February’s Collabor88 has landed and as you would expect it’s a bit of a corker.

Every month when I eventually get in to the Sim I always have the same thought, “They’ll never better this round”, and guess what? The following month they do just that.

I know a lot of people are unhappy at the moment and vocalising loudly that events are taking interest away from individual stores and content creators and that there are too many of them. I can see why they would be so alarmed, especially when you consider that every time you try to get into C88 you’re unable to because of the sheer volume of avatar traffic.  Perhaps there are too many events but not every one is quality, featuring original and inspired content.  I’ve no doubt the less professional events will eventually fall by the way-side leaving room for even better ones to take their place, but the harsh fact is that quality events will always bring in an audience, and  regular events such as C88, Fameshed  The Liasion Collaborative and The Mens Dept certainly have dedicated fans who eagerly await the new releases each month with baited breath.  And it’s no wonder, because they are excellent .

This month the theme is Supernova, and you can expect to be faced with an intergalactic explosion of colour and style when you eventually manage to get into the event. There’s a sensational array of clothing, hair, skins and furniture as well as accessories and jewellery all ready to be drooled over, with all the items meeting the space-age brief in an original and exciting way.

For my look of the day I’ve mixed a couple of C88 finds with some old classics from my inventory.  I’m wearing an old favourite of mine, the ERRATIC Cory Oversized Sweater, and I’ve teamed it with the absolutely out-of-this-world  ‘Nebula Leggings’ by NYLON OUTFITTERS.  I’m always excited to see what Nylon Pinkney has contributed to C88. She has an original, quirky style, and it mixes in really easily with more conventional pieces to help you create a totally individual look. It’s effortless but really effective styling. To complete this ensemble,  I’m wearing just one piece of jewellery, but it sure makes a statement and brings the look together. It’s the ‘Galactic Necklace’ from PILOT.  I really like the fact that this pendant features an animated, swirling galaxy and like every one of Kaz Nayar’s creations it’s expertly crafted.

I’m also wearing the BELLEZA ‘Ria’ skin here, from the last round of C88, although at first glance you may not recognize it. That’s because I’ve been really cheeky  and added some tattoo make-up layers, in this case from the IZZIE’S ‘Asia’ range of eyeshadows and lipsticks. Last but not least I found an old hairstyle in my inventory that I had completely forgotten that I had from EXILE.

I’m really pleased with this look, I hope you find some space-age  inspiration at Collabor88  this month too!

Kitty wears:

  • HAIR- EXILE ‘Arihana’ in Moreno
  • SKIN- BELLEZA ‘Ria’ (Med tone, option 5, dk brow)
  • EYES – IKON ‘Destiny’ Eyes in ‘Maya’ (ML)
  • LASHES- MC ‘Falsies’ (Upper and lower)
  • MAKE-UP- IZZIES ‘Asia’ Range-Purple Eyeshadow and Brown Lipstick
  • TOP-ERRATIC ‘Cory Oversized Sweater’ (Purple)
  • SHORTS-EMERY Mesh High Waist Denim Short ‘Hope’
  • LEGGINGS-NYLON OUTFITTERS ‘Nebula’ Leggings in ‘Purple Galaxy’ COLLABOR88
  • NECKLACE- PILOT-Galactic Necklace in Purple/Gold COLLABOR88

Click HERE to see if you can get into the C88 sim! Good luck! 

Kitty Loves: The Keira Shirt From ERRATIC


Today was threatening to be a very stinky day in Second Life for me because I’ve tried a number of times to get into C88 without any success. It’s been a nightmare, made worse by the fact that when I do manage to get in my Linden balance suddenly disappears.  Yes, the old L$1- bug has returned with a vengeance.

So instead I’ve decided to tell you about this rather fabulous shirt that I’m wearing. This is the ‘Keira’ shirt from ERRATIC, and I’m completely in love with it.  It fits perfectly and looks absolutely outstanding, as I hope my picture adequately displays.  The shirt is casually styled; tucked in at the front and hanging loose at the back with the most authentic looking creasing I’ve seen in a while. The shading (best seen on the lighter shirts) nails it.  I know I harp on about the importance of textures in practically every post that I write,  but the shape is of course  just as important, and this shirt is probably the best of its type that I’ve encountered in-world.  It’s available in a selection of plains and prints and offers tons of potential for mixing with your favourite separates and  accessories. It’s an essential purchase in my book.

