The TORONTO sets have been, I’m sure, a roaring success for Ria Bazar. Every single one has been an astonishing release, and none more so than the TORONTO BATHROOM and LIVING ROOM, at THE HOME SHOW 2014. Of course there’s a house to match the sets so you can have a fabulous, complete look from top to bottom, but I’ve found that these pieces work extremely well in a skybox setting, and because they’re mesh and prim-light they’re a perfect choice for a Linden Home with their ridiculous 250 prim limit. (Would it hurt to make it 500 Linden Lab, WOULD IT?)

ImageSo what can I tell you about them? I always wax-lyrical about Ria’s work upon these pages, and I ain’t about to change, especially when you consider how awesome these latest releases are. The living room is fresh and funky and works beautifully in both male and female abodes.  When I visited THE HOME SHOW the sets were proving exceptionally popular. (There was constantly a crowd checking the displays out which was great to see, but a bugger for taking photos! However in the end I got a few snaps to share, and then I want to show you what I’ve done with them in my skybox)

The strength of the whole TORONTO collection has always been the industrial chic elements combined with classic lines and modern yet tasteful accessories. This is amplified in the living room, with a statement sofa (colour-change, natch) that can be used with or without a decorative throw, and two metal chairs. One of them is available with a cushion which you’d need, as I imagine that it would be a bit uncomfortable upon the old derrière if you didn’t use one! There’s a very stylish leather pouffe to compliment, along with an epic combination of a standard lamp that is reminiscent in styling of a builders hand-held lamp, and a very striking main fitting that looks a bit like a spider! These elements are tied together by some beautifully decorated bookcases, a plant, a globe and some great photo frames ready to fill with your fave snaps. As always the accessories are just as fabulous as the main pieces and I really rate the wire candle-sticks and world-map that bring the suite together. It’s perfect to use on its own, or to add to, which is what I’ve done in my skybox below…

ImageThe TORONTO BATHROOM carries the factory vibe even further and a word to all Steampunk aficionados, you will need this in your life. The metal finish adorning all the key pieces can be colour changed to suit your needs, and the lighting echoes that in the living room; functional yet completely on-trend. The emphasis on metal textures and pipe-work, along with the wire accessory baskets, traditional stamped signs and brilliantly executed accessories make this an absolute winner, and that’s before you even consider the animations and rezzable props that can be applied.

ImageIt never ceases to amaze me how many extras that Ria fits into her furniture sets at no extra cost. They are always incredibly useful for scene-setting and you can make some gorgeous photographs with them, or use them to just enjoy spending time with your loved one. The TORONTO BATHROOM has to be my absolute favourite yet; it’s just so imaginative and will work in so many modern spaces, lofts and skyboxes. It’s absolutely made of win. And of course you can style these items in a myriad of ways, and you’re guaranteed a satisfying result. This is how I’ve done my bathroom, isn’t it glorious?


The reason I feature BAZAR so frequently on these pages is because Ria excites me so much as a designer. The work she produces consistently offers fabulous quality and value for money.  From the classical stylings of the FLORIA range to her fantastic residences, Ria has provided something for everyone in her collection, and I’ll awlways be proud to feature her on my pages.

 You can visit her in-world store by clicking HERE, her marketplace HERE or check out these two TORONTO releases at THE HOME SHOW 2014. Here’s looking forward to her next release, I wonder what it will be?

NEW RELEASE: The Toronto Kitchen from Bazar

NEW RELEASE: The Toronto Kitchen from Bazar

Feast your eyes on this bad boy; and yes, feast is perhaps the most appropriate term of phrase because this, boys and girls, is the totally scrummy delicious Toronto kitchen from Ria Bazar. 


