It’s Monday.  Mondays smell of wee, so therefore LET’S GET NAKED!! WAHEY!


And as you can see in this shot, I am very!

NAR MATTARU have released some rather spangly ink called ‘Classica’. Rather than being a continuous, all encompassing design this one featurese mbellishment upon different areas of the body making for a themed look, rather than an all out head-to-toe job as is often the trend in SL.  I’ve started wearing tattoos a LOT this year, and I’m really enjoying them.  In fact, there’s even a category for ‘Favorite Tattoo Designer’ in the Avi Choice Awards (more on that later this week!)

‘Classica’ is available in-world and on the Marketplace for L$299, and comes in Faded, Normal, and Fresh intensities. The appliers include: Slink/Physique, Lolas Tangos, Cute/Phat Azz, WowMeh, Belleza Venus, and TheMeshProject. (That’s a LOT of appliers!) Nice innit?

The Epicness Of Leggings

The Epicness Of Leggings


They are CHUFFING amazing things. Chuck them on with a jumper and a pair of boots and you’re good to go; no hassle or fuss, just instant lycra-fuelled chic.
Even better than that, patterned leggings WITH skirts, shorts and dare I say it, ripped jeans? Yipe!
And even better than THAT?
NAR MATTARU’s latest fashion collection which features a veritable smorgasbord of leggings happy. They’re called ‘Monochrome Leggings’, and will be featuring in the upcoming SUICIDE DOLLS ANNIVERSARY ROUND, available from November 30th.
Poor Jade must be suffering an huge case of applier-madness though, because she’s been a busy lass making appliers for these leggings for practically ALL THE THINGS.


They come with system pants, underpants and tattoo layer, a sock layer for the longer version, and appliers for Slink Physique, Belleza Venus, WowMeh, Cute/Phat Azz, and The Mesh Project! <PHEW>

As you can see in my first image,  I dressed them down with a simple jumper/tee combo from MILK MOTION, but in my second snap I’ve added this stunning crop top from NYLON OUTFITTERS@C88, some fantastic shorts from  and last but not least, this rather glorious new hair from LITTLE BONES called ‘Delusion’, available at No.21. I think I look chuffing gorgeous.

The event doesn’t start until a week tomorrow, BUT keep an eye on the official SUICIDE DOLLZ Facebook page for more details about the forthcoming anniversary, and go and grab these epic leggings when it opens!

Sunshine On A Rainy Day

Sunshine On A Rainy Day


Note, I have done NO work on this picture at all, which is why you can see the little glitch on my left hip.

I really wanted to show you how awesome this skin was WITHOUT any enhancements by me; if you click on the picture you can zoom in for an even better look!

NAR MATTARU, as regular readers will no doubt have become aware, has been a revelation for me in 2014. This skin label pushes all my buttons, and then some, and I’ve become somewhat nauseatingly enamoured by it:)
It’s not hard to become that way inclined though, Jade Glazner keeps releasing great skins that are easy to wear yet offer a slightly less conventional slant to them. Even a plainer skin has an edge that makes it ideal for urban styling, and I can’t get enough of her work.

Her latest release that I am proudly sporting here is called Zoe. As usual it’s available in 8 beautifully polished tones, my favourite being Tone 03. There are five brow colour options as well as a no brows option too, and there’s also an extra-special pale version as Group Gift in store. I’ve not worn a super pale skin for absolutely aeons, but for NAR MATTARU skins I’ll make an exception, and of course, it’s perfect for Halloween.
Zoe has lots of extras available including a fantastic range of lipsticks, eyeliners and even french manicures on sale in Jade’s main store. Each tone is L$1000, and includes appliers for Slink Physique, which is pretty awesome, plus there’s a stack of other applier needs catered too as well:

• Luck Inc. Azz
• Lolas Tango
• Wowmeh
• #TheMeshProject (TMP)

Jade’s been a busy lass, and must be suffering epic applier fatigue! I’ll tell you another awesome thing too, each applier hud contains ALL of the tones. That saves lots of pennies if you like to wear different skin tones on different occasions, and that is very generous if you ask me:)

Oh, and in case you were wondering about the title to this post? Whenever I hear the name ‘Zoe’, my brain automatically thinks of this...  But from now on, I’ll be thinking about this absolutely storming skin. It really is an absolute corker.

