I’m not really a fantasy chick. Now, don’t get me wrong, if Aragorn romped my way brandishing his sword at me in a wild and happy manner I wouldn’t say no, nor would I kick Jon Snow or Rob Stark out of bed if I’m honest, but on a day to day basis fantasy isn’t really my bag. I like to dabble in it on occasion for sure, but  I’m more likely to be sporting a pair of yoga pants and a tee rather than a pair of winged sandals and the Holy Hand Grenade Of Antioch. That could all be set to change though as a result of the Fantasy Gacha Carnival though, especially the fantastic APHORISM contributions.

ImageHead on over to the event and drop L$75 into their machine and in a matter of seconds you could find yourself  sporting one of these fantastic helmets. There are 8 commons and three rares to try to win, and my particular favourites are the Pagan Skull and Winged Viking design (both of which Jez is kindly sporting above.)  They look fabulous and I’m sure would be a real find for the most earnest of role-playing types. I confess I find Jez very, erm..alluring in this kind of head-wear and it might lead to another kind of role-play not catered to at this event..!

Moving swiftly on I should mention that APHORISM have also crafted some fabulous leather tunics and chain-mail for both male and female avatars that are available at the event too.  Of course they look perfect with the helmets, and best of all the rares feature ‘Arrow Attack’, a HUD controlled feature that includes fantastic battle animations for role-playing. You can check out some pictures of Jez sporting a few of the designs on my FLICKR, and they really are impressive items indeed. APHORISM is a brand that never disappoints and it’s so nice to see that they don’t compromise their standards for Gacha prizes, and dare I say it, their offerings are to my mind some of the highlights of the event.

Be sure to visit the Fantasy Gacha Carnival by clicking here

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