Season of the Witch is NOW OPEN!

SEASON OF THE WITCH has finally opened in Second Life, and fluff me guys and gals, it’s pretty much everything I’d dreamed of!

Now that I’ve finished my RL shift cycle I’ve finally logged in-world and visited the sim to assess what’s there to see, buy and ultimately enjoy.  It really is an experience to be savoured, that’s for sure; the sim is an absolute delight to wander around and take photographs, and the wares that are on display are a treat.  There’s clothing, props, gachas and jewellery galore and the experience is infused with a bohemian vibe.

You can practically smell the wood smoke of the campfires, hear the crunch of the leaves underfoot and taste Autumn in the air.  The music that’s playing at the sim only serves to enhance the experience too, and I confess that I could quite happily move in and live there! (Now THERE’S a thought, someone needs to make a residential sim with this vibe, come on, I’d rent from you if you did!) I’m amazed I didn’t bump into the cast of American Horror Story: Coven or even Stevie Nicks as I strolled from store to store, eyeing up all the goodies on sale, but there were certainly plenty of lookalikes and gorgeous witches at the event enjoying themselves.

If you get overwhelmed by all the shopping then there’s plenty of space to take a seat and cam shop should you so wish, and it was very tempting to sit rooted amongst the soft furnishings and candles for the afternoon, just enjoying the vibes while the Nag Champa smouldered in the background.

For an event to offer so much promise and actually deliver is no mean feat, and as you can tell I’m enjoying myself immensely there, and can pretty much guarantee that I’ll be visiting the sim as frequently as I’m able until the event ends on November 4th.

I’ll share all my findings with you here on Kittywitchin’, obviously! It’s the event this blog was made to feature really (it’s only taken ten years for it to appear!)

Congratulations to Melora Frost, Amaryllis Oona and Joonie Jatho and all the designers and bloggers involved in this wonderful event!

Wanna go visit? HERE’S YOUR TAXI!!

Kitty’s Raves & Faves: ‘Torsion Moon Clock’ by Candle & Cauldron

This weekend sees the beginning of the Fall 2017 ‘Spoonful Of Sugar’ Festival, supporting Medecins Sans Frontieres (‘Doctors Without Borders’)  The festival will run from Saturday, September 16th through to Sunday, October 1st, and promises to be an exceptional Autumn themed event.

One of this blog’s favorite Second Life brands, ‘Candle & Cauldron’ will have two fabulous items available for purchase. One is a fantastic ‘Night Magic’ Frame (If you’re a fan of the musical ‘Wicked’ you may find this hard to resist) and the other is this outstanding ‘Torsion Moon Clock’

I cannot get enough of this clock; it’s available in gold and silver finishes and features a glass dome covering a moon with witches circling beneath. The detail is great and the moon phases are completely accurate too, making this a very special piece not just for Halloween but year round. I’m completely in love with it!

I don’t have the details on hand for when the event opens or the location but as soon as I do have them I’ll update this blog post because you don’t want to miss out. Medecins Sans Frontieres perform such important work, and this is definitely an event that deserves our support.

Witchy Wednesday: Witch Season is Approaching!

I haven’t done a Witchy Wednesday in an age, but it’s back with great news to share. Guys,  I am so excited to tell you about an event that is still a few months away but offers so much promise and potential.  It’s called ‘Season Of The Witch’ and promises a ‘Dark Bohemian’ event experience, and if that doesn’t get those witchy juices flowing for you then I don’t know what will! I’ve been longing for something like this in-world for what feels like forever. Pinch me, am I dreaming?!

In fact, I’ll tell you what’s seriously impressed me about this event so far though, and it’s not just the theme.  It’s the fact that it’s  being so perfectly planned even at these early stages. So much is already going on behind the scenes to ensure the best experience possible, there’s already a Facebook page and a website to get you into the spirit of the event.  There’s even a Pinterest board and oh my days, it’s a veritable banquet upon a stick of witchy aesthetic goodness! Wanna know what’s even better? MEN ARE INCLUDED. Now, if you’re of a Pagan persuasion then you’ll probably realise that Witches can be male or female, it’s not a gender specific term.  However, a lot of people outside of our kind don’t realise this at all, they assume that a male witch is a warlock (erm, no, not unless they want to use that term) or even worse adopt a ‘Men can’t be witches’ attitude.  That’s not the case and it’s so refreshing to see that this is going to be reinforced at ‘Season Of The Witch’. 

You know what else has got me frenzied with anticipation about this event? There’s even a wonderful in-world office to go and visit, and if you’re anything like me you’ll want to live there.  Plus, if you join the group you’ll receive an information pack containing a wearable spellbook and a gorgeous pentacle to wear.  There is even a Spotify playlist too, see what I mean about planning? Hot damn,  this is how you make an event a success in-world!

