Blessed Bunnies ‘Country Charm’ Bunny Display Box

Blessed Bunnies ‘Country Charm’ Bunny Display Box

I’m pleased to announce a new addition to my ‘Blessed Bunnies’ range of quality bunny furnishings and accessories.

These are luxury wicker display cases that are absolutely perfect for auctions.

Each one has a lovely comfortable cushion base for your bunny (auctions can go on a bit and bunnies need to be comfortable, don’t you think?) and it’s ‘wipe-clean’ too in case of bunny mishaps.
Not that bunnies would do such a thing, perish the thought! This ‘Country Charm’ display case features a darkened wicker basket body and pillow with a rustic blue and white gingham check. There are handles on two sides crafted from pewter which add a lovely finishing touch. (The handles are for display only)
With a notecard giver script embedded so your customers can simply touch the base to receive details about your bunny’s pedigree, and hovertext capability so that you can draw your buyers attention with an appropriate message (eg ‘LOOK AT ME!! BUY ME!!’ etc.) these bunny displays are an absolute must for any serious bunny businessperson.

Oh, and they’re going to be an absolute steal at just L$75 on Xstreet!
Each basket comes with full instructions and a few pressies too:)
Fancy one? Thought you might….I’ll post here when they are available to buy. At the moment X-Street is being gippy and won’t let me get these online!

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