Farewell Kittylicious @ Second Style…

Farewell Kittylicious @ Second Style…

Ah, Second Style.

A beautiful sim hosted by some lovely, helpful people, it’s been good to me.

But I’ve decided to just have one Kittylicious store in-world so I’m not going to renew my lease,  meaning today is effectively Kittylicious’s  last day on the island.

It’s been a tough decision to make, but I’ve loved being there just as much as I did being on the wonderful Malt sim too.  Renting on Second Style has without a doubt increased my business profile, so I strongly suggest to anyone out there considering leasing a store to give it a shot.  You will be very well looked after.

This is your last opportunity to pick up some bargain shapes..here’s the LM and off you trot.

Incidentally, there’s still a sale going on at my mainstore on Nu as well, and I’ll be launching my Autumn/Winter 2010 shape collection there in a number of weeks.

Thank you Second Style x

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