Sunday Stylin’ -Favourite shirt!

Sunday Stylin’ -Favourite shirt!

sunday styling_001A kitty quickie* for you today! ADDAMS have released some absolutely STONKING shirts at their mainstore in a variety of plain and tartan/check textures. they look blinking outstanding (as do most things for ADDAMS) and fit incredibly well.

The shirt caters to most currently available body types, and  I especially appreciate the fact that in each pack comes a fitmesh option that allows for your wearing a skirt! There’s a bra included (that you can toggle on or off) and this has options via a HUD.  I quite liked some of the pattern choices but was a bit disappointed that the bra has white seams; this means that some of the pattern choices don’t quite work as well as they should, in my opinion: for example, the leopard print would look far better with black edging than white,  but all things considered that’s a minor gripe for an incredibly well-made piece that is set to be a really popular item in SECOND LIFE.  I wasn’t surprised that the shop was crowded when I dropped by to buy one!

I chose to wear my shirt with a favourite BUENO denim number and my REIGN thigh-high sneaks. I also added a REIGN tattoo choker and my treasured YUMMY necklace to complete the look.  My hairstyle is an absolute find, and is by MINA for THE GACHA GARDEN. Isn’t it beautiful? I was the luckiest I have ever been with a gacha machine; dropping the fatpack on my first attempt! To finish I added some ADDAMS ‘Cat Glasses’ (of course!) and some attitude for a look that’s casual but bang on trend, and perfect for chilling out at home on a Sunday.  Hope you approve – now go get that shirt!

*A ‘Kitty Quickie’ is going to be a blog device that I use more frequently on these pages. It’s a way of publishing a quick post (with links) without the long shopping list covering EVERYTHING  that takes ages for me to add once I’ve written the main article.  All the outfit key-elements are covered so don’t worry, you can still go shopping, it just means I can be a bit lazy from time to time!

I’m Your Venus…

I’m Your Venus…


(Note, ALL these shots are raw from Second Life. Click for a larger and closer look.)

So the waiting is over, and the Belleza Venus mesh body has hit the grid and is already a huge success.  Not really a surprise, it’s been much anticipated over the past few weeks.  When the Slink Physique was released there was a huge rush to own what was seen as something of a revolution in-world, and it’s been the same for this release; which is why the beautiful new Belleza main store is jam-packed with punters all eager to try it out.
I braved the crowds and got a demo to test. I own many Belleza skins, so the idea of a bespoke Belleza mesh body is an exciting prospect. But has it been worth the wait, and the considerable hype?

First impressions? Well, it’s a beautiful body, no doubt about that.  The shape of the body itself is very good indeed;  there’s a lovely swooping arch to the spine that makes your bum look pert, and the breast shape is  simply fabulous. In fact, the boobies are a real selling point for me; they look perky and nommable.  There’s a push-up option too but I’m not sure how often I’ll use it, the regular ones look great! In the interests of science (Yay! Science!) I  played with the sliders and the mesh shape seems to accommodate changes  very well indeed. This is a good thing, because when it comes to clothes slight adjustments had to be made to ensure a good fit. The ability to select various body parts to ‘alpha-out’ is  very useful, but a few improvements do need to be made.  I found a couple of areas around the inner thigh that just wouldn’t go alpha despite my changing my shape slightly, but I’m sure such issues can be addressed in future updates, of which I am sure there will be many.


The main attraction with this mesh body,  for me at least, are the inbuilt hands and feet. Rather than rooting through your inventory to find the right hand shape or foot style  you can select  from a number of options via HUD, and change via a quick click. It’s like magic. The hands are especially beautifully sculpted, and the ability to change hand position and foot shape via a simple HUD click is worth the price alone. This is a huge selling point for the Venus body, and the results are fantastic.  The fast HUD driven  changes will be particularly coveted by bloggers, who can choose the perfect hand position for their shot with just a quick click. The feet look good too: flat, mid or high, but in my opinion they aren’t quite as special as the SLink fee, which  in my opinion are ever-so-slightly more detailed. That said the advantage here is that you don’t have to fork out for individual foot styles. There are some manicure and pedicure colours built into the HUD to allow for styling changes, but in my opinion it wouldn’t hurt to add a few more colours. There wasn’t a green polish for a start… (yes, I do wear green nail polish in real life on occasion, LOL) but I am sure that like SLink  more appliers will soon become available. ( To be honest I’m messing about a little here, the included nail colours are more than acceptable:)

