I sort of feel a little bit guilty about this post..but then again, I don’t really.You see, THE MENS DEPT doesn’t open until tomorrow, BUT Jez and I snuck over there, cammed in to have a nosey and, well, bought stuff.


You see this is the thing about TMD;  you can sort of access it even though it’s not officially open (shhhhh!)  Sure, some vendors won’t be out yet, but the sensible ones get their gear laid out well before time because there are always lurkers, like Jezmond and me, camming in and buying things.  But it’s such a good event that it would be plain rude not too go and have a sneaky peek, and from what I’ve seen I’ve spied already I can see that this edition is setting up to be an absolute corker.

And here are the results of our raid…can I get an ‘OOF’?!

To be honest the majority of vendors weren’t fully in place but the ones that were, were absolutely scrummy, and we wasted no time in snaffling these utterly fantastic 2BYTE denim jeans.  Now I’d seen a mention of these on the SECOND LIFE INVENTORY FACEBOOK PAGE, which has become my go-to listing of everything worthy of checking out in-world.  I tell you that page is like crack to me, I use Facebook A LOT and when I see the magical words telling me that they’ve added new photographs I’m there in a flash to check out what the latest additions to their recommendations are.  They only post the good stuff, and that’s why they’ve just hit  11,000 ‘likes’ on their page.  That’s an amazing achievement for them, but well-deserved because of all the work that goes into the upkeep of the page. Long may it continue, and congratulations to all involved!

Anyway, back to this delicious denim. The jeans are  available in a number of shades from light to dark,  but Jez opted for the latter, and as if the shape and texture of the denim wasn’t enough, there’s the addition of a built-in shirt tied around the waist too. This adds a really funky urban element to the look, and can be texture- changed into a number of different shirt styles due to a HUD. To  contrast we added this bloody outstanding sleeveless hoody from BLANKLINE.  Not only does it have great styling it also has a HUD control to enable you to change the contrast colour to the inside of the hood. That’s not all, the hairstyle that Jez is sporting also comes with the hoody too (you don’t have to wear it though),   and I think it suits Jez to a ‘T’. It’s a really great touch adding  the hair to the clothing because it can often be really difficult to find styles to wear underneath hoods and hats that look effective without bits poking everywhere.  Incidentally, the hair can be re-sized and  you can select from a number of  different hair colours too, using a (you guessed it!) HUD control.

So we’re talking tonnes of HUD-controlled mesh-clothing happiness here, and this is just two items that will be on sale at the event, check out the listing below…


It’s a banging selection, is it not? Girls, boys, Nekos and furries, in fact ANY Second Life sub-culture you care to mention, do yourself a favour and get yourselves down to THE MENS DEPT and spend your Lindens freely.  It’s totally worth it.



Nothing to see here folks..just Jez stroking my pussy on the sofa….*ahem*

In fact I’ve just realised, almost EVERYTHING that Jez is currently wearing (including Jez himself!) is from THE MENS DEPT’s past and present rounds….wow! 

Jez Wears: 

Necklace – ‘Kotowari  by MANDALA

Mesh Avatar ‘Anthony’ by SIGNATURE

Leather Bracelet by RONSEM (NOT from TMD)

‘Max Crystal’ Trainers by 2REAL

Waist shirts Jeans by 2BYTE

Sleeveless Hoodie (worn with hair) by BLANKLINE


Seven Days Of Denim Challenge: Day 6

Seven Days Of Denim Challenge: Day 6


 So I’ve had a pretty rotten week but thank you for the kind messages that have been sent my way via this blog and Plurk, it means such a lot. 

Back to business, and I thought I’d encourage Jez to get involved in the Denim challenge.

He was especially keen because he wanted to show off this shirt/jacket that he picked up at FATEWEAR, at a reduced price. Get ready folks; FATEWEAR has a 50% off sale until September 10th. I know right? 

FATEWEAR  is one of the best stores for classic mens fashion in-world; I’m not talking just denim items but trousers, suits and all things male. They have fantastic hoodies and sportswear and it’s all mesh featuring excellent colour, shape and clean design. It’s one of those stores that I always recommend to newbies who’re after a polished look in-world, and with this half-price sale everyone can indulge!

