old fashioned Jez

It’s hard to believe that THE MENS DEPT  is celebrating its second birthday in-world, and of course it’s doing so in style. This monthly event has firmly established itself into the SL calendar and is always choc-full of inspirational menswear and furnishings and really is a favourite of mine. This is because it’s a one-stop shop for making your fella look fabulous. It’s made of win, it really is! 

Let’s be honest, there are so many regular events held in-world now that it’s easy to feel overwhelmed, but TMD is one that I rarely miss for a number of reasons. For a start I can be sure of finding super-stylish clothes for Jez to wear (because when it comes to his making choices he’s nothing short of useless) and for another thing it is a fantastic place to spot some of the most stylish, fashion-forward avatars on the grid. If you’re ever stuck for male fashion ideas, TP over to THE MENS DEPT and loiter with intent. It won’t take long before you spy some seriously tottylicious avatars, and if you’re cheeky (like me!) you can ask them where they found the items that they’re wearing. (Pro-tip: If you’re single this is a good way to start a conversation too! Shhh!!)

I’m especially impressed by the quality of items for this birthday celebration. Particular favourites for me are the THEOSOPHY ‘Monmouth’ spectacles and the CASA DEL SHAI dirty plaid and chambray shirts. The EUDORA footwear is gob-smackingly good, and the PUMPKIN Parka is perfectly styled and fits like a dream. There is so much to fall in love with here, there really is, and you would be a bit of a fart to miss this collection.  In fact, I’ve actually been waiting for this month’s TMD with baited breath,  because an old friend has come back to second Life after a considerable absence, and he’s been badgering me about the best places to find cool threads. My short answer to him was, of course, GO TO THE MENS DEPT! 

Anyway, back to Jez. So what did we end up with after our shopping spree? Well it was time for a change of hairstyle for my beloved, and INK hair is always a good place to start. They’re selling two styles at TMD this month, but it was the romantic ‘Foglia’ style that won me over when he tried the demo. Sometimes when you try hair on it just works, you know? Well this beautiful style is a perfect example of that occurrence. He looks dazzling in it doesn’t he? Teamed with this fabulous APHORISM shirt/waistcoat set he looked like an old-fashioned romantic,  ready to sweep me off my feet and read poetry to me. If only eh?

tmd 2.1As usual APHORISM uber-designer Rucy Byron has created an excellent product for the event, and this combination mesh waistcoat and undershirt is a must buy for role-players as well as the stylish hipster crowd.  The waistcoat is available in Herringbone, Houndstooth and Pinstripe patterns and is very dapper indeed. (Jez paired it with his favourite jeans, also from APHORISM. I don’t think he’s taken them off for the past few months to be honest, stinky Jez!) I also insisted that Jez treat himself to the fantastic ETHAM ‘Alexandro’ mesh combo blazer/shirt and the incredibly cool ‘Kotowari’ necklace from MANDALA. When worn with the blazer and shirt it makes a great alternative to a tie, and looks incredibly on-trend.


Had I the cash I would have purchased everything from the event, but alas I don’t. However what I did invest in has made me incredibly proud,  because not only does Jez look scrumptious, he has some classy threads in his inventory that I know he’ll get loads of wear from, and such things make this Kitty very happy indeed! Oh, and a quick shout out to POSEOLOGY. They have a fab wee set of poses available at TMD this month, and they worked really well when posing Jez for this piece. Now please excuse me, I have to go ravish my boyfriend.

While I do that, why not go visit THE MENS DEPT? Here’s your taxi! 

The Men’s Dept: Jumpers For Goalposts!

ImageWell actually, no.  Not even once. This lovely woolly number should never be used as a goalpost, nor should it be tied around the waist in a hap-hazard fashion. Instead, it should be lovingly caressed and fondled. Better still, caress it and fondle it on your beloved..or even better than that, BOTH of you wear one of these fabulous ‘Crew-Neck Sweaters’ from APHORISM at THE MENS DEPT, then you can caress and fondle each other lovingly whilst safely ensconced in the snuggly warmth. 

Granted, you may find that you don’t actually wear it for long, but be sure not to throw it upon the floor in a fit of gay abandon, no, please fold it before you carry on with your naughtiness.

Because this is a sweater that deserves more than being thrown around, turned into a dog-bed or used as an emergency tea-towel. This, dear readers,  is sweater heaven, and demands respect. So listen up while I tell you a little more about this glorious crew-neck sweater that has made me feel all amorous in a way that normally only happens in February each year. It’s from one of my favourite labels, Aphorism, and by gum it is a corker. Even better than that, ladies aren’t left out so that we can enjoy some sweater-happy too! YAY! But first of all cast your eyes over my man-piece looking resplendent in his..


Doesn’t he look simply astonishing? There’s a very high-class feel to this sweater, don’t you think?  I’ve also been wearing it for a couple of days now, and I can vouch that it’s really well made. We’ve both commented upon how well it fits both of our avatar shapes well, and it has smashing  detail too,  which I hope these pictures amply demonstrate. The collar and cuffs are finished beautifully with just the right amount of shadow added to the contrast weave to add definition and the torso of the sweater itself, no matter which option you choose, is extremely well shaded making it look authentic. Oh, it also makes your norks really stand out too…ahem.


I’m wearing a large in the picture above because I like my jumpers to be a bit on the sloppy side, and I’m really liking the way that my curves are highlighted in this.  Look at the picture above and check out that lovely crease by my left hand; just a little thing I know, but it looks perfect. I love little details like that. I really like the colour options for this sweater too. The selection of plain colours is good, but for me the striped variations are just fabulous, in particular the red/black and the brown/cream.  For such a  humble item it can lend itself to a legion of looks successfully too; the purple and black in particular is very Emo/Goth, but can be worn with a pair of slacks or jeans and look super casual, yet elegant too.

But you see that’s the thing; in my experience it’s often the case that the items that can be styled the most effectively are the simplest, but what makes them stand out from the crowd is the way that they are made.

Even a simple vest top can take you to another dimension of oomph if it is carefully sized, textured and detailed. The Aphorism Crew Neck Sweaters are an excellent example of  this principle, and the fact that they look so good on girls as well as boys is a reason indeed to be cheerful, ESPECIALLY when you learn that they are a mere $150 each.  So cheap that they’re almost criminal, but there’s nothing dodgy about these at all.



You’ll find the Crew Neck Sweaters just to the right as you walk into The Men’s Dept. Be sure to try the demos first and make sure you hit the subscribo too, and then buy yourself a sweater. And treat your beloved as well; after all the best thing about wearing a sexy sweater is getting all sweaty and..I’ll leave it there!

CLICK HERE to go and grab yourself one of these beauties! 



Aphorism on the Marketplace: https://marketplace.secondlife.com/stores/63251

Aphorism Mainstore: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Legione/162/172/21

Note:  The jeans Jez is wearing are also from Aphorism.  They’re called the ‘Men’s Regular Jeans’ and he says that they are the best jeans that he has ever had in Second Life, and he refuses to take them off. This is all well and good BUT they’re starting to smell a  bit now, and Febreze only goes so far.  Whilst I know Raw Denim is a thing, I don’t think it applies to people who parp out new elements for the periodic table on a regular occurrence, so if you see him in-world, have a word would you? Thanks!