Kitty’s back..kinda…

..sort of. I’ve had my surgery but I can’t sit properly still, which is a real pain in the butt. Literally. However, in the VERY short time I have been able to sit at my PC I’ve created a rather lovely shape for you at a steal of a price. This is ‘Tokyo Rose’, and she’s been created for you to wear specifically with Tuli’s latest skin, ‘Sayuri’. I’ve never really designed a shape with a specific skin in mind but ‘Sayuri’ is a thing of beauty, as are all of Tuli’s skins, and the make-ups that are available are a veritable treat to be sure. YOU MUST HAVE IT.

This is a fascinating skin actually, it has expert detailing, and I’m besotted by the detail on the you can see in this photograph it’s so perfect as to be real. If you’re a vampire and you’re reading this I have no doubt that your fangs are ready to go by now, it’s practically Vamp-porn. Another point to note in this photo is the hair. As you know I’m a huge fan of Truth, so I was delighted to discover that he’s created a range of styles that are freely available to all in the LIBRARY drop down in your inventory…you know, the bit that no one uses? I can count the amount of times I’ve used my library on one hand, so amazing additions to it such as a range of free, quality hairstyles by probably the most successful hair designer in-world today is something very special indeed.

Tokyo Rose is available at my Nu Republik location for the crazy price of L$45. Think Tom Cruise hopping up and down on a sofa crazy and you’re not even close, so you’d better go and get one. It may be cheap as chips, but it shows ‘Sayuri’ off something special, and besides you’ll need to be saving your pennies so you can buy the skins from Tuli, won’t ya?

Look at my amazing…

Skin and hair!! What did you think I was going to say? Perverts….

There’s a number of things that I want to share with you in this picture. First up is the amazing skin from Tuli that everyone and their aunt are currently prattling on about, and rightly so. It’s called ‘Eva'(Best said in the style of Wall-E if you ask me) and as you can see it is a *stunner*. Tuli took some time away from the grid and returned with not only an amazing new sim design but this truly exceptional skin set. ‘Eva’ features all the goodies that you would expect from a Tuli skin; two cleavage options, a vast range of 7 skin tones to choose from, starting with the the very palest Gothic tone to a gorgeously toasted brown, and each makeup includes 3 eyebrow choices. Fatpacks have a 50% discount and the make-ups are to die for. This skin had me swooning as soon as I saw it, and I wouldn’t normally have been in a position to treat myself except my beloved very generously treated thank you babes xx In this photo I’ve teamed the skin with my ‘Kittycurve’ shape and as you can see it looks *fabulous*, and it’s made to look even more special by the fantastic hair that I am sporting. This stylish bob is from Zero Style, a store that I really don’t frequent enough. I love the colour and the detail on the cut is very realistic indeed. Normally I’m a Truth and Magika girl, but hairstyles such as this one really make me rethink my options. It’s glorious, and I really do suggest that you take a trip to the store and just buy a shedload of demos and try all of them on..not only is it super fun, you will defo find something that blows you away. Finally, the pose that I am wearing is from Striking Poses, which is sadly closing down. The stock in store has been heavily discounted and there are hundreds of poses to choose from so if you like posing as much as I do get some Lindens and go and spend the afternoon throwing some shapes around. I can’t tell you how long the sale is on for, because Zelly is selling the sim (Harlow) so really you should get down to the store asap and treat yourself to some happy. Go on..admit it, you were looking at my boobies weren’t you?

Picture details:

Hair- Zero Style ‘Enrica’ in Chestnut

Skin- Tuli ‘Eva’  (Tone 6/bl) 10b

Shape- Kittylicious Ultimate Kittycurve

Eyes- Slink Eyescream Eyes Amethyst Small

Outfit-Aqua Lacey Visions in Blue

Kitty Quicky – Happy Birthday Tuli!

Tuli Asturias celebrates her 34th (Pah-only a baby!) birthday today, so she’s launched a special treat for all of us girlies.  For 24 hours, in each of her stores across the grid,  you’ll find one item for L$34…Easiest way to find all the locations is to use Tuli’s profile as your reference where she lists them all.  There’s some nice stuff to be found, *INCLUDING* some skins, whch are rather lovely! Enjoy!

*Update! Tuli fan Skagen Vita dropped the following on me…yay!*

Hefferoo Region shop
Penni Lilac Blouse

Pennie Lane
Connie Shirt

Skin Meredith Light

Skin Sumi starry Light Blue

Dress Kallisto sky

Elizabeth sunkissed taylor

Amy dress lilla
Nikki Light

Elizabeth Fair enticing