Solstice Blessings!

Well, It’s Summer Solstice, or ‘Litha’ and this marks the mid-point of the year. I hate to say it, but after the Solstice the nights will gradually start to draw in again..Autumn will be back with us before you know it!

Fortunately in Second Life the seasons can stay with us a lot longer, although strangely enough people do tend to reflect the seasons in their real-life environment by what they wear in-world and how they decorate their spaces…anyway, that’s another topic for another day. Whether you choose to celebrate the Solstice or not, may your midsummer be a time of love, happiness and laughter.
I’m off into hospital for a few days so Kittywitchin’ will resume when I am fully functional, until then big hugs and love xxx =^..^=

( If you miss me why not go to my store and buy lots of shapes? There’s a link on the menu bar to the can get this one, “Litha” which is a special edition for just L$100:))

Witchy Wednesdays: ‘Wheel Of The Year Hunt, Litha’

There’s a hunt going on at the moment to celebrate the Summer Solstice. It’s a biggie;there are 55 locations in-world, and each one features an exclusive item for men AND women (It’s one of the rules of the hunt that both sexes must be catered for, which is nice) I’m planning on starting the hunt myself very soon so I can’t actually enlighten you as to what kind of items are included but I can tell you that previous hunts have provided some lovely clothes, jewellery and furniture so it’s well worth participating.
The hunt has it’s own web site and there’s a fabulous entry that features a link to each location as well as a clue to help you find the goodies; click HERE to visit it, and happy hunting!

Kittylicious presents ‘Litha’

Here’s a sneaky peak of my next shape release, called “Litha” after the Summer Solstice. She’ll be released this weekend and will retail for L$100 at my Kittylicious main store on NuRepublik…I think she is absolutely stunning, the perfect embodiement of the Goddess at this time of year.

I’m wearing her with the new ‘Aline’ skin from LAQ which features a spectacular array of mouthwatering make-ups and looks absolutely perfect with this shape, as you can see.
I’ll blog a little more about her when she is released, but until then look to my Flickr feed ( on the right hand side of this blog) where I will be posting pictures featuring Litha.