The Bunny Amore Gift Box from Blessed Bunnies

Bunny bonding can drive you insane..seriously!

Since I got into this Ozimals bunny malarkey I’ve realised that producing nests isn’t as straightforward as you may think it’s all well and good saying that they’re at 100% love but surely it’s not that clinical? Don’t bunnies need something to get into the mood?

Well, I think I have the answer. Y’see there’s a tried and tested formula for amour and it would appear that it works on a variety of species..bunnies included. What is this spell of which I speak?

It’s the Blessed Bunnies Bunny Amore Kit..featuring EVERYTHING your bunnies need to get nto the mood for some serious bunny bonding. And bonking.

You get:

A bottle of quality bunny wine- a corking vintage I’ll have you know!
A red rose for the lady bunny..she can sniff it/snack on it as is her want.
A carrot, in case the bunnies get peckish mid-coitus. Or in case they’re kinky..
A candle for romantic mood lighting. Again can be used for kinky bunny shenanigans..look out for suspicious burn marks the morning after!
Belgian chocolates, as recommended by ‘Swiss Tony’

And last but NOT least…

Albums by Mr Love himself..Barry White!!

How many babies have been conceived to the tunes of Barry White I wonder? Enough to populate a small South American country I’m sure! The man was, and remains, an utter musical legend. He created some of the most classic sounds of the 1970’s and 1980’s, crafting melodic pop perfection with the most seductive voice in the galaxy. Some of his songs were beyond seductive; downright erotic in fact, and others just so happy and loving that there is a Barry White song for absolutely everyone.

Including your bunnies. Believe it or not bunnies LOVE the soul and funk, and Barry oozes it out of every sweaty pore. They especially like ‘Let The Music Play’, ‘My First, My Last, My Everything’ and the amazing, best-intro in the world EVER ‘ I’m Gonna Love You Just A Little More Baby’

So if the nests are slow to arrive, give this a shot.

Better still, it’s totally free as a token of my esteem to the Ozimals bunny community, and you can get one for yourself at my NEW STORE!

Blessed Bunnies ‘Country Charm’ Bunny Display Box

I’m pleased to announce a new addition to my ‘Blessed Bunnies’ range of quality bunny furnishings and accessories.

These are luxury wicker display cases that are absolutely perfect for auctions.

Each one has a lovely comfortable cushion base for your bunny (auctions can go on a bit and bunnies need to be comfortable, don’t you think?) and it’s ‘wipe-clean’ too in case of bunny mishaps.
Not that bunnies would do such a thing, perish the thought! This ‘Country Charm’ display case features a darkened wicker basket body and pillow with a rustic blue and white gingham check. There are handles on two sides crafted from pewter which add a lovely finishing touch. (The handles are for display only)
With a notecard giver script embedded so your customers can simply touch the base to receive details about your bunny’s pedigree, and hovertext capability so that you can draw your buyers attention with an appropriate message (eg ‘LOOK AT ME!! BUY ME!!’ etc.) these bunny displays are an absolute must for any serious bunny businessperson.

Oh, and they’re going to be an absolute steal at just L$75 on Xstreet!
Each basket comes with full instructions and a few pressies too:)
Fancy one? Thought you might….I’ll post here when they are available to buy. At the moment X-Street is being gippy and won’t let me get these online!

Bunny Mondays: Introducing ‘Blessed Bunnies’

