Of course..it ain’t just Valentines Day on Feb 14th..


It’s Chinese New Year, and this year it’s the ‘Year Of The Tiger’, how exciting is that? I’m celebrating both occasions with this spectacular frock from ‘Lark’. It’s a gorgeous dress to wear to any event with your loved one. Not only that, but Sienia ( the designer) is participating in the grid wide ‘Red Packet Hunt’, which promises some lovely goodies from a number of stores. I heartily recommend this one, I know there are a LOT of hunts around at the moment but this one really does promise to be spectacular, trust me. (I know this because I’ve had a sneaky peak at the Agent Orange, Lark and RunoRuno gifts. They’re excellent:)

Here’s a list of the designers involved:
alaMood Boutique, Allep Jeans, ARAI, Atelier AM, Aurora Shop, AY.Line, BeetleBones, Bunny B, Cockles, couverture, DUBOO, Dustarrz, glow studio, hair Oh, Happy Finds, insignia, KENZIE&CO, kik, Lark, Leafy, LG Concept, Love Soul, Mah poor Quality, Mango Mango, Miseria, mocha, Modd G, Mother Goose’s, MudHoney, MY UGLYDOROTHY, NINIKO, Ohmai, (OMFG) I Love it, oyakin, PIDIDDLE, Pig, rcbg, RunoRuno, Slash Me Poses, tee*fy, This is a Fawn, tomoto, Whippet & Buck
You’re looking for one red packet in each store, CLICK HERE TO START!!


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