She-Cat Sells Sanctuary….

( That’s a DREADFUL pun; I was trying to think of something epic and witty for this post title and I failed in the most epic of ways.  Apologies!)

Wildwood Breedables have launched their ‘Cat Sanctuary’, something that I have no doubt will prove immensely useful in curbing the over population and market saturation of these irrepressible cats, but there’s already a problem that’s certainly ruffling the fur of a few Wildwood fanatics.
But first of all, let me tell you about the actual programme. Like Bunnybury and Horse Haven Cat Sanctuary has evidently been designed to help breeders rid their surplus stock, and be rewarded for their ongoing breeding efforts. I’m pleased to note that it offers a very comprehensive array of rewards in exchange for tokens which you get by submitting a kitten/cat to the sanctuary.  It’s relatively straightforward; the older the cat, the more tokens you receive.

Kitten (Age: 0 to 4)- 1 Token

Cat (Age: 5 to 80)- 2 Tokens

Older Cats (Age: 90 to 119) – 3 Tokens

Retired Cats (Age: 120) – 4 Tokens

Traited Cats – 1 Token per trait PLUS the tokens rewarded above. (What’s considered a trait? Non-Common traits (Tail, Body, Shade, Ears), as well as eyes that are not found in starters. Pelts are not counted.)

When you have accrued a certain amount of points then you can visit the sanctuary, located at the Wildwood sim, and choose from the following:

5 Persnikitty Tokens – Kitty Care Kit (Basic)
15 Persnikitty Tokens – DELUXE Care Kit (1.3 Version Cats and Up)
35 Persnikitty Tokens – Persnikitty Treats (5% Energy)
40 Persnikitty Tokens – Amour Bites (5% Desire)
45 Persnikitty Tokens – Kat Nip Sack (10% Energy)
100 Persnikitty Tokens – Amour Delight (10% Desire)
200 Persnikitty Tokens – Persnikitty *PET* Food (5 Dishes)
400 Persnikitty Tokens – Persnikitty *BREEDER* Food (5 Dishes)
450 Persnikitty Tokens – Persnikitty Happy Pack (8 Happiness Boosters)
1000 Persnikitty Tokens – Cat Sanctuary Elegant Basket (Cat Sanctuary Plush)

I really like the fact that they’ve started with low token numbers so that even if you submit just a few cats you can still see some benefit.  Of course, I’m sure most people will be motivated by the rewards on offer in exchange for the larger sums of tokens.  For example, 1000 persinikitty tokens will take some hard work but the promise of a special Cat Sanctuary Plush will make it a challenge I know a lot of Wildwood enthusiasts won’t be able to resist. (Are you reading this Vere Noyes?)

But when I started this post I mention that there was a problem; a fly on the kitty litter if you will. Wildwood has decided that you can’t put a sick cat in the sanctuary.  Now, if like myself you’ve stored cats in your inventory in anticipation of the sanctuary’s eventual emergence then you’re bound to be a wee bit irked that to submit any of your stored cats to the sanctuary means you will have to fork out and purchase  a healing kit to heal the cat first prior to submitting it to sanctuary. Think about this: in some cases people will have so many sick kitties in their inventory that it would just be way too expensive to heal them all, rendering their participation in the scheme effectively pointless.  As you can imagine there is fierce debate about this in both group chat and the official forums. If you were a large-scale breeder with an expansive collection of sick kitties then I can imagine you’ll feel more than a bit  aggrieved by the situation, and for a smaller breeder like myself it’s also not really going to serve me any major benefit to heal and birth any cats in my inventory. Even though the quality of the rewards on offer are good they’ll take some achieving.  At the most I estimate I’d achieve 40 tokens which would get me a pack of Amour Bites, which I’ve never bothered with anyway.

For me it’s not really worth the hassle, because that’s the other point about all this, you have to birth each basket and name each cat you want to submit  before rezzing it next to a totem which then whisks your cat away to the sanctuary. If you have a small amount of cats and baskets then it shouldn’t really be too much hassle, but when I tried  it worked twice for me and then I started to experience issues.  I tried re-rezzing the totem a few times, as well as a complete  re-log but this made no difference so to be perfectly honest I just gave up.