So, as I hinted at in my previous post I’m going to tell you where I’ve been and why it’s been so quiet on here. I won’t bore you with all the RL drama that’s also been kicking off, suffice to say I’m still not a well Kitty and if it wasn’t for my friends on Second Life keeping me sane, and grounded, I think I’d be in a very sad state indeed.
But I’ve also found another salvation..a furry, twitchy nosed guru that has bunnied my brain into busy mode and unleashed a ferocious appetite upon me for building and content creation, the like of which after almost 4 years in Second Life I had ever given up the hope of seeing.
I am of course talking about the Ozimals bunnies; those indescribably cute, hopping mad little critters that evoke a wide range of passions amongst SL residents. Some love ’em, some hate ’em and others couldn’t give a flying fig.
I confess that I fell into the latter category until my friend Altair gave me two beautiful bunnies who I called Sookie and Dexter ( I blogged about them previously if you recall) and I was hooked. Since then I’ve produced some beautiful babies from Sookie and Dex, and bought a couple of bunnies to add to my ever expanding family of hoppers. The ever wonderful Katey Coppola (mad-woman genius designer behind the ‘Glitterati’ pose brand) gifted me four, FOUR stunning buns and I’ve even managed to pass on the habit to Amanda and Sable by presenting them with some of Sookie and Dex’s offspring…and now as you can see I have acquired quite a menagerie in all colours, shapes and sizes. They seem to like being referred to as ‘The Bunny Collective’, which makes me think of some sort of mad, bad Bunny mafia but hey, I’m not going to argue with them. I’ve found a new aspect of my virtual life that proves that even after all this time Second Life can and does continue to surprise. Of course, a huge component of the ‘Lapin Lurgy’ is breeding. I must admit that it is immense fun; bonding bunnies to see what you’ll get is really exciting and although I’m not a hardcore breeder I certainly am developing a stock of bunnies that I’m willing to sell / exchange. It’s difficult not to kindle all the nests that my charges have produced; you really cannot beat the excitement of seeing the little ears poking out of the top of the nest and then wham, as if by magic a bunny baby appears! I’ve become a firm-fan of bunny markets and breeding ranches and love walking around them and seeing the stock on well as the prices too! The most expensive bunny I saw on sale last week was at the princely sum of L$25k so it’s no wonder with prices like these that people are going to give breeding a go. It’s certainly not an easy thing to get into from what I’m learning so far, but for me the main sticking point will be that it’s actually VERY hard to part with my own nests knowing that they were bred in-house. I just become too attached. (I was the same when my cat had kittens in real life, I struggled to part with them too) The last thing I expected was for it to be so difficult to part company with virtual animals but here’s the rub, these bunnies are a very emotive subject and have a strange ability to endear themselves so much that there becomes no definition between them and real life pets. Just as I adore and care for my cats and my dog in real life, I must log on and ensure that my hoppers are all well-fed and doing just fine. I’ve had three episodes of bunny hibernation thus far and I can tell you that I panicked in a highly preposterous manner, but there it is. I can’t physically reach out and stroke them, yet they have touched my heart all the same.
But it goes further than that, in fact my bunny obsession has led me into an arena that I never anticipated entering and now that I am there I am hooked. Believe it or not, dear reader, I’ve become a fully fledged, paid-up member of the ‘Content Creation Cosa Nostra!’
As you all know I already produce shapes under the ‘Kittylicious’ brand, and blinking good ones they are too (L$25 sale still on folks! Go get ’em!) but as a direct result of my bunny adventures I find that I’m now expanding into another area which I hope will be just as successful too. This one is a bigger challenge for me though, and that’s because it requires me to develop my building skills, something that I have never tested until these past few weeks. I must confess though that I am DELIGHTED with the results and have had some EPIC feedback and sales on them already! I’m not name dropping or anything but Torley Linden called them ‘adorable’!) Building is not easy, and I’ve shed some genuine tears in RL over my frustration at not being able to achieve what I want due to my extreme thickness but after much practise I can honestly say that I’m getting there, and then some.
So, I want to share with you the fruit of my labours, and it’s with great pleasure that I am introducing you to:

(Logo taken from the amazing website, artist permission sought..)

I decided to call my company ‘Blessed Bunnies’ because it hints at my Pagan beliefs whilst acknowledging the fact that for me, these Ozimals bunnies have indeed been a blessing. I’ve not been in a good place in RL recently, but having these bundles of pixelated joy as a focus has started to help bring me back out into the sunlight again, both virtual and real. Obviously I’ll be featuring the products that I make on the blog, but for now if you’d like to check out my range which includes some beautiful shabby chic, and stylish modern designs, please click HERE for my X-Street listings.

Here’s a few examples of my hutches so far; each one is spacious featuring carpets in the side pods and opening and closing doors embellished with tassels.

There are THIRTEEN to choose from, these are some of the most popular so far…

Oh, and each hutch costs L$100. Bunny bargainalicious or what?

CLICK HERE to check the entire range out!