Alas, quality does NOT come cheap, and at L$375 a shirt you may think twice before buying, but I assure you that once you’ve demoed this beauty you will have to own one! Never have I been more tempted by a ‘Buy Everything’ button, but alas, my avatar needs to eat, and I do plan on getting into C88 at some point this month..<shakes fist at screen>

I must also very quickly mention this fabulous hairstyle that I am wearing too.   I must’ve missed the memo that said that MAGIKA had released new hair; so it’s a ruddy good job I was perusing blogs earlier, and I happened across this gorgeous style featured upon Heidi Volare’s ‘The Fashionable Heart’ blog (looking absolutely amazing too I might add!).  This long bob is called ‘Sudden’ and is practically perfect in every way. In fact it’s almost as good as ‘Plenty’, another Sabina Gully style that has totally rocked my world in 2013.  I love the strands of hair at the front of ‘Sudden’ that frame the face perfectly. It’s an incredibly simple style but can be dressed up or down with ease, and I think I’ll be getting a lot of wear out of it.

Right, time to try my luck at C88 again.  Have a lovely Sunday!

Kitty Wears:

  • Shape: Kitty’s Own.
  • Skin: GLAM AFFAIR ‘Vera’ (Jamaica, 10H)
  • Make-Up: MONS – Black Eyeliner, series 3
  • Lashes: MC ‘Falsies’
  • Eyes: IKON ‘Destiny – Maya’ (ML)
  • Necklace: ANE ‘Sexy’ Necklace
  • Hair : Magika ‘Sudden’

Kitty Gets Her Kitty-Kigu On! (Courtesy Of Collabor88)

In real life (yes, there is such a thing, honest!) I am probably best described as a Onesie obsessive.

The clock chimes for 6pm, and it’s practically automatic that my clothes drop off and are magically switched into a onesie of some design.

Well, OK, it’s not *quite* like that, but I’m sure you can understand my point. Onesies are perfect for very lazy people like me. Clothes off, Onesie on, and that’s me sorted for the night! The only problem is going to the toilet which is a darn inconvenience, truth be told, but anyway..  So I have four onesies in my real life wardrobe. Well, technically I have ONE onesie, and three Kigu, or Kigurumi. (You see there’s a difference, a Onesie has feet included, whereas a Kigu doesn’t, fact-fans!)

Anyway, depending on my mood I can be either a Midnight Cat, a Ring-Tailed Lemur or a Kitsune*,  and if none of those will do I can sport my enormous Hello Kitty onesie.  It’s pink, and I look like I’m having a mid-life crisis when I wear it, but I care not because it’s warm and snuggly and blissful.

Alas, until this week I hadn’t found a onesie in Second Life that was worthy of Kitty’s wearing, until INTRIGUE CO. dropped THIS upon the grid at Collab88:

I saw this and had a Kittygasm on the spot. Not only is it a onesie (well, OK, technically it’s a Kigu) it’s ALSO a CAT, and a black one at that! So much win!!

Once I’d recovered I zoomed off to Collab88, beating half-rezzed avatars out of my way in a frenzy and kicking vendors until they divulged the secrets of the wonders that they were holding inside. (Collab is always a nightmare to rez on the first few days after opening)  I zoomed on home, tearing off my mesh clothing in a rather haphazard fashion (Seriously, I took my clothes off that quickly that you would have thought Alexander Skarsgard himself was paying me a visit!)

This is an absolute joy to wear with no issues at all. I put on the alpha, then the medium sized onesie, and voila! Job’s a carrot! Fits like a dream for only L$188.  If only they were so cheap in real life!

Not only is this shaped perfectly, it’s also beautifully textured and really does look like it’s made out of fleece fabric.

The styling is great too; with ears on the draped hood and a tail, as well as matching kitty-slippers to make sure your feet stay warm. I must confess I’ve not changed out of it since I bought it, despite the grid being a Halloween fashion frenzy at the moment! I don’t care, I love this way too much.


It wears so well and I want exactly the same one in real life, if I can find it!

Yet again INTRIGUE CO. have proved that they’re at the front of the queue when it comes to bringing what’s fresh and funky in the real world into Second Life.  They always make fantastic fun items rendered to perfection with stunning textures a given.  Wouldn’t it be nice if they were to bring a series of these to the grid? I’d be at the front of the queue if they did!

This item is available at Collabor88’s October round, and is available in adult male and female as well as child avatar sizes. Go and pick yours up at C88 right now! 