If you have a huge SLink manicure, pedicure and shoe collection then you’ll want to be able to continue to use your purchases and to accommodate this there’s a Belleza  Venus Body included without hands and feet so that you can continue to use your SLink appendages.  You know initially  I didn’t know how I felt about that; on the one hand it’s great to be able to continue to use SLink assets with this body, but isn’t it a wee bit on the cheeky side too? That said, doesn’t the fact that such an option is even included recognise the fact that SLink Physique set the bar pretty high to begin with? I don’t do SL politics, but I can say that BOTH of these mesh bodies are pretty darn fabulous and equally worth owning, and I certainly don’t think that sales for SLink will be seriously impacted by the release of Venus. In fact, if anything the release of the Belleza Venus Mesh Body will encourage further developments in mesh body technology, a prospect I certainly relish!

In short then the Belleza Venus gets a thumbs up from me.  The HUD is fantastic, the hands and feet awesome and the one-click change is a brilliant idea.  The boobs have great shape, as does the body itself.  If you’re thinking of splashing out the cost is L$3995 (That’s about £12.50 GBP) but you do get a lot for your money so I actually do think that this is a very fair price indeed. This is a list of what you’ll get:

  • 8 Original Belleza Skintones
  •  16 Skintone Presets
  •  8 Skin Applier Save Slots
  •  Tattoo, Underwear and Clothing Layer
  • Extensive Alpha System
  •  Natural or Push-Up Breast Options
  • 16 Hand pose options for each hand built into HUD with simple 1-click change
  • 3 Nail Lengths – Short, Medium & Long
  • 20 Finger & Toenail Polish Presets
  • 4 Feet Options: Flat, Medium, High, and JustDesign built into HUD with simple 1-click change

That’s a lot isn’t it?

If you’re considering buying  I highly recommend that you demo Venus first, and by that I don’t just mean try it on in a sandbox. Wear different outfits, play with the sliders, add different hairstyles and most of all MOVE ABOUT….

PicMonkey CollageSeriously, stick on some tunes in your virtual abode, and using your favourite dancing animation throw some shapes.  That’s exactly what I did above. Observe  how the mesh body moves, and how the clothes move with it.  Try the different feet shapes and hand shapes; see if you will be able to live your Second Life in this body successfully.  If you’re happy, zoom on over to Belleza to purchase one.

Oh and if you’re wondering? I haven’t actually bought one…yet. I’ve heard that there’s a curvy one on the way (although it already accommodates curves very well)  and I need to see that before I make any purchasing decisions…watch this space!

Last but not least, this release has gotten a LOT of blogger coverage.  I particularly liked this post on the ‘Miss3chevious’ blog which really shows how curvy and svelte the body can look, this one from Bitchzilla and this excellent video tutorial from Vixie.  The amazing Kaelyn Alecto provides fantastic coverage on her beautiful blog ( I have serious blog envy whenever I visit!) and Grazia and Lucie‘s posts also prove how amazing Venus looks when worn in a voluptuous and buxom style too.

Have you got a Venus Mesh Body yet? If so what do you think? Let us know in the comments below!

Kitty Writes: Some random thoughts on blogging…

Kitty Writes: Some random thoughts on blogging…

Keeping a blog is a commitment, especially if your blog is sponsored. It takes time and work to maintain and requires updating regularly to retain its audience.

A couple of weeks ago I started a new RL job, so I haven’t been updating as much as I would like. This made me feel pretty miserable. But then I realised something; I felt so obligated to my own blogging regime that I was making myself feel like a failure because I couldn’t update as regularly as I wanted to.   Beyond everything this blog has always been an outlet for my writing and founded on enjoyment, rather than necessity. So I had a word with myself, relieved the pressure and felt much better for it.

