New Year, New Kitty?


New year, new start and all that, and I’ve hit the ground running in Second Life at least. In real life I am of course full of the snot and germs that prevail at this time of year, but at least in-world my nose isn’t red and my chops aren’t spotty…

In fact, dare I say it, I look rather good. The keen-eyed amongst you will have noticed a change, and that is because I’m trying out a new hair colour and skin combo. Yes, that’s right folks, I’ve gone blonde. Now, I don’t know how long this will last, but I have to say it looks rather swish don’t you think? In fact, I am very taken!The skin is from LAQ and is called ‘Vilda’ and it’s the nougat shade that I’m wearing, but what is totally brilliant about this skin is that blonde and brown brow options are included in the pack ( as well as a brown hairbase too) I love LAQ skins; they’re just so clean, crisp and nommylicious; always beautifully made-up and I guarantee compliments when I am sporting them. Plus you can purchase an outrageous cleavage enhancer in store too should you need one, but be warned; it really does make your decolletage into something other-wordly but if I’m feeling fun and flirty I add it into my outfit mix. The hair is new today from TRUTH. I’ve not been buying as much Truth hair recently as I usually do, and this is because I’d felt like I had my fill and needed to explore other options. But you just cannot beat the artistry behind his hairstyles, and I’ve found my way back into the fold via this glorious hat hairstyle called ‘Tatum’. To be fair recent weeks have seen my interest piqued by a number of ravishing styles, but with Christmas taking all my spare lindens tasty tresses were just not an option for me:( But I had to have this: It’s just so darn easy to wear and of course it features streak options and a colour change hat so is the perfect style to add to your casual wardrobe and see you through the rest of Winter. I must point out that this style actually looks as good from the back as it does from the front! I know that may sound utterly bonkers (hey this is me, remember?) but the length and layering as well as the movement just look totally swish. In fact, speaking of swish, there’s a bit of Cat Deeley in there somewhere, as well as a soupcon of Fearne Cotton, don’t you think?
Finally, the vest that I am wearing is part of today’s FIFTY LINDEN FRIDAY event ( The Rumor ALWAYS does a corking review of it, so add to your bookmarks and go here to take a peek)  and comes from FRI.DAY. It’s tres simple, but benefits from long, lean styling with a great texture and shading, plus the open buttons at the top make it look ever so slightly naughty. It’s perfect for just slobbing around your virtual abode. I’ve teamed mine with SURF COUTURE Yoga pants ( A MUST BUY!!) and my ever trusty MIEL ‘Nero’ flats while I lug boxes around my new home. Ahem, yes, you heard right. The year has changed and so has my dwelling. As much as I adored my previous residence it just wasn’t big enough for my needs, so I found something that was at a bargain price that I shall be featuring on these pages VERY soon; when I’ve finished decorating and stuffs, natch. Right, that’s enough chit-chat..pass me that box will you? Yes, that one, marked ‘Crockery’, don’t drop..
Oh dear. Time for a trip to SL HOME AND GARDENS methinks…

Fifty Linden Friday Highlights

Fifty Linden Friday soon comes around doesn’t it? It’s a proper Second Life success story; every week we get excited with hungry anticipation about who will be participating and what goodies will be on offer. There’s usually something for every taste and a great variety of products too, and this tried and tested formula has ensured the success of Fifty Linden Friday for over a year now, a prosperity that looks destined to continue.
There were a number of items that really appealled to me this week, some of which you can see in the photos accompanying this article. First up, Tiny Bird’s ‘Jailbird’ hair, a fabulous style incorporating a colour-change scarf enclosing a loose up-do replete with fringe. It’s an absolute steal at L$50, and is available in four colours. I say get them all, this is a hugely versatile look and four colours plus the colour-change scarf for L$200 is a gift.
I’m also wearing an Autumnally-themed top from Surf Couture, a store that makes some of the most beautifully detailed clothing upon the grid. I’m a huge-fan, and this top fits beautifully and really looks the part when teamed with the Tiny Bird hair. I only have a small complaint- the seams on the sleeves are very smudgy at the edges. This isn’t a problem that is repeated on the rest of the garment, so for L$50 I can forgive.
By far the most covetable items this week are the entries from The Loft. First up is the awesome drinks trolley, as highly detailed as you would expect a Loft piece to be. It looks brilliant, with baked in shadow and fabulous colouring. I love the bottle labels and the bowl of lemon and lime wedges; it’s beautifully executed and great for creating atmosphere, and only 19 prims to boot.

I’ve lost count of how many sofas there are in my inventory, but I sure couldn’t pass up the opportunity for another! This is the ‘Alex’ couch from The Loft, and a must-have. Again, it’s texture and shade perfect and includes very realistic quality sitting animations for both male and female avatars. I love the whole Loft ethos-by never skimping on quality, even on a Fifty Linden Friday item, they prove without a doubt what an excellent brand it is.

Top picture; Kitty wears hair from Tiny Bird (FLF) and top by Surf Co.(FLF) Jeans are by Medley, flats are by Armidi, bangles by Exodi.

Bottom Picture; Kitty wears hair from Tiny Bird (FLF) top by Surf Co. ( NOT FLF but spotted whilst instore and had to have!) jeans and flats by Medley.