First, we take Manhattan, then we take BERLIN


Whenever RIA BAZAR launches a new product you *KNOW* that it’s going to be a corker, and her new collection, ‘Berlin’, is no exception.  The set features a fantastic, I-wish-I-could-really-sit-on-that sofa brimming with texture and animation options, props included. To compliment there is a fantastic selection of accessories available, including a rug, cabinet, plants, artwork and a nifty coffee table made from books.  Some of these items are texture change too. The feature lighting, a chandelier made from hollow cubes, is a real show-stopper. This set would feature really well in a modern environment and works spectacularly well with some of Ria’s other releases. You really can fill your home from top to bottom with BAZAR pieces and be assured of one of the funkiest looking homes on the grid.  (I’ve photographed mine in the SCHULTZ BROS. ‘Moderna’ house from this month’s DECOCRATE)

The best bit? The full set costs just L$437 for the PG, or L$487 for Adult.  Pieces are available individually too, but seriously, don’t bother; just load up on the full deal, because it’s so worth it!

You’ll find this amazing purchase at 6 REPUBLIC  until 20th May.  Click here to TP!

Bishbox February 2017 Review

Hi gang! Here’s my review for this month’s BISHBOX.  I think the boxes that I’m having the most fun with are POWDER PACK SL and BISHBOX, so expect to see me reviewing these going forward.  I haven’t bought a LUXEBOX in ages, or a DECOCRATE (and they are bloody good boxes, to be sure) but I can’t afford to buy them all. But, I do enjoy opening a box, as the lady said to the go forth and watch this video!

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Kitty’s First Unboxing Video!

Guys, I did a thing! I did, I did! Granted, it’s no Strawberry Singh quality video but hey, it was fun to do and I’ll probably do some more! To be honest,  it’s thirty minutes of me wittering on about what is in this months DECOCRATE, but you get all my genuine reactions as I excitedly unwrap the goodies. You also get bonus dog barking towards the end..and it’s half an hour of your life that you’ll never get back but hey, it makes an old girl like me very happy!