLink (the nickname for this body release; and it rather suits!) is built to fit the XS Slink hands and isn’t keen on too much additional body fat; fortunately for us Jez’s shape is lean and already has the requisite sliders turned down to 0.  It really does fit him incredibly well.  Something that is rather special about  ManSLink is that he already comes endowed with an appendage! HUZZAH! OK, it’s flaccid so you can’t use it for more amorous moments, but it, err, looks authentic and even if you don’t really use one it’s nice to know that it’s there.  Unfortunately for me at the time of writing Jez can’t get his underpants off so I can have a good look, you know, for scientific reasons, but that’s more to do with user knowledge and getting acquainted with the HUD functionality rather than an omission on SLINK’s part.
Just Jez: Jez testing out his new SLink Physique bodyPerhaps one of the biggest wins for ManSLink though is pricing. It’s the same as the female Physique, L$1250, and that is a BIG deal. THE SHOPS mesh body is L$5000, and although that is indeed a very attractive body and one that Jez uses it’s incredibly expensive (despite the inclusion of hands and feet). Of course, don’t forget that when you purchase THE SHOPS you’re also going to have to endure the whole shopping ‘experience’ as well, whereas with SLINK you just visit the store then click and buy, which is infinitely preferable and a lot less hassle too. Oh, and have I mentioned Omega appliers? Yup, ManSLink is Omega applier compatible (the female equivalent will be too in the next update) and this is a pretty big deal indeed. I’ve  seen reports of people using existing Slink tattoo appliers that were for female bodies yet work on ManSLink too; YRMV but it’s definitely worth testing what you have in your inventory to see if it works for you!What else is there to like? A good range of alpha options via the HUD, and plenty of clothing cuts that should hopefully enable you to wear your current mesh wardrobe, although a few finer ones around the neck  and tops of the arms for more precise tee-shirt fitting would be nice.  There are also items in store available to try too, Jez picked up a pair of the stovepipe jeans in ‘Indigo’ and they look bloody brilliant on him, so he’s very pleased.

Now ‘Manslink’ is out hopefully there will be a rush of content creators making appliers for skins. You can of course use the included tinting HUD to match, but appliers are exact and make lives so much easier, especially when you have no patience, like Jez.

All in all we’re both delighted with this release; already this is Jez’s favourite mesh body and he’s really enjoying wearing it (Although I really need him to figure out how to get his kecks off!!)   The waiting has definitely been worth it and the end result is a really rather gorgeous mesh body that any male avatar should be proud to wear.
Congratulations to Siddean Munro on another epic SLink release!

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