Baby, It’s Cold Outside…

More fashion goodness from the MELT installation, in the shape of the ever popular MIEL ‘Tary’ outfit which is available as special Polar edition from MELT, along with Polar edition ‘Far’ boots. I’ve completed the look with arm warmers from A&M because they are blinking fabulous, and I’m wearing CURIO ‘Black Pearl’ as my skin, and hair by TRUTH. I wish I had the facility to make composite shots though, so I could show you a close up of the amazing watch that is dangling from my lips. It’s Sienia Trevellion (again!) and it completely encapsulates the plight of the polar bears; time is running out and what better a representation than a timepiece? Not only that, it actually works, so you can set the time to SL time or closer to home.  There are icicles hanging from the body of the clock, and the centre is a bear in silhouette made from newspaper headlines about global warming. It is inspirational. .
Finally the pose is from Katey Coppola’s latest release, ‘Into The Black’. Just when I think that Katey cannot possibly get any better, she goes and creates this stunningly simple posing wall which enables you to take some really great, albeit claustrophobic, shots.
I’m in my happy place today..can you tell?

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