Powder Pack (Catwa) May 2017

is here and as usual,  it’s a corker! There are always glorious make-ups to enjoy and this month is no exception.  I’ve recorded a video which you can view here, or above, the power of the internets, woot!

The picture accompanying this post  features the ZIBSKA eyeshadow, IZZIES lipstick and AMARA BEAUTY skin that are included this month.  SLACK GIRL made some eyes that I’m also wearing in this picture.  Hope you like, and check back for the link to the review!

Bishbox February 2017 Review

Hi gang! Here’s my review for this month’s BISHBOX.  I think the boxes that I’m having the most fun with are POWDER PACK SL and BISHBOX, so expect to see me reviewing these going forward.  I haven’t bought a LUXEBOX in ages, or a DECOCRATE (and they are bloody good boxes, to be sure) but I can’t afford to buy them all. But, I do enjoy opening a box, as the lady said to the gardener..so go forth and watch this video!

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Powder Pack Feb 2017 (Part 1)

Part one of my review of February’s Powder Pack.  It was an absolute treat this month!

If you want to get March’s Powder Pack (and I urge you to do so!) then  you should visit here.

I filmed the video in three parts originally because it was going to be long due to my over excitement, ahem, so you will find part 2  HERE.  Unfortunately, I had a major technical mishap when I filmed part 3 ( that’s all I’m saying, you don’t need to know the details!) so in the end I only published 2 videos, BUT I hope these  give you a flavour of what’s on offer, and why you should indulge….

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