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Apologies for the delay in posting the latest entry in the challenge; sadly one of my cats is currently on a drip at the vets fighting for her life, so hope you’ll forgive my mind being elsewhere presently. 

However, Second Life is nothing if not a worthy distraction, something I sore need tonight, so here’s my latest lovely look.

This one combines a denim frock and the best denim jacket in Second Life EVER (seriously, that’s what it should be called!) to create a dressed-down casual vibe.  The scarf and leggings worn underneath, along with minimal jewellery, keep the look casual yet on trend.  This exercise this week is proving really worthwhile because I’m rummaging in some deep, dark and dingy corners of my inventory looking for items to throw into the mix. It’s surprising how many amazing items you have that you soon forget (or perhaps that’s just me?!) I always feel like I have nothing to wear. It’s lies; my inventory is bursting at the seams. BURSTING I tell you! That’s why I’m off shopping….*ahem*

Kitty wears:

EYES: ‘Pewter’ by IKON

EARS: Human Ears Tragus by CASA CHEERNO  **The Mens Dept **


HAIR: Hana (Roots edition) by MAGIKA

SKIN: Chloe medium bundle 2 (#19 worn with medium lip tattoo #1) by BELLEZA

JACKET: Mesh Denim Jacket Hollywood Dark by EMERY

DRESS: Cindy Dress in Cool Denim by GIZZA

LEGGINGS: Denim leggings in dark by THIS IS A FAWN (No longer available)

SCARF: Silk scarf  Holly by EMERY

Seven Days of Denim Challenge:Day 4

Seven Days of Denim Challenge:Day 4

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I’m having so much fun with this challenge!

Today I’ve gone for an Autumn inspired look.  It’s been quite cold today and thoughts are now turning towards the change of season, so here’s Kitty on her way to college or university wearing her  fall colours with pride and looking rather beautiful if you ask me.

To create this look I had a good rummage in my inventory but I also included a couple of items from current events (oh the irony when you consider my previous post!).

Let’s start with the fabulous denim jacket and tee combo that Kitty is sporting.  It’s by COCO and is available from THE MENS DEPT.  I love this vintage denim jacket styling and the upturned sleeve detail looks great contrasted with the baggy shape of the jumper underneath.  This is a beautifully crafted item and a real joy to wear; the shape is completely realistic. I’ve teamed it with some old inventory finds; there’s a brown denim skirt from TEE*FY and some woolly tights from FISHY STRAWBERRY. I’m still enjoying  the BELLEZA ‘Chloe’ skin, and I’ve worn it coupled with lipstick in a nice red (that was a tattoo layer included with the skins).

Accessories include this epic necklace by ENFANT TERRIBLE  from THE FANTASY COLLECTIVE that’s just begun. It’s actually a pentacle with the slogan ‘Witch Please’  (so this post now qualifies as a ‘Witchy Wednesday’ as well, woot!) and I think it really works with the colours of the tee underneath.  It’s rather bohemian, don’t you think?

Last but not least are these beautiful, bookish  tortoiseshell ‘Pegley’ glasses by ISON, and a fabulous hairstyle from WASABI PILLS called ‘Megumi’ that I forgot I had!

 A slick of mustard nail paint (Courtesy of my fave Slink nail applier’s from IZZIES) completes the look, and I think it’s my best one yet!  (Obviously you can’t see my feet, but if you could I’m totally wearing clumpy Doc Martin style boots; the ones from the ARCADE by ILO that I completely adore)

Kitty Wears:

EYES: ‘Perspective-Blush’ by IKON
EARS: Human Ears Tragus by CASA CHEERNO  **The Mens Dept **
SKIN: Chloe medium bundle 2 (#19 worn with medium lip tattoo #1) by BELLEZA
TOP: Denim jacket with tee (Vintage) COCO  **The Mens Dept**
SKIRT: Basics Highwaist Short denim skirt in brown by TEE*FY
TIGHTS: Woollen Tights in Brown Stripes by FISHY STRAWBERRY
GLASSES: ‘Pegley’ by ISON
HAIR : ‘Megumi’ (in ‘Gingerbread’) by WASABI PILLS

**Quicky: For some reason WordPress has eaten ALL the blinking URL’s that I’d included in my list here for your convenience; It’s late and I need my bed so I’ll add them again tomorrow, OK?**

Kitty’s Raves & Faves 2013- The Emery Denim Jacket

Kitty’s Raves & Faves 2013- The Emery Denim Jacket


I’m going to be writing about a few things that I’ve really loved this year, and share these articles with you as 2013 draws to a close. 

For me, 2013 has been about even better mesh creations and the wider uptake in general of mesh by designers for even the most relatively mundane items. It’s transformed so much around us in-world, not least of all the dreaded prim count. I constantly wear mesh items now. I can’t go back to sculpted items, I love mesh way too much. It may not be a perfect solution, but it’s as close as we have got, and I’m totally hooked on it. Our avatars have never looked better! (well, SOME of them perhaps…)

So here’s to my  first rave and fave which is this utterly wonderful denim jacket by EMERY. It’s called ‘Hollywood’ and I am totally star-struck by it. 

This jacket is my favourite one of 2013, and I’m sure you can immediately understand why.  I’ve been wearing it for months now, and consider it to be the ultimate denim jacket in Second Life. EVERYTHING about this is pure mesh perfection.  Why do I love it so much?Well, let me break it down for you; for starters the texture choice is spot on. Denim looks best when it’s worn, and this jacket suggests that it’s been loved and thrown about a bit. Crucial elements such as the collar and upturned cuffs are coloured perfectly and faded in all the right places;  just like they would be if the sleeves were turned inside out for example, and with just the right amount of creasing to the arm. Speaking of which, look at the sleeves; folds and creases and fabric lines are all perfectly placed.  This must have taken ages to make, and to me that speaks volumes about the creator, Sunami Beck.  It takes hours to work at something to make it look this good when worn, and as a virtual consumer I appreciate the work that has gone into this creation. Need further proof of how impeccable this is? Take a look at the stitching and look how the jacket has been highlighted in just the right areas to suggest wear and tear. Last but not least consider the buttons; they’re the right brassy colour and practically zing against the indigo blue.  Guys, this is top-tier Second Life clothing. It may be a relatively ordinary item, but by being crafted this beautifully it becomes something else entirely. This is denim perfection.Just like a well-loved jacket in real life this one can be worn in a myriad of ways. I prefer to add mine to dresses, tees and skirt combos worn with tights and slouchy socks for an urban, kitty-street style.This is, without a doubt, an essential addition to your virtual wardrobe, and it’s a mesh item that I am confident I will keep wearing for many years to come. I adore it.

You can get your own denim jacket for L$350 off the marketplace, or in-world, and trust me, you really need one of these in your Second Life!!