New Kittylicious! Store at SECOND STYLE!

New Kittylicious! Store at SECOND STYLE!

Yay! I have a new store, and it’s a bit of a corker! Look at the photo, can you see who I am next to? EEP! I’m only next to blooming  Tiny Bird and Riddle..that’s one happy Kitty sandwich right there!!
To be honest I’ve only out the new stock in the store for the moment, that means my Valentine, Cupid and Rose shapes on display until I decide how I am going to lay the store out. The shapes are L$100 each OR Fatpack for L$250. It was going to be L$275 but hey, I’m nice. Back to the new location, it’s a daunting place to be but in a good way, if you know what I mean? I feel pretty inadequate compared to some of the names that are on this sim. In fact a lot of the designers here are some of my personal faves and it’s very hard not to get giggly and star-struck when I see them..but I’m trying to hold on to my composure:) Incidentally Second Style Island is really worth a visit, lots of stores have freebies and goodies and discounted sale items (I’ve discounted my Christmas collection and they are the boxes that you can see outside the store on the sidewalk) It’s also a beautifully designed sim and a real pleasure to walk around…I really enjoyed my explorations earlier. I also have a sale at Malt. You can buy the Valentines collection there, and purchase any of my other Kittyshapes for L$50 each. As I’ve said previously, I’m reworking my shapes so these originals won’t be around for much longer. Get ’em while you can! I don’t have a sale at my Harlow location, but the shapes there are all reduced anyway (except the new collection) Bargains galore whichever way you look at it, and you’ll want to slap that subscribo in any of the stores that you visit to get your giftie tomorrow, wontcha?

Taxis to each location:

Kittylicious! Second Style

Kittylicious! Malt ( Main Store)

Kittylicious! Harlow

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