When Ria kindly sent me this package, I opened it and this is precisely what I did:


(Click on the picture above for a larger version and you’ll see why)

Once I had finished wiping the drool from my monitor and keyboard I got to playing about with the items included.  The Toronto Kitchen is a modern, modular set-up that you build using the components included in the package, so you have tons of freedom to design your dream kitchen to  fit perfectly in your given space.  Like everything in the Bazar Toronto range, the kitchen is predominately wood that can be  colour-changed to light, medium and dark at the click of a button.   The open-plan styling means that you can add pots and pans and accessories to your hearts content, but the units do come complete with some lovely accessories already included, such as stainless steel kitchenware, utensils and plates.

A particularly groovy touch is the blackboard surround. This comes with a chalk-layer that you can add to the ensemble, and I’m sure you could make your own alpha-layers and write messages on them to really add the personal touch!  (Kitty-fact: I have a wall painted in black-board paint in my kitchen. I draw cats on it, rude messages for my beloved and occasionally the odd shopping list…) You’ll find shelves included in the package, as well as a light-fitting (different to the one in the main picture but equally fabulous) and a kitchen island .  There’s also a stainless-steel cooker and air-vent which adds a funky, industrial feeling to the collection.

This is a 100% original mesh production, and you can choose from either a PG OR an Adult version of the kitchen.  Of course, like all Bazar products, there are some excellent quality animations included in the package. The poses  are fantastic and will enable you to have some brilliant encounters with your loved one (although it’s a bit unhygienic being so intimate in the kitchen, don’t you think? No? Just me then.) I guess you can’t help it when feelings of desire overcome you as your chap stirs soup sensuously!  The oven  is pretty nifty and has multiple cooking modes so you can pose as a cook par excellence and ‘prepare’ soup, meat and fish, my favourite dish.  You can also wash dishes and clean the kitchen should you wish. Everything that you need to bring your virtual kitchen to life has been thoughtfully included by Ria.

Another inspired addition is that the collection includes a quick-rez version of the kitchen.  This is really useful, because it can be pretty daunting when starting a layout from scratch. Of course you can remove and replace pieces should you so wish.  This is what the quick-rez version looks like:

nom_003 nom_005

Something that’s missing from these shots but features in the main image is a fridge, but Ria has that covered.   She has just added a couple of fridges to her range, and they’re just as excellent as you would expect. In my kitchen I have the Retro Fridge (Exclusive) on display. It’s a bit of a corker. For starters, it’s texture change and you can select from ten options to suit your every mood.  (I especially like the retro, lace and cat print textures.) It’s stocked with food and drink items, as well as single and couples poses too.  Some of the poses are great fun, and pretty true to life:


Well, true-to-life if you’re the kind of girl who raids the fridge on a frequent basis. The fridge also dispenses a vast array of food and drinks through a menu, and you can wear all of them.  It’s a pretty essential item to add to your kitchen and one that offers substantial options for the very silly price of L$199. You’d be daft not to buy one. 

I’ve had great fun styling my Toronto kitchen and I’ve incorporated pieces from other elements of the Toronto range (such as the Dining Set and Toronto Study).  I have also added multiple Arcade winnings and some of my favourite kitchenware to create my dream kitchen. Isn’t it pigging divine? 

I know I harp on about Ria Bazar on these pages guys, but like I say every time, she creates items that really do make such a difference to your Second Life.  Her work is exemplary, it really is, and I wouldn’t be such a fan of it if it wasn’t.  This is going to sound daft,  but this kitchen makes me want to invite friends over for virtual dinner parties.  But I’m sure sat at my keyboard with some nibbles and a bottle of wine they’ll feel like the real thing, especially when I get very, very drunk!  Oh, and a final note, this kitchen is priced so reasonably considering the content that it’s practically a scandal. The PG version is just L$635, and the Adult version is just L$685. The retro (and modern) fridges are just L$199 each. and   The whole lot are a must buy, and you can pick them up via the marketplace or in-world at Ria’s store.

Main image includes items from the Toronto Kitchen and Dining rooms, as well as various accessories sourced from different stores across the grid. The lighting is from Trompe L’Oeil and is available at C88.