Skin Fair 2019-Oh Lawd, it’s coming!

Skin Fair 2019-Oh Lawd, it’s coming!


OK let’s get the elephant out of the room straight away-it’s practically Spring and I haven’t blogged in months. Reason? Well, I just started to go downhill a bit, due to my having Bipolar and also a chronically bad back. Honestly, my life is full of working and sleeping at the moment, it’s all I can do to keep going. If you know someone who struggles with depressive episodes you may be familiar with their propensity to ‘cut their nose off to spite their face’. By that, I mean that the hobby they enjoy suddenly becomes a trauma for them, in my case logging into Second Life became the complete polar opposite to what I wanted to do. It became a chore; and my last attempts at blogging an event were, to be frank pitiful (and because of this I can only wholeheartedly apologise to Pale Girl Productions and in my shame have deleted the blog posts from the blog because they were frankly shit.)  I can do better. I MUST do better. And I will. Especially now it’s March and you know what that means?


If there’s ONE event that gets the juices flowing then it’s Skin Fair. Closely followed by Hair Fair but despite the naming similarities the two are very different beasts.

Skin Fair is an event that you’re sure to have trouble getting in to, in a time when that just doesn’t seem to be the case anymore. I don’t think I’m the only person who has noticed how appetites have changed, and big-ticket events like The Arcade don’t have the pull that they used to. Honestly, I haven’t even bothered with The Arcade this month, and a few years ago I lived for that event. It makes me sad in a way, I lived for that event but I just feel like it’s lost its way now. Perhaps just once a year, perhaps at Christmas, with a Halloween pop-up, is the way to go forward? Times have changed, yet Skin Fair stays constant. Why is that? Well, your skin is what makes your avatar you in Second Life, so it’s an important part of your personality. You can say so many different things via your appearance, and with the emergence of new players in the mesh head game like Genus , there’s a lot to look forward to.  Can you remember when mesh heads first came out? Well, we’ve come a long way since then, baby!

If you want to see a preview of what Skin Fair has in store for us this round then you need to go here to see the Shopping Guide.  I also recommend joining the in-world group so that you can test demos while waiting to get in. What am I looking forward to?

There’s a lot on offer from tattoo makeup layers and embellishments to beards and eyeballs. There are going to be some new release heads from esteemed names like Catwa and LAQ; Catwa’s head, ‘Jade’, gives me serious Rihanna vibes. LAQ is a sponsor this round and I think a LOT of people are going to go mad for their ‘Ivy’ doll style head. It’s unique, unusual and fresh for Skin Fair and I think they’re going to have a great time this year, expect to see ‘Ivy’ all over the grid! Just look at her! Ivy

I’m also really liking the look of the ads for Deetalez and Session Skins.  They’re a new-to-me brand and their adverts look great; I just hope the skins look that good when worn…two days to wait folks, and then we’re in! Are you ready?

Note: LAQ is the sponsor of Skin Fair this year, so the member group LAQ updates are invited to a 24h early access! Join them tomorrow the 7th at 9AM!


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