I GOT IN!! And guess which team I’m batting for?!

I GOT IN!! And guess which team I’m batting for?!



Guys, I *finally* got in to the One Voice Fundraiser, and all I can say is…*wow*

The items that are for sale are just totally amazing.  There is a plethora of quality goodies available for you to spend your hard-earned Lindens upon on, and I suggest you do so with the utmost gusto.

I insist upon frenzied shopping guys and gals!

You know, I got pretty emotional walking around the event..yeah, I know, sappy kitty. But I don’t care; I know Second Life is a fantastic community, I know it does loads for charity; but until recent events took place  I really don’t think  that content creators were considered highly enough.  

And this event reaffirms my faith in the avatars that share this spectacular virtual world with me. 

Seeing what has happened to Gala has hit everyone hard, and really made us all think.  The drama has been our wake-up call as a community.

 And I think it’s working guys, I really do. The event sim is perpetually jam-packed so that you can’t get in (some creators have placed their items in their own stores because of this; please check so that you don’t miss out) and there are donation bins bursting with Lindens. It’s a roaring success.  

Please, don’t stop shopping at this event.

Every Linden counts towards justice for Gala, and faith restored for the rest of us. 

  • Don’t stop donating.
  • Don’t stop until we get Gala back in Second Life and she can put this nonsense behind her. 
  • Buy *everything* ( I guarantee you probably will do anyway!) 

If this can happen to such an important content creator in-world, who has been around for years and worked her ass off to achieve what she has, then it can happen to ANY content creator in-world, so the time to make a stand against such uber-bullshittery is NOW.

See the tee? I’m not taking it off until she’s back. Yes, it’ll stink (well actually it comes in two colours in the pack so thank fook for that) but I care not a jot..TEAM CURIO ALL THE WAY BABY!

The items that I purchased at the event and am wearing in the pic include the ‘This Is A Fawn’ supporters tee and A.D.D. Andel! Curio Eyes in Steel Purple. I’m also wearing the [Mock] Black Currant Lip jelle, which is part of a pack of make ups that look stunning on Curio skins.

Try to get-in by clicking HERE: 

Also, the Curio blog is located HERE, keep up to date with all the news via this source!

Normally I’d be having a mardy fit if I couldn’t get into a sim after two days of trying…

Normally I’d be having a mardy fit if I couldn’t get into a sim after two days of trying…

But the fact remains that EVERY time I’ve attempted to get into the One Voice Fundraiser ( the ‘Gala For Gala’) and discover  I can’t because the region is full,  it just fills me with hope.

It’s astonishing..I’ve not seen so many green dots on a region map in a LONG time.

I’m wearing a low arc avatar for the lag, as I always do for these kinds of events.  Helps with the lag, so I urge you to do the same.

Hopefully I’ll get in today (I’m back at work on shifts for the next four days so I’ll miss out otherwise)

I’m just gonna keep trying..I want to do my bit too:)

If you’re struggling to get in, I urge you to do the same. I find loitering with intent at sim borders is sometimes the way to go in situations like these! 

Here’s a link to try..good luck!

Introducing Kittylicious ‘Kim’

Introducing Kittylicious ‘Kim’

So I was messing around with shapes last night and ended up making this lovely lady; it wasn’t until I added hair and heels that I realised she reminded me of Kim Kardashian! Beloved has just thrown his hat into the ring as well and said that actually she looks like Jessica Alba; and actually now he’s said that I can see the similarity too! I think if you added brown hair instead of black then yes, indeed, you’d probably have an avvie that looks very much like beautiful Jess.

It certainly wasn’t my intention to make a shape that evoked a Hollywood vibe, but I’m glad I did because I think the results are rather lovely. The skin that I’m wearing is by Gala Phoenix from her ‘Curio’ label.  Long time readers will know that I’m a huge Curio fan; and the recent skin controversy that has impacted Gala has left a very bad taste in my mouth. I won’t discuss it here because if you want to read about it there are plenty of places where you can source all the gossip, suffice to say that I will be very happy when Gala Phoenix returns to the grid because as far as I’m concerned her skins are the best in Second Life.

Come back Gala, we miss you!

If you want to recreate this look then IM me in-world and I’ll happily provide you with a copy of  the ‘Kim’ shape for a mere L$150.  She’ll be copy/mod enabled. As far as styling goes if you’re going to invest in this shape and want to recreate this look then make sure you have the Curio skin, ‘Yum2-Mint Julep1’ in Acorn in your inventory before you buy, because obviously I don’t know how long it will be until Gala comes back to the grid and you won’t be able to purchase it until she does; and I can’t guarantee that this look will be so easily created with other skins.

The eyes are also very important for this image; I’m wearing Fashism ‘Sunrise’ eyes in Dark Brown (M).  Last but not least I’m sporting a style by the inimitable Truth Hawks called Makenzie in ‘Night’. (Note that some of his longer styles in that particular shade also work extremely well in creating a Kim-like vibe) Finishing touches include the girl next door eyebrow shaper from your library in your inventory, and I’m wearing an Adam and Eve hairbase in black. Finally the bangle is by Clutter, and the jeans by Zaara.

What do you think? Kim? Jess? Answers on a postcard to the usual address please…..