As regular readers will know I’m a huge fan of Wildwoods, and I think Cat Sanctuary is a very necessary asset to the community, BUT I personally feel the decision to not allow the submission of sick kitties is wrong. Even worse, I think  this decision has the potential to cause backlash amongst breeders, who can of course be a fickle bunch as we’ve seen with other animals on the grid.   I’ve had a nosey on the forums and there have been some really great suggestions from the community at large; for example, Pauline Darkfury commented that if Wildwood wouldn’t budge on their decision to allow sick kitties to be submitted to Cat Sanctuary, perhaps they would consider an amnesty where existing sick kitties could be submitted for a short time before the programme begins properly? This to me seems like a sound suggestion; giving the community a week to get their inventories cleared of baskets and sick cats is a very good idea as well as a huge PR win. Sadly, this was met with a negative from Wildwood, who pointed out in their response  that “There is always room for compromise and discussion, but we can’t guarantee it will go exactly as a customer wants..” Very true; and when all is said and done this is of course their (Wildwood’s) product, BUT they need to be mindful of the fall from grace of previous breedables due to their inability to take note of what their community asked of them.

And let’s not be too dramatic either; we’re only going to be talking a small minority of mega-breeders who would be wanting to push a shed-load of sick kitties the Cat Sanctuary’s way, so the hit on profits at the Wildwood side wouldn’t be that monumental.  In fact, going back to my previous PR win point, allowing people to get rid of their old cats will probably lead to them buying more new stock so the Lindens will still keep rolling in regardless.

I dunno. Perhaps profit isn’t the issue behind this, but Wildwood need to be mindful, as I’m sure they are, how decisions like this will be perceived in Second Life, especially now that the Kittycats are on the grid and the Wildwood lustre is starting to tarnish as people get excited about the next breedable launch… ( I’m telling you, at some point it’s going to be breedable chuffing zombies..I kid you not!)

Cats Sleep Anywhere…

Ailurophilia has started to completely dominate the grid no and it seems everyone is afflicted, designers included.  Sometimes Second Life can get a wee bit too real you know, and all the drama and back-biting can become too much to bear, so what better way to deal with it than shopping for some frou-frou and virtual frippery for your favourite furry beasts?  When the Wildwoods emerged there was huge fuss and furore, but the arrival of the Kittycats seems to have added an extra dimension to the moggie madness. In fact, it seems that at the moment you can’t walk across the grid without stumbling across a cat bed, cat tree or some other essential must-have cat accessory.  If you’ve been bewildered by the choice, here are a few suggestions to get you going…click on the pictures to enlarge:)
Now this one is purrfect (see what I did there?) for you if you are a total ‘cat-mommy’. The Kittycats mainstore is offering a rather sweet Kitty Rocker Basinette.  At L$175 for 10 prims it reeks of cuteness and should you own one, I demand that you fill it to bursting with kittens and take photos! It is, as you would expect, beautifully coloured and textured but then again I haven’t seen anything in the Kittycats store yet that has suffered from bad texture choices or faulty design.  It’s all good and let’s be be honest very feminine, but who cares? This is Second Life and you can overdose on the girly if you want:) The Kitty Rocker Basinette comes in 6 muted shades to coordinate with pretty much any home, although nekos who live in dustbins may find it doesn’t quite work. Incidentally the store has TONS of wonderful beds and scratching posts if the basinette ain’t your thing, and every single one is a corker. Barnesworth Anubis has contributed a few beds and items to the collection himself and they are definitely worth a looksy. You know, I wish you could get this stuff in real life. Instead my lot prefer their beds dank and dingy. I have such chavvy cats!)

La’Licious, which without a doubt is one of the best home and furnishing stores upon the grid, is offering a fantastic freebie to update group members. If you’ve never been to the store before, smack yourself silly around your chops for being so utterly foolish and get yourself over sharpish. If you do visit, be warned you will return home empty of pocket but carrying some of the most beautiful shabby chic and cottage style wares that you can find anywhere in world. I seriously cannot praise Amaliscious Destiny’s products enough; you can furnish your entire home just from this one store and I guarantee that when you invite friends round they will be totally bowled over..but I digress, we’re talking cat accessories here and what you need to do is go to the update group sign that is conveniently located right next to the landing point, join the group and search through past notices to the 10th of February group gift, which is this wee gem:
Yup, it’s a Shabby Chic Canopy Bed, and better still a FREEBIE. Again, TOTALLY girly-whirly but perfect for your Kittycats to slumber in a corner. I have no clue how long it will be available for so you’d better zoom on over (Click here) If this is just too pink and frilly for you, or you prefer a simple bedding arrangement for your furry chum how about a simple laundry basket? If you have mosey around the store to the farthest corner from where you came in, next to the garden entrance, you’ll find a simple but lovely 4 prim rustic basket that is just the ticket and I think looks especially good piled with Wildwoods:) It’s only L$25 so it’s all good!