I don’t owe it to anyone other than myself to keep this blog updated, which is a freedom many bloggers don’t enjoy.  That’s the problem with being a mega-successful blogger, content has to be fresh and new to bring readers in and keep page sponsors happy.  But the fact remains that updating a blog every day is just impossible for me these days.
The reasons for this are many, but in my case it’s primarily because of how long it takes me to write a post and create the photographs that go with it. To illustrate what I mean, let’s break down a typical blog post:

  • For a start I have to source something to write a post about. This means purchasing item(s), styling my avatar and creating a look that’s interesting.
  • I then have to choose my location for photographs.  More often than not I’ll shoot against a white background because I love the way it looks, but I still have to erect a photo studio and choose a pose.
  • Take photographs. Often this will take time because the shot that I imagined initially proves not to work, or I get carried away and take way too many pictures making it hard for me to choose!
  • Post-processing photographs (If required; now that my graphics card is more sprightly I’m finding that I don’t need to do much work on my pictures unless I actually want to)
  • Writing the actual post and publishing.
  • Promoting the post via news outlets like Facebook.

Of course, writing the post is what takes the longest, for me at least!
I have NEVER been the kind of blogger who writes a few brief sentences about the item I am featuring. There are plenty that do that and if that works for them that’s excellent, but it’s not really Kittywitchin’s style. I like to talk about creators, textures and items in-depth. I often like to write about how they make me feel, and my emotions too. In short, I like to waffle a bit, but that’s what makes this blog unique in a number of ways.  I’ve had a lot of feedback from creators telling me that they like that too, because they feel that their products are valued and appraised properly, and ‘sold’ to the audience more effectively.

Something new that I do now is publicise my posts via my FB page, and a number of FB groups that I am a member of.  I’ve found this to be a really effective way of generating traffic for the blog, and I’ve noted my blog-followers increase too, so it is well worth the effort.

The truth is a blog-post is not something that can be accomplished in a matter of minutes, not an effective one anyway, It can take me a couple of hours to write, edit and then publish. Add to that the length of time it takes to create the picture, and then list the items featured and yup, you’re looking at an afternoon of work at least. Are you surprised by that?
This is why my intention is to keep to my blogging regimen of two-three times a week. I would LOVE to write more, but I don’t have the time (or the money) to be able to do that. (Bear in mind I don’t get that many blogger packs sent my way so I have to self-fund. No that isn’t a whine; I don’t mind at all!)
In short,  I love keeping a blog, and that’s why Kittywitchin’ has been around for as long as it has; it stems purely from my love of Second Life.
A love that grows constantly, and long may that continue.

I’ve been to a marvellous party!

I’ve been to a marvellous party!

Yesterday saw the culmination of the ‘Blogger Week’ celebrations. Callie Cline arranged a swish party that was held in a wonderful garden setting, festooned with flowers and large white blossoms containing even more gifts for us to snaffle and enjoy! I can honestly say the party was great fun. I met loads of my blogging peers and was in absolute awe at some of the names in attendance. Callie asked us all to wear a white vest and jeans, with no shoes, and minimal prims to allow as many avatars to attend as possible without causing undue lag. This was a cracking idea and it allowed for some great photo opportunities and this is pure speculation on my part but I’m sure that many new friends were made during the event. I know I had the pleasure of expanding my friends list and met some utterly lovely people. There was no drama and no hassle, just a lovely party atmosphere and a shedload of rampant bloggers sharing their love and occasionally pouncing upon the only men in attendance. I can only apologise profusely to Ben Vanguard, but he does have such a lovely bottom…. 

I’m going to be blogging about some of the designers who participated, and feature their gifts over the forthcoming days and weeks. If the aim of the event was to get bloggers writing about a wider variety of designers than usual then I think that it’s worked a treat because I’ve certainly been exposed to many new content creators that I wouldn’t normally have had the pleasure of visiting before. As you can imagine this has given me lots of food for thought and allowed me to try out some new styles, skins and looks that I would never have previously attempted.

There really aren’t enough hours in the day at the moment for me to be able to blog it all, but I’ll endeavour to try!

(PS I took LOADS of pictures, and then Flickr borked and I lost the majority of them..which is PANTS)