The Imaginimals Cats Have Arrived!

The Imaginimals Cats Have Arrived!


To be honest, the buzz was somewhat subdued and limited to the chat group rather than the feverish  all-encompassing excitement that has greeted Breedable launches before, but I think this is partly to do with past history of the Wildwoods and also because they’ve launched in open Beta.

Obviously launching a product in Beta is a risky move. Imaginimals seem to have made sure that their bases are covered for this with a hefty disclaimer on their website, but I did notice that the chat group was very busy when I logged in this morning with reported issues.

As for the cats, well they don’t appear to have changed much since I last reported on them.  The appearance seems to be much the same, and there’s no doubt that they look good (although the ear shape is a little too Elvish for my liking!) I opted for a pair of Bi-Colour and was very pleased with the colours of the kittens that I unpackaged. They’re incredibly pretty, and the animations/positions are very cute and natural looking. I confess, I really do love their styling.   (NOTE: I am NOT going full on cat breeder again, I get way too carried away by it! But I indulged in these critters for the sake of blogging and also because I wanted to experience them for myself)

Pricing for kittens is reasonable-L$300 each, L$600 per pair (obviously) There are lots of vitamins and add-ons that can be purchased but the basics that are required, as far as I am aware, are food and water, which is purchased as a combo unit. One bowl lasts one cat one month, and costs L$200.  I laid that out with the addition of some cream and a ‘Feeshy’ for  mood.

I rezzed my kittens without any fuss, but immediately upon birthing there were substantial stat decreases. Also, movement seemed laboured too.  It’s early days, so hopefully these problems will be ironed out swiftly.  The website does offer the ability to log support tickets and there is also a forum that owners can join, there’s barely any activity on the boards at present but I anticipate that they will start to become pretty active within the next few days.

So will these new breedables take the shine off the existing pets that are available on the grid?

Obviously the main competitor to Imaginimals cats are Kittycats. Personally I don’t actually see that they will be a threat as such as both offer a very different product experience and cater to different fanbases. for example, I know people who don’t go for the ornate appearance of Kittycats, but prefer the more down to earth appearance that the Wildwoods had. Taste is an individual thing, and in my opinion it’s good to have a variety of similar pets on the grid.  Competition isn’t necessarily a bad thing. But  I would be very surprised if legions of Kittycat owners defected to Imaginimals, and to be frank, I don’t think it will happen.  If anything, I think you’ll find breeders indulging themselves with both kinds of cat.

Of course, Kittycats do have the upper hand in that they are well established by now, and they excel not just in terms of product but also due to their exceptional support system. If Imaginimals want to succeed, then they will do well to aspire to the same standards of care offered by Kittycats  for their customers.

Breedable launches are never easy. But cats are always a popular pet, so let’s see how Imaginimals fare. It’s a fresh start, so perhaps it’s time to leave the memories (both good and bad )of Wildwoods behind and look to the future. Doesn’t everyone deserve a second chance after all? I’ll keep you updated on progress…

If you want to join in the open beta then here’s a link to the Imaginimals Sim .  

You’ll need a spare group slot, because only group members can partcipate, and bear in mind there are costs involved. Good luck with your cats!

Kitty by name, Kittycat by nature..

Kitty by name, Kittycat by nature..


Last year, I left the world of virtual breedables behind. It was too pricey for me at the time, and like most people I’d got caught up in the whirlwind of Wildwoods, Ozimals, Amarettos and Kittycats to the point of it becoming silly.  It was costing me an arm and a leg too; so reluctantly I put the whole enterprise behind me and concentrated on real life for a change.  

But here’s the thing; breedables are fun. They are engaging in a way that lovers of Tamagotchi will remember; that virtual pet craze that got millions hooked. And once they get under your skin they can be hard to leave I discovered recently when I perused the Kittycats website again.

They’ve become even more appealling than they were before, but it’s not just the cats themselves, even though there are more breeds, more traits to breed for and more interaction options for cat owners to enjoy. It’s the package as a whole, and the new facilities that have been created meaning that you actually get a lot more Kittycat for your Linden dollar!

Get this: You can actually keep your cats online now, rather than take up valuable space in-world, and still feed them and breed them! I know right? No more land cluttered with a clowder of cats and no room for anything else. you don’t have to be logged in-world either, you can check out how your cats are doing from the office or even on your I-pad while you sit on the loo!  It’s a spectacular innovation and proves that the people behind Kittycats not only have the right approach to the breedable product, but  it also shows genuine care and passion for it too. 

Another brilliant idea is the Menagerie; where you can send your cats on a one-way trip (ahem!) and redeem them for Kitty dollars which can then be used towards purchasing special items. This function also serves as a way to keep the market fresh; meaning the grid is (in theory at least) not as flooded with cats as it could be, and this of course also enables breeders to still get fair prices for their Kittycats on the secondary market.

Last but not least there’s a pedigree function on the website, replete with visuals so that you can totally trace the heritage of your cat. It’s incredibly well laid out, lovely to look at and easy to understand, and you don’t pay any extra for it either.

So with all these new experiences to enjoy I relented to my inner urges and I treated myself to a couple of cats again, and I must confess, I’m really enjoying having them around:) Gone are the days when I would hatch loads of kitten crates though. I’ll be keeping to two (a boy and a girl) and hopefully I’ll breed something extra special from them. In the meantime, I’m trying to avoid the mainland store. I’ve seen the tigers there! Holy moly, they’re super cute and would look perfect with my decor, but cost oodles of Lindens so are a bit out of my price range. No matter-I’m busily enjoying Damon and Georgie’s company and am really glad I decided to become a Kittycatter again!

Blessed Bunnies ‘Country Charm’ Bunny Display Box

Blessed Bunnies ‘Country Charm’ Bunny Display Box

I’m pleased to announce a new addition to my ‘Blessed Bunnies’ range of quality bunny furnishings and accessories.

These are luxury wicker display cases that are absolutely perfect for auctions.

Each one has a lovely comfortable cushion base for your bunny (auctions can go on a bit and bunnies need to be comfortable, don’t you think?) and it’s ‘wipe-clean’ too in case of bunny mishaps.
Not that bunnies would do such a thing, perish the thought! This ‘Country Charm’ display case features a darkened wicker basket body and pillow with a rustic blue and white gingham check. There are handles on two sides crafted from pewter which add a lovely finishing touch. (The handles are for display only)
With a notecard giver script embedded so your customers can simply touch the base to receive details about your bunny’s pedigree, and hovertext capability so that you can draw your buyers attention with an appropriate message (eg ‘LOOK AT ME!! BUY ME!!’ etc.) these bunny displays are an absolute must for any serious bunny businessperson.

Oh, and they’re going to be an absolute steal at just L$75 on Xstreet!
Each basket comes with full instructions and a few pressies too:)
Fancy one? Thought you might….I’ll post here when they are available to buy. At the moment X-Street is being gippy and won’t let me get these online!