Don’t forget FATEWEAR also happens to sell amazing role-play costumes too, and yes the sale does extend to include those items. An opportunity not to be missed!

Anyway, here’s how I got Jez’s look…

Jez wears:

Mesh Avatar ‘Anthony’ by SIGNATURE

Hairstyle #36 in ‘Woodbark’ by DURA

Male short necklace ‘Kotowari’ by MANDALA

Leather Bracelet by RONSEM

Ascension -Pewter Eyes by IKON

Jacket ‘Denny’ Ocean (M) by FATEWEAR

‘Loaded’ Slim Jeans (with Gun) by APHORISM

JUST JEZ – The Mens Dept Has It All!

JUST JEZ – The Mens Dept Has It All!



I don’t know what Jez would do without THE MENS DEPT; it’s just such a boon to Second Life men’s fashion. It constantly  features excellent designers to fall in love with* and offers fabulous on-trend items and home-wares.  This month is no exception either; a range of absolutely sensational gear that is very easy to wear and is guaranteed to turn your fella from Ebbe Linden stylin’ to street chic in less than the time it takes you to read this post!

My particular favourites this month include this fabulous style from INK HAIR, this gorgeous tee and tied shirt combo by HOWL and these epic pants from APPLE MAY DESIGNS

INK HAIR is definitely Jez’s brand of choice and it always looks fabulous on him. Their colour range is particularly good, with the brown shade suiting his over-all look perfectly.  I find that their hair-bases always wear well too; they don’t look as though someone has gone crazy with the boot-polish on his scalp.  This style, ‘Flow’, is really substantial and frames his face beautifully at the front. It blends into the hair-base well and doesn’t look ‘stuck-on’, as can often be the case with such styles.

The HOWL tee is a real find.  It’s mesh, and I did notice that to get a good fit on the sleeves he had to adjust his pecs ever-so-slightly, but no matter, such sacrifices must be made in the name of fashion.  If you’re willing to shell out some extra Lindens then you can boost your package (ooer missus!) with a HUD that features a number of tee patterns and shirt colours, so this piece will definitely see Jez through Summer 2014 in style.

I have to confess that I usually despair at baggy-crotch pants, but these ‘After Shorts’ were too good to pass on, although I really do find myself wanting to give Jez the most epic of wedgies every time that he passes me, hence his voice being a little squeaky at the moment! (I may have pulled a little too tightly last time! Oopsy!) The style of these is actually pretty nice, and they’re textured really well, something you would expect from APPLE MAY DESIGNS. Plus if he wasn’t wearing the tied-shirt, you’d be able to see that he’s wearing pants too. Rather than going commando, you get the briefest glimpse of boxer shorts in these bad boys. Yum!

To finish he put on his old fave EUDORA trainers, which were a group gift (although there are some spangly new space-age ones in THE MENS DEPT this month) and added some jewellery from a previous TMD round from MANDALA  (another brand with some epic new releases at the event)  (The bracelets are old group gifts from RONSEM).

I really love this look on Jez; he looks cool and stylish with a polished, urban edge, and it wasn’t a painful experience getting him to go shopping at THE MENS DEPT at all, in fact, truth be told, I think he enjoyed it!

And so will you, I guarantee it! Here’s your TAXI! 

Jez wears:

  • Shape – Jez’s Own
  • Skin – ‘David’ by REDGRAVE
  • Tattoo – ‘Japanese Sleeves’ by AITUI
  • Eyes – ‘Ascension’ Eyes in Pewter by IKON
  • Hair – ‘Flow’ by INK
  • Necklace – ‘Kotowari (Full) by MANDALA
  • Shoes – ‘Blaze’ Hi-Tops by EUDORA 3D (Group gift)
  • Tee/Shirt – ‘Rui’ Summer Outfit by HOWL (I wonder if he has a moving castle?! Sorry..)
  • Shorts – ‘After’ Shorts in Dark Denim by APPLE MAY DESIGNS
  • Bracelets on both wrists were group gifts from RONSEM

*The majority of items on this list, with a few exceptions, were from designers Jez discovered because of THE MENS DEPT; which just shows how effective these kinds of events are. Whenever Jez goes shopping now, these are the designers he tends to check out first…just sayin’ ;P