Fabulous Autumn Fashions? Ain’t that the TRUTH

Yet again my plans for an evening of Second Life excitement were foiled by the sudden onset of narcolepsy that I seem to have acqui…..zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

But inbetween my Z’s I must share with you that TRUTH has reopened and it has some amazingly spangly stuff on offer. There’s an uber snazzy new building and layout too, with an Industrial/Asian theme that is really impressive…but let’s quit with the flannel and get straight to the good stuff, and there’s plenty of that to be had here! Get ready for a kitty-gasm:)

First things first then, the ‘Hearts’ tops, which feature a delicate heart pattern over the left side ( bet they were up all night thinking of what to call them, huh? Sarcy Kitty:) There’s a keyhole back, with an uber-cute heart shaped fastener and they’re nothing short of easy- wearing perfection. At first glance these tops appear charmingly simple, but look again and you’ll see sublime waist-creasing which bucketloads of realism and basically makes these an essential purchase. The colour options are perfect for the season, and as with most purchases from Truth the price is really reasonable too. I confess that a lot of clothing works for me because I can imagine myself wearing it in real life, and these ‘Hearts’ tops are no exception to that rule. I want them..they’re so lovely! The ‘Hearts’ tops mix and match perfectly with jeans and trousers ( I didn’t try them with a skirt but my guess is that they’ll still look fab..perhaps a long A-line with chunky boots would be perfect…) and because the pack features tucked and untucked versions of the top you’ll not have any issues with the wearability. Bingo bango bongo for those then! ( It’s Friday, can’t you tell?) Moving on…I must admit I was a tad surprised to see shorts on offer at Truth for the Autumn/Winter season, but stick with me on this because it’s really not as daft as it sounds.Think layering here; stick these beauties on over a pair of patterned tights and team with heels or boots for a funky look. There’s a tribal design over the right side which makes these bang up-to-date; and as per usual the textures, colour choices and overall look of these is spot on. I’m not really a shorts kinda gal, but I’ve lapped these up like a kitty with the proverbial cream……More Autumnal in aspect are the Cherokee and Assassin vests (bodywarmers to us common types) Now, I’ve seen these before in Second Life but with varying degrees of success. Some of the more unfortunate examples I’ve seen render the user akin to the Michelin Man..but not so these beauties. The pattern choices and the seaming are spot on, just like all the other items that I haven’t even mentioned, including the Tropicana dress, the Jack Sparrow Capri (love the name) and the Skyline  tank. My absolute favourite though has to be Veronica. There’s something almost comforting ( I know, I’m crackers) about this top and again it mixes and matches really well with other items in your wardrobe. I love the sculpted cowl collar and the stripe combo colours are ace.
I’m seriously impressed by this collection and the whole lot deserves to be bought by everyone and worn to death:) Note- I haven’t even mentioned the exciting new menswear range , which is rather magic.  I need Jez to be in world so that I can deck him out in the requisite pieces; so I’ll leave that one for you to investigate on your own..and don’t even get me started on the new hair..oh the hair!! ( Kitty goes all wibbly and runs off to have a lie down because of all the excitement)

Bargains Galore? Ain’t that the TRUTH

Yes, you read right..TRUTH is having a HUGE sale. Forget the real life credit crunch, spend all your Linden dosh on designer goodness from TRUTH and you will be a very satisfied shopper indeed. It’s not just womenswear either, there’s plenty of menswear on offer to tempt you , with prices slashed across the entire range. Clothing bargains start at just L$10!!! (It may come as no surprise to you that I spent my entire months clothing allowance within five minutes..EEEKKK!) Another reason for splurging?One of the very best things about TRUTH has always been the yummy hairstyles. Oh boy, the hair is just utterly fabbo, and with prices now reduced to L$50 for regular packs you would be an utter plebeian of gargantuan proportions to miss this one. Shock horror, there are also lovely men’s hairstyles available..weee!  Here’s the press release:

*TRUTH* Discontinue Sale

TRUTH store is discontinuing all current mens and womens clothing along with the current hair textures.


Regular packs – 50L

Tip packs – 150L

Fat packs – 350L

ALL clothing marked down starting from 10L (excl. tattoos and shoes).

Retirement of items will run til further notice – NEW STORE COMING SOON!

Remember the historic (and often hysterical) Last Call sale? This one has the potential to be just as big… in fact I popped in at 8am UK time this morning and it was already heaving…click HERE now!