*These are all pictures of onesies that I own from; I wonder which one I’ll get next? (They’re awesome! )

Look Of The Day: Young And Beautiful


Second Life has been a bit of a bellyache for me recently, and that’s putting it mildly.

Rezzing has been problematic with even simple surface textures taking near impossible lengths of time to load. I can’t bear it when it doesn’t play nice; is anyone else experiencing issues at the moment or is it just me? Quite frankly it’s put me into a funk of gargantuan proportions, hence my lack of updates recently. I can’t blog without pictures, so I need Second Life to be good to me.

I was also struggling to get into events too, especially Collabor88, and I *needed* to get into that one because rumour had it that it was exceptionally good.  Fortunately Second Life decided to be much more responsive earlier and allowed me to go in-world, and I managed to TP into the event.

I’m happy to confirm that it is indeed an incredibly good round (with just a few exceptions that I thought looked out of place) and with the theme being ‘Razzle Dazzle’ we were pretty much guaranteed something very special indeed. There’s a great range of clothing, but also exceptional hair, furniture and buildings too. I was especially impressed by how many designers had included ornate, decorative touches into their work and really gone the extra mile when it came to colour and finish. It’s incredibly satisfying to see and to shop at!

I have a number of fabulous items from the event to share with you.  It’s impossible to pick just one item so I won’t include them all in one post, but feature a few different looks over the next few blog entries.  I’ll be mixing C88 items with other bits and bobs found in my inventory.

First of all, IZZIE BUTTON continues to go from strength to strength where her skin-work is concerned, because her entries for this round are just utterly sublime. 2013 really has been a year of discovery in Second Life for me, and she is definitely one of the designers that I have fallen in love with this year. Her offering for Collabor88 is the ‘Kaelyn 20’s skin, which is available in 4 different make-up options. It’s the whole package, courteously including appliers for slink hands and feet, as well as a choice of light or dark brow options and even eyeliner too. I tend to wear a light tan/medium skin tone but was more than happy to swap for this divinely pale number, and I soon snapped up the entire range. (At L$188 per skin, it would be rude not to!)

My second choice from C88 is the glorious drop-waist frock from TRES BLAH.  It’s in almost my absolute favourite colour; which is a sort of plum/burgundy shade.  (I adore it, and I’d say that about 75% of my real life wardrobe features variations on this colour, the rest is of course black!) so I was thrilled to see so many items at the event sporting this hue. Anyway, back to the dress, which is of course mesh (to be brutally honest reader I would struggle to purchase anything that wasn’t these days) and features a drop waist, a short double-tier lace skirt as well as a delicate pattern to the main body. It’s a modern take on the quintessential flapper style and is available in six colours at L$188 a pop.  I did wonder if it would be a little too girly for me, but nope, it worked perfectly for me with a pair of much-loved patterned lace cut-out leggings  from LARK and my ever-present ILO boots.  I don’t think I’ve stopped wearing ILO boots since the last round of The Arcade finished. I didn’t even win them all, but by gum the ones I did win I am wearing to bloody death!)

To finish my look, and what really makes it for me, has to be this style fromMONSO. It’s called ‘Yong’ and is a unisex style.   I’ve never worn MONSO hair before, but I now consider myself a convert, having snapped up both of the styles that were available from this brand at C88. I made sure I purchased both styles in the custom packs so that I could have lots of wear out of the shades that were included.  I didn’t mind forking out L$288 for each pack either because they contain a great selection of shades and come with a great hud that makes colour and size change an absolute doddle. I did note that the style is materials ready, but alas I fear that makes little difference on my screen due to a graphics card that has sadly seen better days. No matter, materials or not the hair looks stunning and really helped to bring this look together.

To finish I dusted down my trusty Tegryn Scarf in Olive from THEOSOPHY that was gathering dust in  corner and there you have it, a casual, yet very tidy take on the Razzle Dazzle theme courtesy of this fantastic Collabor88 round!

What have you enjoyed about this round of C88? Care to share? Feel free to divulge all in the comments below!


Kitty wears:

Shape – Kitty’s Own.

Skin – Kaelyn 20’s Skin by Izzies (C88)

Hair – Yong by Monso (C88)

Eyes –         by Ikon

Lashes –      by Hush

Dress – Drop Waist Dress by Tres Blah (C88)

Leggings –    by Lark

Boots –        By Ilo

Scarf – Tegryn Scarf in Olive by Theosophy