See it in the corner next to the wheel? Here’s how it looks in situ..pretty neat huh? The cats certainly like it:)

Of course there are a myriad of beds and items available on the marketplace too, but something that’s got me really excited is the news that Sookie Slafford, of the amazing ‘Jolly Farms’ bunny business, and SL artist Alia Whitfield are launching a new store in-world devoted to all things cat.  It’s going to be called Kitty Cattery and promises to feature an amazing array of feline items.  If you’re familiar with Sookie and Alia’s work then you’ll know it’s all about quality, originality and of course artistry too; so I’m expecting big things from them come launch! I’ve no idea when that will be, but you can visit the store’s future location upon Lionheart Scar and join a subscribo there. Here’s a sneaky peeky of the kind of stuffs we can look forward to…

But when it comes down to it, sometimes the best place for a moggy is on your bed. After all, as Jane Pauly said, ‘You can’t look at a sleeping cat and be tense’. I think Second Life could certainly do with a wee bit less tension of late!

(Isn’t this grand? Bedroom from Mudhoney)

Time for a Wildwood update..

You know, you can’t please everyone all of the time, and I’m sure that’s how Mika and Zilar Deluxe must feel right now after releasing the 1.3 update to the Wildwood cat crowd.

Such feelings must come as no surprise to people who have been around other breedables for a while, because it’s pretty common for chat groups to explode after any breedable update.

Honestly, If I was a creator I’d release an update and leave the country for a good month or so, or at least until the dust has settled, because the Second Life breedable community tends to get VERY stroppy after each one and for some people an update is literally the end of their virtual world.

But without them, breedable games such as Wildwood would quickly stagnate and fall out of favour. In fact, it must be said that the markets are already starting to plateau, so a timely update was needed to revitalise the Wildwood game.

Yes, they can be a pain, but the great thing about them is the promise of new content and if you are a Wildwood enthusiast, you should be excited.


Here’s a list of the changes that 1.3 has brought:

1. New Ear Traits
I can’t think of any new ear shapes left to discover so this will be fun to see, and of course, this also means more inbred ear mixes.

2. New Eyes
Yes, read that again, NEW EYES. Oh, and there are new textures for existing eyes that make them appear even more vibrant than before..

3. New body shapes
Think about this change guys..body shapes, what can that possibly mean?? ( Have you noticed the cat’s muzzles are shorter now btw? Now, what kinds of cats have shorter muzzles I wonder..)

4. New series of pelts
More pelts guys, but this shouldn’t be such a surprise. There are lots of cat breeds in the real world, so it figures that with each update we’ll see an increase in the Wildwood breeds. What is exciting to note is that there are some new additions to existing pelts too…

5. New particle effect
A new animation has been introduced that warns you when your wee furry friend is at 50% nourishment and in dire need of some nommage..

ALSO: The API shortening issue has been resolved.

Now here’s the important bit, taken straight from the Wildwood literature accompanying each updater:

NOTE: In order to partake in new shapes, ears and pelts you will need to update your cats to be eligible for them, but you will need to purchase new kittens in order to get new traits as the current live cats cannot change their submissive genes.

I’ve seen so many questions in chat tonight about starters that could have been answered if people would just read the instructions. Like every breedable game before it, you have to purchase new stock to get new traits. This is the sole reason why I tell people NOT to go mad and breed themselves out of house and home; there’s just no point. If you want to be in the game for the long term keep your stock small and add to it with a pair of starters from each new round. It’s only January, so there will be LOTS of updates to come this year: make sure your prim count can handle it!

Incidentally, I’ve spoken to Mika tonight, and I know that the Wildwood team have worked their socks off throughout January to bring these changes to this latest update. Even more tantalising to note; Mika says they had to leave a ton of stuff out because they just didn’t have enough time to squeeze every last juicy morsel in. They have deliberately made the eyes more vibrant to make them more appealling to everyone, and also to accomodate ‘future changes’, but of course, you can’t please everyone. I’ve seen as much praise for the new eyes in chat as I have seen grumbles. In fact, I’ve seen lots of grumbles, some worse than others. I’d go so far as saying that I’ve seen some absolutely foul behaviour in chat tonight with lots of toys being thrown out of the pram. I’ve said this before, let me say it again: A lot of the questions that are being posted in chat about the update can be answered by simply reading the accompanying notecards included in every update pack or via the Wildwood forums. In fact the forums are a fantastic facility, so USE THEM. Air your grievances, share your enthusiasm. Don’t like the update? Explain why on the forums. Want to see changes to Wildwood? Then say what you’d like to see on the forums. The resource is there to be used by the Wildwood community, and Mika and Zilar both read and update it. But if you do contribute to the group discussion, be polite about it.