Oh, and a final note: In the main store you’ll find a sale on older skins. Taryn is 20% off (all appliers in one pack for L$350) and Erys and Freya are ‘2for1’ as well as 50% off, with all appliers in one pack for L$250. I can’t stress enough what great value this is, exceptional skins at exceptional prices that you simply must treat yourself to.


 Kitty wears:

Hair – SOONSIKI – ‘Sweet Leaf’ (Blacks) (The Mens Dept.)

Ears: AITUI – Ear System: Gen 4, Heart Plugs

Skin: NAR MATTARU – ‘Zoe’ Tone 03

Eyes: IKON – ‘Denim’ (Group gift)

Top: FOXES Simple Crop Shirt – Plum (N21)

Pants: GAWK Leather Pants – Leo (Vintage & Cool Fair)

On Body: JOLI – ‘Purr Evil’ Tattoo

On Wrists: BOOM- Friendship Bracelets (Various-past Arcade Gacha)

On Neck: XYZ- Tattoo Choker (Mesh) *Marketplace Item*

On Eyes: MONS Black Eyeliner Series 8

On Eyes: HUSH ‘Flirt’ lashes

In Nose: CHARY Septum Ring 7 Gold (Rare)


PS A final thought don’t you think I’m seriously channelling a 1990’s Angelina Jolie here? 

LOTD: Loose and long

LOTD: Loose and long

Snapshot_006I’m starting to experiment a lot with longer hairstyles in my Second Life, and I must say I’m really enjoying myself. I’m really pushing my own boundaries, and constantly bagging demos of styles that I  think will not look right on me at all, and then guess what? I try them and BOOM!  They look fantastic. Case in point is LITTLE BONES.  Like SPELLBOUND, they’re a quirky brand with a really funky, modern edge.  The creator, NOVA MONROE,  keeps a really great Tumblr that you must visit (she has great taste in music) and her photographs really leap off the page. She has great fashion-sense, is absolutely oozing with street-cred and attitude and all of the styles that she has released this year have been exceptional, with each one really adding something to a virtual world that is already teeming with excellent hair designers.  I’ve been trying more and more of her styles recently and I am really loving what I see.  Colour and texture clearly matter a great deal to Nova and she gets both elements just right in her creations.  In this shot I’m wearing her latest release for KUSTOM9, called ‘Rusted Aero’ (which sounds like a very deviant sexual practise) and it’s a beautiful, loose over-the-shoulder style that manages to look elegant yet messy at the same time. Elegantly messy it is then, and what a treat to wear!

I’m also modelling some jewellery from JEWELRY FAIR 2014, this time from a brand called GEWUNJO.  I confess I’d never heard of the brand before and I think with a name like GEWUNJO I’d remember them, but I’ve been impressed by Andy Berenohn’s work. This KALZANG set is available at the event and features earrings and necklace that are both HUD controlled to change metal and gem colours. I think these pieces are bold without being over-bearing; they’re chunky and well made but sit well on the avatar and are easy to fit.  They make a statement without being too ostentatious and look perfect teamed with this loose hairstyle and a simple shift.

Last but not least, a shout out to the eyeshadow that I’m sporting.  You guys know how much I love my defined eyes, right? Well I discovered this gorgeous Kali eyeshadow at the latest round of GENRE.  It’s by the ADORED BODYSHOP and you get five colours in the pack for L$100.  I’m wearing the gold option in this shot and I really love it.  The sweep of colour across the lid teamed with the dark shade that finishes in a perfect cat eye shape is really rather special. Of course if I wasn’t wearing such an awesome base skin it just wouldn’t work  as well, but the bold brow shape on this NAR MATTARU ‘Skye’ skin looks as though the two were meant to be together!

Kitty wears:

Skin: NAR MATTARU ‘Skye’ (Tone 03) Black Brows

Eyes: IKON ‘Perspective’ in Blush

Eyeshadow: ADORED ‘Kali’ Eyeshadow in Gold (GENRE)

Lashes: HUSH ‘Flirt’

Ears: CHEERNO ‘Human Ears-Tragus’

Nose Ring: MONS Septum Ring (Style 1)

Hair: LITTLE BONES ‘Rusted Aero’ (KUSTOM9)

Dress: EMERY ‘Gatsby’ in Berry