Kittylicious! Shapes Valentine Subscriber gift!

Kittylicious! Shapes Valentine Subscriber gift!

If you aren’t a Kittylicious! Shapes subscriber, then you’d better get your botty in gear and join up, because tomorrow I’m releasing a rather special present to all my members.

This shape is my Valentine’s gift to you all, isn’t she a treat?

I hope you love her as much as I do – I’m working really hard to revamp my entire line at the moment. I’ve been practising like mad and playing about with different slider combinations and skins to create the very best shapes that I can, and I really hope you’ll rate the releases that I will be sharing with you all over the next weeks and months..I’m totally excited about them!
This shape is actually rather special too, because she is exclusively designed to fit the clothing from Runo Runo. That’s no biggy really, Jojo always provides a notecard with all the stats you’ll need to be able to tweak your shape to fit her clothing properly, I’ve just taken that a step further and added a beautiful face to the mix for you.
My hope is that when you want to wear RunoRuno, you’ll pop this freebie shape on for a no hassle experience. And you really should want to wear RunoRuno too, because her latest clothing releases are epic.

Stay tuned for more RunoRuno release info featuring this shape, and if you aren’t in my subscribo pop over to the store locations at Malt and Harlow to join up..or you could visit…….

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