Seriously folks, just because we live in a virtual world it doesn’t mean you should leave your manners at the log-on prompt. I hope Mika doesn’t mind me sharing this with you all; but this is just an example of the abuse that she’s had to put up with tonight from a customer that she attempted to help.
(Note, I’ve blocked out the customer’s name as a courtesy, but actually they don’t deserve any)

[15:45] XXXXXXXXX: i got a ton of clones now
[15:45] XXXXXXXXX: great up date
[15:45] Mika Deluxe: Ah then just file a ticket and we will get them fixed ^^
[15:45] Mika Deluxe: Apparently something is going on with SL atm nothing in our updater scripts changed from before.
[15:46] XXXXXXXXX: no problem i killed all the horses i can kill cats to
[15:46] XXXXXXXXX: so sick of this shit
[15:47] Mika Deluxe: Well if this is going to continue in this manner I suppose whatever you feel you need to do. If you wish them fixed, we can do that, if not, then good luck to you.
[15:47] XXXXXXXXX: bite ne bitch
[15:47] XXXXXXXXX: you will get your fuckin inventory back
[15:47] Mika Deluxe: There is no need to be rude, really, I’m not here to fight with you.
16:02] XXXXXXXXX: thank you for the feeling that one will allways get screwed in sl

I hear a lot of people saying that creating breedable pets is a great way to make bank in-world, but it’s also a great way to open yourself up to shed-loads of abuse. To be honest, Mika was a LOT more civilised with this individual than I would have been. For someone to spout such vitriol over virtual cats is pretty silly really, so I’m guessing the avatar concerned must have had an issue in real life that caused his pent-up rage to spill over into the metaverse.

Fact is, and we’ve seen this time and time again, you cannot guarantee that you will make a virtual living from selling your livestock. There are already way too many cats out there, as there are horses and bunnies and I’m not even counting the impending Meeroos and Dog releases into the equation.

That’s not to say you can’t breed and make a profit at auction or market, but we as a community need to understand that success like that is no longer guaranteed. Be enthusiastic about your breedable of choice, you should be, but you MUST breed for yourself first, not necessarily for the market.

Here are a few tips:

Start small. Don’t be disheartened if you get a common starter cat, it’s what they’re hiding that counts!

Birth only what you can comfortably accomodate on your home sim.

Visit auctions and get wise to what traits people are lusting after..

AND FINALLY…don’t sell (or buy) starters UNLESS you buy them direct from Wildwood. There is just NO POINT in doing this, it’s what causes markets to get flooded in the first place!

A final thought. I love my Wildwood Cats, and I was reassured by Mika earlier when she told me that they are in it for the long term with lots of ideas for how to make their product even better.

This is a good thing to hear, and I’m enthused by this latest update and the promise of exciting new cat happiness to discover.
I think you should be too.

TONIGHT @ The Temple Of Kittywood..

… the FIRST Kittywood Auction will be take place TODAY at 3PM SLT.(That’s 11pm GMT) and it’s going to be a totally fantastic event.

We’re going to be selling a fantastic selection of Wildwood Cats including a cream female with curl ears and fluffy tail, a blue female with round lilac eyes and fold ears, a totally gorgeous sleek blue boy with gold eyes as well as a stunning female with a solid blue coat in cloak shade which makes her look black! Not only that she has curl ears and amber eys, so as you can imagine she needs to be seen to be believed!

BUT best of all; we have the FIRST IN-BRED WILDWOOD CAT FOR SALE!! Yup, the in-breds are super rare and collectible!

Not only that, the stats are fantastic as you can see:

Pelt: Solid – Black
Eyes: Round – Forest
Ears: Inbred – Common/Curl
Tail: Common
Shade: Cloak

At the time of writing we have podiums left as well; they cost just L$25 each and you can place a combo of two lives, two baskets or one live one basket per podium so it’s great value for money AND breeder food is already provided!

Why are you waiting?

You’ve gotta be in it to win come along to Kittywood Auctions (…15/229/30) pick a podium, pay your fee and send your completed auction notecard in to me, Kitty O’Toole, and let’s all get ourselves some cat happy!

Remember the fun starts at 3pm SLT, so bring your friends and bring your Linden dollars!