Under Your Love Spell

Under Your Love Spell

Hair by Truth, Lingerie by Muse from Moon Elixir.

Something I could REALLY get into in Second Life, and I think I’ve confessed as much on these pages before, is virtual lingerie. I sure do like me some fancy knickers and bras, and if you throw in a corset and some stockings you’ll definitely have me doing a virtual happy dance.
I like my fancy under-crackers in real life too BUT honestly, quality bras and knickers literally cost a small fortune, so there’s nothing fancy in my real life closet. But in my virtual closet? There are items in there that Bordelle and Agent Provocateur would fight over. To be perfectly honest quality mesh lingerie isn’t especially cheap in-world either, but at least I get to wear it in one of my lives, right? The latest round of KINKY has hit the grid and it’s one of those events that I visit but the majority of items on display don’t really appeal or have any relevance. I’m not a virtual lover so the equipment that I tend to see sold at such events holds little interest for me. Granted I may giggle and look aghast (“YOU STICK THAT WHERE?!”) but I won’t be walking out with a suitcase full of equipment, although I’m happy to report that when I visited there was plenty of patrons in attendance and more than a few were clearly interested in this month’s offerings. I visit purely for the lingerie, and this month I’ve been made more than happy by the inclusion of a simply scrumptious set from MUSE, a lingerie label from MOON ELIXIR. For a start it’s called ‘Love Spell’ so I kinda had to have it due to the name alone, but there’s so much more to this outfit than mere romantic alchemy. Think ribbons, lace and a sublime boned corset with a bra that doesn’t as much allow your nipples to peek over but yell “I’m over here and require your attention NOW!” This outfit is just one of those items that you put on in your virtual bedroom and admire yourself in. Well, that’s what I’ve been doing for the best part of the last hour and I’m not even close to being tired yet. It’s just absolutely bewitching and wonderfully sculpted with great attention to details such as the shape, seams and lace application. You can even purchase matching stockings and shoes to fully coordinate the look. If you have the Linden dollars to spare I highly recommend that you splurge and fat-pack EVERYTHING if you’re able. Alas, I had to be selective so opted for a lovely beige nude shade called ‘Tawny’ ( I totally did not buy it because it reminded me of owls. OK I might have done..) but even if you just invest in single pieces you’ll find that there are plenty of ways to make your look unique, with huds that allow you to change the colours of various elements such as the ribbons and the corset boning. I found that changing some items to a black trim, such as the boning in the corset, added an edgier feel to an otherwise classic look. You can also elect to hide the ribbons as well, should you so wish, but I chose to wear mine in their full on ribbon glory. I honestly adore it. I am completely entranced and it definitely has me under a spell (all puns intended with no shame!) I think if you’re looking for something super romantic for Valentine’s Day then you’d be daft not to at least demo these pieces. It is quite honestly just a lovely set of lingerie to own and wear, and if you’re so inclined I urge you to visit KINKY in-world to get your paws on it, and view the variety of other wares this month that may tickle your fancy! (Visit SERAPHIM for a full event catalogue)

MBA:Dressed for Success!

MBA:Dressed for Success!

kitty-bedtime_004Oh, how I love a good frock. (I said frock, now stop that!)

And this, dear readers, is the embodiment of a good frock.

It’s from MOON ELIXIR for MESH BODY ADDICTS BI-MONTHLY and it’s a bit of a corker, as I hope you can tell.  It’s a kind of safari-style dress, so is quite formal with an ever-so-slightly popped collar, buttoned sleeves and buckled belt but then, WOAH, it’s open at the front so pretty much all your wares are on display.  There’s even the suggestion of nipples through the fabric (well, it is November after all!) which makes this rather more sexy than conventional.  I really like it; the mesh is good and the styling means that if you enjoy wearing tattoos and statement necklaces like I do then this is a great way to style them.shoes_008  I found a great pair of heels from MBA as well to team with this look, these are the ‘Sicilia’ sandals by KC COUTURE.  This is a brand that’s really come into its own during 2016, and that doesn’t surprise me one bit when you consider the quality of the releases that they’ve made this year.  ‘Sicilia’ are a real treat too; they come with an absolute multitude of customisation options in the 40 colour fat pack, including  removal of the stud embellishments should you so wish, something I haven’t encountered on similarly styled shoes.   The triple gemstone embellishment at the front looks very pretty and for L$195 you’d be hard-pressed to find a better value pair of heels that you can style so personally.  These will look great over Christmas, don’t you think?

You’ve got one day left before MBA closes for this round, don’t miss out!


SKIN: AMARA BEAUTY ‘PRIYA’ CATWA applier /MAITREYA body applier in 02 Ivory

(Kitty wears this on Catwa ‘Dyana’ mesh head and Maitreya ‘Lara’ body – lipstick from Catwa ‘Dyana’ HUD)

EYES: CATWA Mesh Eyes (Un-rigged)

EARS:  MANDALA ‘Steking’ – Season 5

EARRINGS: REIGN ‘Pentagram’ Earrings

HAIRBASE: L’ETRE‘Candy’ (Black)



CHOKER: XYZ Tattoo Choker

NECKLACE: YUMMY ‘Divining Crystals’ Necklace (Silver)


STOCKINGS: Part of the Entice Lingerie set that I blogged HERE   MESH BODY ADDICTS BI-MONTHLY


POSES: Kitty’s Own