Have I already said how excited I am? Yes, yes I have haven’t I, but to be fair they had me at ‘Dark Bohemian’.  I mean, just look at this list of ideas and possibilities for designers to choose from, doesn’t it make you drool? (And look at the list of names who have already signed up..I’m going to burst with happiness!)

Anyway, if you want to know more then check out the website and I urge you to look at the Pinterest board too.  Trust me when I say it is darkly magical in the very best way! IS IT OCTOBER YET?!!!! (No, Kitty, it isn’t)


Witchy Wednesday: Crimson Witch

the-magic-doesnt-happen-until-this-witch-gets-her-coffeeIt’s rare that an outfit I post to Plurk gets such a reaction as the one this did when I posted it to  my timeline earlier, but it was really gratifying that it did.  I needed that, as I am absolutely FULL of germs in RL.  You know how some people come into work and share their illness with everyone else? Yeah, I got double-barrelled; the guy who sits opposite me had just returned from Belgium and brought back more than beer, and the girl who sits beside me was a shivering, snotty mess. With odds like that,  I had no chance, and I’m suffering. My chest feels like it’s full of particularly dusty feathers, and when I cough, well, put it this way, not one of my furry companions wants to sit with me, and don’t even get me started on the boyfriend! Anyway, onto more important things; this look. Sometimes an outfit just works, you know? Don’t laugh, but I think I stress more about my image in Second Life than I do in real life. Actually, scratch that, I KNOW I do, when really all I need to do is open my inventory, take a rummage through it and see what sticks. This outfit is a prime example of that; I felt bobbins so just threw everything on that I’d recently acquired and wow, it worked!
The main elements of this are from THE EPIPHANY gacha event; I’m sorry, don’t hate me. I managed to get in and went in hard; I had a list and a budget and left with about 50% of what I had wished for, so if anyone can recommend some good Gacha sales featuring Epiphany items PLEASE let me know! Your main machines for this are the ones from APHORISM, REIGN and MOON.
So, onto the outfit: red and black with a witchy twist, the top is from APHORISM and I paired it with a skirt from REIGN that I really wanted because it has such a Killstar Clothing feel to it. To be honest, I wasn’t sure if the shape of the skirt and the top would work together, but I needn’t have been concerned, it looks perfect.
I also chose accessories from the REIGN gacha ( the coffee mug and the necklace, I need to go back though because I need pretty much everything else) and because I’m REALLY into eyewear added some fave shades from GLAMISTRY. My hairstyle is by MOON, it’s called ‘In-Between Days’ which *has* to be a reference to the most excellent song by THE CURE of the same name. It can’t actually be a reference to how hair should look in-between (washing) days because never in a month of Sundays can I get mine to look anywhere near half decent unless I’ve shampooed it BUT ANYWAY I DIGRESS *breathes*, it’s a fabulous hairstyle and I was ruddy delighted that I dropped the black and white pack. I love how it falls over my shoulder meaning my pentacle earrings, also from the most excellent REIGN  gacha is on display.
Some final flourishes from KIBITZ complete the look; I absolutely adore KIBITZ and their range of eclectic jewellery and accessories, and this planchette style bag finishes off my look perfectly. I’ve also added my favourite witchy ring set which is also a KIBITZ item.
Last but not least, I’m wearing my CATWA ‘Dyana’ mesh head along with CATWA Mesh eyes which are currently usurping my usual IKON favourites, and of course I’m sporting my MAITREYA ‘Lara’ body coupled with a favourite AMARA BEAUTY skin, the ever stunning ‘Lucie’, which is probably my favourite skin release of the year (although there are a couple of months left and I’m fickle like that!)shoes_004.jpg
Of course,  you need a decent pair of shoes to match the outfit, and I am LOVING these new ‘Rose’ heels from Glamistry. These feel flamboyant and glamorous and work perfectly well in red and black for this look, but imagine them with denim jeans and a tied shirt and you have immediate Rockabilly style! Thinking further on, slap on a short frock and tease your hair up into a beehive and you have a look that I’m sure Amy Winehouse would be more than happy to wear. As you can see from the image below they come with the usual quality options that only GLAMISTRY can provide, and I will be wearing these throughout the spooky holiday season!30121528366_a5bb9a420e_k I feel shagging awful; when I cough I really do sound like a goose farting in the fog; so it’s nice to have been able to log into SECOND LIFE to create this look and I hope you enjoy it as much as I do! Good luck getting into THE EPIPHANY!  and enjoy these glorious GLAMISTRY shoes!

( Last but not least, Kitty’s ears are from Mandala and pose from !bang, adapted using Animare. Inspiration for post title from this list: Top Ten Witch Songs)