Fifty Linden Friday’s Fabulous Fireplace

Fifty Linden Friday’s Fabulous Fireplace



Fifty Linden Friday, by it’s very nature, is a hit and miss affair. Because of the variety of designers and products included each week it’s impossible to guarantee that everything on the list will be to your taste, and I’ve not fallen for much on it recently it has to be said. But the quality of the items are always consistent, so I make the effort to check it out, just in case. I’m glad I did this week, because there are a few items that prove that sometimes it’s worth fighting with the lag and the crowds to get to the goodies.
Sometimes you get really lucky and find a ‘Bombshell’ item that is so utterly nommilicious that you just *have* to have it, and become almost evangelical about it too. That’s happened to me this week; I feel the need to shout across the entire grid and tell them to get their collective arses over to ‘PENNY DREADFUL ARCADE’, lest they miss exceedingly pretty fireplace. It’s stocked with books and the mantel is ideal for littering with candles as you and your beloved snuggle together in front (there are poses included in the cushions) It’s outrageously simple and that’s why I’m so excited about it, sometimes in Second Life we get so hyped up by all the frills, faff and frippery that we miss the really good stuff. This is textured and crafted so beautifully that it puts a lot of the more reknowned designers on the grid to shame, and it’s what, FIFTY LINDENS?! Are you insane?! You should take care not to miss this one. L$50 is bugger all in the grand scheme of things, and I’m leaving this in situ long after Valentine’s weekend. (Oh, and by the way, check out the DECO items on the list this week, as well as the goodies from BOTANICAL…both excellent choices if you ask me:)

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