Witchy Wednesdays: ‘Wheel Of The Year Hunt, Litha’

There’s a hunt going on at the moment to celebrate the Summer Solstice. It’s a biggie;there are 55 locations in-world, and each one features an exclusive item for men AND women (It’s one of the rules of the hunt that both sexes must be catered for, which is nice) I’m planning on starting the hunt myself very soon so I can’t actually enlighten you as to what kind of items are included but I can tell you that previous hunts have provided some lovely clothes, jewellery and furniture so it’s well worth participating.
The hunt has it’s own web site and there’s a fabulous entry that features a link to each location as well as a clue to help you find the goodies; click HERE to visit it, and happy hunting!

Witchy Wedne..well OK it’s Thursday and I’m behind..

LOTS to share, so first up let me tell you about a REALLY exciting development….

 PAGANCENTRIC HUNTS!  No, I don’t mean ‘hunting for Pagans’ obviously, but an actual hunt that is designed for us spiritual types:) I think this is a FABULOUS idea, and even better, the theme is ‘The Wheel Of The Year’, meaning that the first hunt is scheduled to take place at Ostara!! How exciting!! It all appears to be completely kosher too; there’s a web site you can visit, GO SEE , and the list of vendors is far from ordinary.  In fact, the hunt which is sponsored by Vicarious Vitae is completely filled up, and is now taking applications for Beltane! I’m so pleased someone has taken the initiative to arrange this. Here’s a list of the vendors from the website.  I confess, many are new to me, but some of them I know to be quality merchants.  I really hope that we see some imaginative items..I’d like to see essentials like cauldrons, athames and beautiful candles (pentacles-a-plenty of course!) but I’d also love to see items for Heathens, Druids and practitioners of other Pagan faiths..oh I’m bursting with excitement at this! Bookmark the website for further details. ( I haven’t got the time to add SLURL’s to this list-sorry)

ADA Fine Textures

Alchemi Scenes

Angel’s Haven

Baubles Boho Jewelry

#Before Sleep#

Black Dragon Studios

Bound & Bitten

Castle Calypso: Gothic Desires



Designs By Isolde

Earthstones Jewelry


Elemental Fusion

Eye Candi

Federschneider Millinery

FrankenLust Holiday Shoppe

Freenote Fantasy

Gairdin na Sidhe

GL Sculpt Maps

Golden Thorn, The

Hearth & Home

Hectic Moon Designs

Jackalope’s Workshop

Karismatic Enchantments


Kittycat’s Creations

La Bell Dame Sans Merci

Leonine & Co.

Magick by Design


Morgane Batista’s shop

Osmosis Gadgets


Prim & Pixel Paradise

Quickening’s One Stop Quick Shop

Reigning Realms Monthly Magazine Headquarters


Russian Pagan Tea Room and Baba Jaga Shop

Sable Rose Jewelry

Sanctorum Textures

Satyr Studios

Scot’s Magick

Secrets of Gaia

Sparkle Fish Jewelers

Steamy Victoria

Tree House Treasures

U-neek, The

Worldly Treasures