Another Second Life Meme….

It’s all Berry Singh’s fault. 

She calls this her ‘Procrastination’ meme, in the sense that it makes you procrastinate..well, it does, I agree, but it also made me think about some brilliant moments I’ve had in Second Life, so thanks Berry:)  You can read Berry’s original meme HERE. (Don’t forget to check out the comments for contributions from other bloggers!)

Here’s my contribution: 

  1. What is the rez date for your current SL Avatar that you use most often? Kitty O’toole – December 20 2006
  2. Where was the first place you made friends as a newb and got to know people in Second Life? The first place I discovered was actually suggested by the friend that got me into Second Life, Whoosh Shatner. It was the Three Lions pub, and I *adored* that place, and I still miss it to this day. Fortunately I made some lifelong friends there, who I still see on occasion (not often enough though).  It was the maddest place, and I have some fabulous stories. I would zoom home from RL work, race upstairs and log into SL so I could join my friends in the ‘pub’, I loved it that much.  It was the best place in Second Life, and if I ever had my own sim I’d ask Phil Plasma if he wanted to resurrect it. I also miss ‘The Crown and Pearl’  immensely too. Happy days. 
  3. Where do you spend most of your SL time now?  Usually at my home; when I’m not there I’m shopping/clubbing/looking for things to blog. My club of choice at the moment is IYC, which is actually a furry club! Although I’m not a full-time furry, I do dress up in my Tiger aspect and go along to enjoy the DJ sets. I especially love DJ Ohni Starfall who plays there regularly.
  4. Who is your closest friend in Second Life? (only pick one) Amanda Shinji, aka DJ Cyberpink/Daft Pink/Lesbian Jammer. I should also say here that her missus, Sable Sunset, is beyond wonderful and I adore her too:)
  5.  What is the most favorite thing in your inventory? (only pick one) Shit a brick; it’s almost *impossible* to pick something that’s a favourite. Also I had a mahoosive inventory crash a few years ago and lost some very valuable items, including some that my SL/RL friend Deedee Fadoodle had bought me, and they are irreplaceable. I think my favourite item of the moment is the amazing Bast mask that Cyberpink bought for me, just last night actually. It’s not only a beautiful piece, I love the fact that the creator has researched Bast for her marketplace advert. (If you know me you’ll know I have a bit of a Bast obsession:) 
  6.  The last thing you purchased in Second Life? The ‘Cory’ over-sized sweater in black from Erratic. It’s fabulous:)
  7. What color clothing does your avatar wear most often? Black, Red or cat-print (Leopard, Tiger..that kind of thing)
  8. Do you prefer to walk, run or fly? I tend to walk, but I’m usually camming around a location using my Space Navigator anyway. They’re such a boon for a nosey person like myself.
  9.  What is the craziest thing you’ve ever done in SL?  Craziest thing I’ve ever done? Gosh, nothing really springs to mind. I’ve done some mad crazy amazing things in world for sure, but nothing is leaping out at me. I can tell you the maddest thing I’ve ever seen though because  it was so surreal I still chuckle about it today. I was dancing in the Three Lions in Bourton on a Sunday afternoon. While I was enjoying the tunes and the company, I suddenly heard this loud ‘boom’ from inside the game. I couldn’t identify the location, then out of the corner of my eye I saw something start to walk past the windows of the pub…it was Godzilla, or rather Godzilla’s leg that I could see. It was MASSIVE. Sure enough, Godzilla had discovered Bourton! (I could also tell you about the time DJ Mike Mission fell asleep during his live set in the pub, or when Prad Pravithi set the pub on fire (actually he did that A LOT) .but you’d be here all night. Suffice to say I have some corking Second Life memories.
  10.  Who would you like to play YOU, in the movie of your SLife? Hmm..playing Kitty would be interesting because she’s a gorgeous creature but alas, she has my personality! It would need a really good actress with a bit of meat on her bones, as well as plenty of sass and the ability to be completely random, and uber-forgetful. I liked the way Anne Hathaway portrayed Selina Kyle in The Dark Knight Rises, but I’m not sure she would make a good Kitty O’toole because she needs a bigger arse! I’ll get back to you on this one:) 

Bat for these lashes….

Now I’ve had a Second Life frustration for the past couple of years that has driven me often to utter despair, and that has been the correct attachment of  PRIM LASHES. For some unfathomable reason, despite my reading countless blog entries and watching numerous tutorials I have NEVER been satisfied with the results and have thrown my toys out of the pram on numerous occasions because f my sheer prim-lash ineptitude. I’ve also wasted a fair few bob on prim lashes to boot…and they aren’t cheap. Now, with the advent of 2.0 I can kind of breathe a sigh of relief, because many content creators are using the super cool new tattoo layer to create beautiful designs for the face, as well as make-ups and EYELASHES! Happy dance AHOY!!! Strawberry Singh posted a STUNNING portrait on her blog earlier and the lashes featured in her piece were quoted as coming from Stellar off I trotted…and there they were. I am CHUFFED to pieces, no more faffing about just wear them and job’s a carrot. You can buy individually, but I suggest splashing out L$325 and purchasing the four-pack, which features basic, everyday, flashy and emo varieties.  You can try a demo, I did, and that was it, I was hooked. Go and see for yourself, they may not be your thing, you may prefer your prim lashes(clever sod), but for those of us that struggled, the very least I can say is go and try these.

Oh, and an appeal to content creators on the grid…MORE lashes, MORE facial tattoos, MORE make fact MORE EVERYTHING using this new layer cos I LOVE IT!