Happy New Year!

Picture the scene: you’re at a party. It’s approaching midnight, there’s anticipation in the year and there’s a slightly tipsy avatar in front of you. She’s a bit hot mind; wearing vintage Last Call with her hair elegantly styled by Truth and her chops sporting the very best LAQ. The clock begins to chime, and she flings her arms around you, smothering you in a multitude of snogs, all the time cooing ‘Thank You!’ in your ear.

So this is me, and this is how I’d like to see in the New Year with you dear reader. Why am I covering you in snogs and thanking you?

Because with your support and continual patronage Kittywitchin’ is rapidly approaching 100,000 hits and to me that is not just astounding for a blog filled with all sorts of tripe and waffle, but also because I’m writing about a virtual world that only a select few choose to inhabit. It never ceases to amaze me how many people approach me in world about the blog and congratulate me on it, which always leaves me feeling really humble, but also dead proud.

I’m so glad that people enjoy it because it’s not written with any particular agenda, other than for me to write about subjects that I think are of interest to the general Second Life public, or to tell you about some amazing bargains that I’ve spotted, or just to share a giggly moment with you. Politicians are saying that 2011 is going to be a challenging year in real life, and I think the same applies in Second too.  We’ve a new CEO for starters, and then there’s the growth of Second Life and the virtual economy to consider. Also, will mesh arrive and revolutionise content creation in the metaverse? Finally; will the breedable bubble burst due to the implications of the Amaretto Vs Ozimals lawsuit, or will we see even more breedable pets populating the grid? Add into the mix the integration of the teen grid, politics, griefing and whatever Prok is writing about this week and we’re guaranteed a bumpy, challenging ride. You know what? I wouldn’t have it any other way….

Happy New Year everyone!

(Especially to me because it was my FIFTH rezday yesterday!  Nobody remembered mind, including me, but crikey, five years in-world! I must be MAD!)

FAB Offer on Kittylicious Shapes!

I’ve reduced the prices on ALL of my shapes!

They are now just a measley L$100, or L$150 for the ultimate Kittycurve and Selina editions; PLUS All future releases will follow the same pricing pattern too!

So get ready to feel Wanted,Needed, Desired and Loved(dollarbie!) in some of the best quality shapes available on the grid for practically nuffink!

Here’s a free ride to the stall!

Where would we be without FabFree?

We’d be buggered, let me tell ya! Because those girls have uncanny psychic-like abilities to find some utterly wonderful stuff from the farthest regions of the grid:) It’s such a great site for wardrobe mixing and matching. Ok, some of the ensembles may not be to your taste, but you have to check this site on a daily basis to see what latest beauties the girls have found.  I visit everyday.  I don’t always follow the leads, BUT occasionally I do and I find lovely things as a result.  Take this really pretty dress, it cost L$1 from ‘Sin & Secrets’. It’s called ‘Breeze’, and I’ve teamed it with ETD’s latest release ‘Davina’.  I’ve also accessorised it with the ‘Stitched Hear’ necklace from Gritty Kitty and the ripped tan stockings from Canimal. I think it looks great, very springlike, and I suggest you pop over to ‘Sin & Secrets’ and get yours now. 

‘Fabfree is such a blessing-use it to your wardrobe’s advantage! Follow the link on the right now!

What’s in a name?

For no real reason other than ‘something to do’ whilst I counted the minutes down until l I could leave my RL office and enter my SL one,  I decided to ‘google-whack’ my name.  For those of you unfamiliar with the term, ‘googlewhacking’ is when you enter your name in a search engine to see what results you get.  It’s  bad enough finding your real name on-line for all to see, so I wondered what it would be like for Kitty, and what kind of results I would generate.. Before I proceed to share my results with you, I’ll let you in on what inspired my choice of Second Life name.
When you join Second Life you have to choose your surname from a selection provided by Linden Labs. There are loads to choose from, covering a variety of cultures and both real life and fictional characters, but you cannot  use your own surname unless of course it happens to be included in the current list.   (This is probably a good thing, as I don’t think this website would be half as much fun  if I’d used my real name, which for the record is Ethel Thundercrackers.  I could have called the blog ‘Thundercracking’ though I suppose…)

Anyway, the first name wasn’t under any doubt for me owing  to my love of cats and all things feline it *had* to be Kitty.  I did toy with the idea of calling myself Selina- both in reverence of the moon and also because Catwoman’s real name is Selina Kyle, but Kitty just seemed less pretentious:) The tough part was choosing a surname because there were so MANY of them!  I’d just been watching the BBC series of ‘Casanova’ on DVD (the version which starred Sir Peter O’Toole and David Tennant) and I guess  Sir Peter was lurking in my subconcious somewhere when I spied ‘O’Toole’ as an available surname.  I liked the way it sounded, and there you have it, my name was born! 

So I google-whacked ‘Kitty O’toole’ earlier…and was gobsmacked.  Most of the references were to this site and the few others that I feature on across the old t’internet, BUT I was utterly *DELIGHTED* to see that there is an old Irish folk song called ‘Kitty O’Toole”  It’s even been recorded by a chap called Jim Hancock ! So it gives me great pleasure to present you with the lyrics to the song, and they sum Kitty up quite eloquently I think…especially the last verse eh Jez?

Kitty O’Toole

A charming young creature was Kitty O’Toole,
The Lily o’ sweet Tipperary,
With a voice like a thrush and with cheeks like a rose, And a figure as neat as a fairy.
I saw her one day, oh, she looked like a queen,
In the glory of sweet one and twenty.
As she sat with McGinty’s big arm ’round her waist,
Oh, how I envied McGinty.

Six months after that on a sweet summer’s day,
The boys and the girls were invited,
By Mickey O’Toole of the cabin beyond,
To see Kate and McGinty united.
And when in the church they were made into one,
And the priest gave them blessings in plenty,
As she stood with McGinty’s big arm ’round her waist,
Oh, how I envied McGinty.

But the years have gone by, now McGinty is dead,
Shore me heart was all broke up with pity,
To see her all lonely and mornful and sad,
So I went and got married to Kitty.
And now when I pass where McGinty is laid,
With a stone o’er his head, cold and flinty,
As he lies there so quiet and peaceful and still,
Oh, how I envy McGinty!