Best Shopping?

Best shopping district I said..that’ll be a good idea for an award. After all, we all know there are thousands of malls across the grid, some good, some bad and some are so utterly terrible it makes you wonder who shops there…oh come on, be honest- you’ve so been to places like that..and it’ll be really easy to sort out the wheat from the chaff! WRONG!! This has been so tough to judge and that’s been my own fault entirely because I decided to award the prize for the place with the best ambiance, the best range of shops and the best landscaping/build. Each entrant more than fulfills the criteria, but the problem is, they’re all so different that it’s hard to compare them although each of these amazing places serves it’s target audience extremely well.  

Put simply I have no problem saying for your next shopping excursion you have to try these; problem is, which one is the best? Crush Row is more compact than the others but looks great and allows for easy access to each store. The Starlust Motel on the other hand is crackers, in fact the whole area is just so imaginative and so quirky that it’s less about the shopping and completely about the experience;the shopping is almost secondary to the actual experience of exploring the place.

The winner however combines all of these elements to great success. It’s easy to shop around, yet looks fresh and funky and has an originality all of it’s own with an exciting array of stores to behold and activities and freebies galore Aimed mainly at the Neko market, there’s lots to be found here so don’t be put off assuming it’ll be all kitty-cat related merchandise, it’s not:)

I’m a proud and happy shopper of each of these locations, but my absolute favorite has to be ‘The Pounded Flounder’. Congratulations Lawra and co, and keep up the great work!

New frock at Canimal fills Kitty with gay ‘Abaddon’


Puntastic huh? Canimal has some scrummy yummy glorious dress happiness in store, and let’s face it you can never have enough nice frocks, especially little black ones:)
This one is called ‘Abaddon’ and it’s L$200. It’s also rather snazzy, looks great dressed up or down and works equally well with boots or heels…I like it very much, it certainly ain’t a ‘bad ‘un’…ahem, sorry. (Yes I do look a tad startled in the picture don’t I? It’s the shock of a fashion-fabulous Monday morning. Oh ok, it isn’t, it’s my piles again…)Incidentally, check this picture out of Canimal modelling this frock…she’s gone for an Amy Winehouse feel to the photo shoot and boy does she look like a right strumpet!!! Fantastic work Canimal:) I should also mention whilst I’m wittering on about Canimal that she’s also produced some shoes, and rather excited she is about it too. Rightly so, they’re wonderful. She’s described them as ‘Trashy-glamorous’ and I couldn’t agree more..the ‘Shock Value Stilettos’ like the freebies from Ivey below, feature a skull and bow design and are super-lovely. What with the free shoes from Ivey today and these new shoes at Canimal it seems that we’re heading towards slutty shoe heaven! So, here are your instructions for shopping happiness today… Go to Snatch, get free shoes. Peruse wares at Snatch, and buy lots. Go to Canimal. Buy shoes. Look around Canimal, decide you like the Abaddon frock. Buy that too.
Virtual wallet will of course be empty, but just think of the warm fuzzy glow you’ll have inside:)

Don’t have nightmares…..

..unless they are of the SNATCH kind! Ivey is having a fashion show and you just know that it’s gonna be the hotness!  Be there or be cutting your toenails with a pair of blunt scissors..Alas it’s 7pm SLT, which means I’m probably going to be in RL work when this is on.  Pissflaps:(