Baby, It’s Cold Outside…

More fashion goodness from the MELT installation, in the shape of the ever popular MIEL ‘Tary’ outfit which is available as special Polar edition from MELT, along with Polar edition ‘Far’ boots. I’ve completed the look with arm warmers from A&M because they are blinking fabulous, and I’m wearing CURIO ‘Black Pearl’ as my skin, and hair by TRUTH. I wish I had the facility to make composite shots though, so I could show you a close up of the amazing watch that is dangling from my lips. It’s Sienia Trevellion (again!) and it completely encapsulates the plight of the polar bears; time is running out and what better a representation than a timepiece? Not only that, it actually works, so you can set the time to SL time or closer to home.  There are icicles hanging from the body of the clock, and the centre is a bear in silhouette made from newspaper headlines about global warming. It is inspirational. .
Finally the pose is from Katey Coppola’s latest release, ‘Into The Black’. Just when I think that Katey cannot possibly get any better, she goes and creates this stunningly simple posing wall which enables you to take some really great, albeit claustrophobic, shots.
I’m in my happy place today..can you tell?

Been to MELT yet? Click HERE to go….

Walking on thin ice at MELT…




Melt features some of the most exciting creations I have seen in a VERY long time, from some of Second Life’s most esteemed and innovative creators. When you rez at the landing point you’ll be able to see, enjoy and purchase these items, and then move on to explore the barren artic wilderness and play ‘Spot The Polar Bear’.
It feels very bleak, frozen, hostile even,and looks amazing. Any photographs that you take you should ensure that you add to the photo pool on Flickr. I’ve been blessed to enjoy a wide variety of the items available here and I can honestly say that it’s really hard to pick stand out pieces because the quality is so high, BUT the dresses that Sienia Trevellion has produced, as well as the pocket watch, just took my breath away. I’m going to be featuring a lot of the finds in forthcoming postings, fear not but you HAVE to go and see the goodness for yourself.   

MELT runs from the 6th until the 21st of March, on the aptly titled, ‘MIRROR’ sim.
Here’s a listing of some of the contributors. This list will make your mouth water so make sure you have PLENTY of lindens to spend!
*Allegory Malaprop
*Spatia Hammerer
*Symmi Cassini
*Brutus Martinek
*Emma Gilmour
*Domitilla Cerminara
*Hyasinth Tirimasu
*Izzy Bereznyak
*Jojorunoo Runo
*Julliette Westerberg
*Launa Fauna
*Marie Lauridsen
*Melatonin Hax
Miabella Foxley
*Miel Nirvana
*OMGWTF Barbeque
*Radio Signals
*Riki Yifu
*Sienia Trevellion
*Stoic Ixchel
*Vintage Mcmillan  




Melt. A Second Life art installation with a purpose.

One of the things that I love most of all about Second Life is how the artists and content creators in-world unite to use our virtual space to create items that aren’t just beautiful to look at, but that also have an inherent purpose and meaning.

There’s an event that is just about to start that I implore you to see if you care in any way about this beautiful green and blue planet that we call home. We’re all aware of the environmental impact that our actions as a race are causing to the world, indeed sometimes it feels like the Human race is just a parasite draining the world of all that is beautiful and good and just leaving behind a trail of destruction in it’s wake. It almost makes you ashamed to exist. When I see what a mess we are causing and leaving for future generations to deal with it often makes me despair.
Of course, I try to do my bit, but I’m only a speck of dust on the surface and we ALL have to take action to alleviate what sadly seems to be inevitable. Make no mistake, if we don’t do something soon we’re fucked..and one of the most catastophic illustrations of this is the plight of the Polar Bear and the melting of the Polar ice caps. Now, you may be one of those people who is sick of having enviromentalism shoved down your throat and think it’s been blown out of proportion; although we know that CO2 is causing a myriad of problems, we don’t know if it is exacerbating a steady decline that would occur naturally anyway, but what does that matter when we do know for certain that we are making a negative contribution and adding to the steady rise in greenhouse gases which are causing irreversible damage. What a legacy that we leave in our wake, especially for these guys.

‘Melt’ is all about transmitting a message that Radio Signals presented to 25 artists in Second Life. She wanted them to create art that conceptualised the plight of the Polar Bear and the Arctic. She asked them to demonstrate through their works culpability and corporate greed, and the inevitable consequences of these combined actions: extinction.

Radio has said herself that the work that her respondents has produced is breathtaking and has exceeded her expectations,and having had the pleasure of seeing this installation myself first hand I can tell you that she is completely correct.
**More follows**