SOTW: Inside the Witch’s parlour..

Season Of The Witch is in full swing gang, and every day there’s something wonderful to discover. I created a pretty, Bohemian look blending items from the event with a little furry friend that I discovered at THE EPIPHANY.   My skin is an AMARA BEAUTY Catwa applier,  ‘Anita’, that I’m using as a base for this WARPAINT eyeshadow that adds just the perfect touch of colour to the eye area.

The broom park behind me is from CANDLE & CAULDRON at SOTW, and it’s incredibly cute and adds a real witchy flavour to your abode! Details of the look are all below, enjoy!


SKIN: AMARA BEAUTY ‘Anita’ (Worn on CATWA ‘Kimberly’ mesh head and MAITREYA ‘Lara’ mesh body)

HAIR: TRUTH ‘Sugar’ (Reds-VIP gift)

EYES: CATWA MESH EYES featuring IZZIE’S ‘Tokyo Lights’ applier

EARS: SWALLOW ‘Pixie’ ears

TATTOO: IVORY & ROSE ‘Moth and Moon’ tattoo (faded) @ SEASON OF THE WITCH

MANICURE:  Taken from Maitreya body HUD

LIPSTICK: Taken from Catwa ‘Kimberly’ head HUD


TOP: PETITE MORT ‘Black Scarf Top’

SKIRT:  PETITE MORT ‘Burnout Velvet Skirt (Crimson)  @ SEASON OF THE WITCH

BOOTS: REIGN ‘Witchy Thigh High Boots’ @ SALEM



CHOKER: YUMMY Corset Choker

EARRINGS: REIGN Pentagram Earrings

RINGS: YUMMY Nightmare Ring Set @ C88


Pose is by NANTRA ‘O, Fortuna’ (Pose 6)

SOTW: Black Magic Woman

Kitty wears:

SKIN: AMARA BEAUTY ‘Anita’ (Won on CATWA ‘Kimberly’ mesh head and MAITREYA ‘Lara’ mesh body)

EYES: CATWA MESH EYES featuring IZZIE’S ‘Tokyo Lights’ applier

EARS: SWALLOW ‘Pixie’ ears

HAIR: BEUSY ‘Lolita’ mesh hair

MAKE-UP: PINK FUEL ‘Smokey Boudoir (II)’ Catwa eyeshadow  and lipstick from the ‘Pure Matte’ (Reds) collection Catwa lip palette

TATTOO: IVORY & ROSE ‘Moth and Moon’ tattoo (faded) @ SEASON OF THE WITCH

MANICURE:  GO & SEE ‘Stripes 1’ (Maitreya) @ SEASON OF THE WITCH

JACKET: BOOM ‘Duveteux Rayonnant’ Jacket


BOOTS: REIGN ‘Witchy Thigh High Boots’ @ SALEM


GLASSES: YUMMY ‘Ellery’ Glasses

CHOKER: YUMMY Corset Choker

EARRINGS: REIGN Pentagram Earrings

RINGS: YUMMY Nightmare Ring Set @ C88


Pose is by PAPER RABBIT #14

Picture taken at ‘SEASON OF THE WITCH’ 

SKIN OF THE WEEK: ‘Daisy’ by Amara Beauty@4MESH

Another week, another belter of a skin from AMARA BEAUTY.  This time it’s a skin called ‘Daisy’, a rather lovely name if you ask me, and it’s a perfect choice for this beautiful skin. What I like particularly on this skin is the brow: a strong uniform shape that’s bold and goes against the current trend of tapered brows. It works incredibly well, making for a strong, distinctive face whichever CATWA head you choose to wear (I’m sporting tone 4 on ‘Catya’, along with the MAITREYA ‘Lara’ mesh body).

As always there are no issues here with shading across the body and ‘the bits that matter’ because let’s face it, there never is with AMARA BEAUTY skins.  Shantia has become adept at producing some of the best skins in SECOND LIFE and they make an absolutely perfect base for make-up appliers.  I think they work particularly well with the PINK FUEL makeup palettes and highly recommend them.

(Oh and just in case you’re wondering the lingerie I’m wearing is the group gift for this month from BLACKLACE lingerie.  It’s their ‘Starlight’ set in a stunning azure blue, and my hair is by LIMERENCE, ‘Kim’ in Ombres from HAIROLOGY)

Daisy Catwa Skin Applier: 12 tones available,  850L each. 5 different brow colours included from pale to dark, plus no brow option. 

Purchase from 4MESH until 1st October. 

PS The keen-eyed amongst you will spy that I’m using the same pose that I used a few blog posts back..shock! Horror! Can’t help it, I love it, it’s by VIRTUAL DIVA but I cannot for the life of me recall where I got it from! It must have been an event because I don’t see any classified store listings in the creator, Angels Kristan’s profile. Anyway, for what it’s worth it’s called ‘VD-Wild-4’


This beautiful Catwa applier, from Amara Beauty, is available to purchase at this month’s round of SHINY SHABBY.  I’m wearing her on my Catwa ‘Catya’ head, and I’m very taken with her. She has lovely thick brows that really frame the face well, but that’s one of the things I’ve always liked about Shantia Soulstar’s work, she’s always made the best brows for her skin, she’s sorta the Anastasia Soare (Anastasia Beverly Hills) of virtual brows! To discretely share the the skin details I’m wearing the diaphanous ‘Lil Nymph Transparent Dress’ from THE EKC. It’s a very delicate, sheer frock and it looks beautiful when worn against this skin. It is perfect for showing off your curves!Snapshot_013

To create the look above I added the Clique hair from TAKETOMI and some beautiful lingerie that I also discovered at Shiny Shabby, it’s called ‘Audrey’ and is by BIG BEAUTIFUL DOLL. (Audrey Lingerie, mesh body compatible, 14 options available, demo available, 399L each/2,199L fatpack.) Last but not least, I added eye makeup and lipstick from ARTE from this month’s POWDER PACK.

*Blair Catwa Skin Applier, 12 tones available, demo available, 850L each.