LOTD: A bit of everything! (OMG Gacha, Hair Fair and The Seasons Story too!)


July is in full swing and it’s a BUSY time of year guys and gals, and with so many events running at the moment it’s hard to know which way to turn or where to spend you hard-earned Linden Dollars. Blogs such as ELOQUENCE (and SERAPHIM) do an epic job of featuring the majority of in-world events so that you can see if there’s anything that you fancy before you try to TP in, and for that we owe them our gratitude. It must have been an absolutely enormous task recording the releases and photographing them at the HAIR FAIR Blogger preview last night, yet Vixen Thibedeau has done a sterling job.  (I was there for about five or six hours, got lost twice, spent way too much and felt completely overwhelmed by it all, so pity the poor blogger that has done all the legwork for you!)

If you don’t use blogs such as ELOQUENCE or SERAPHIM to plan your event visits then I really do recommend that you start doing so now. I never land at an event now unless I’ve had a good look at what is on offer beforehand. I go to each event with my list in hand, get my shopping accomplished and get the hell outta Dodge! I’ll return once the initial furore has died down towards the end of the event run, and then I can happily wander around and take in the build, the displays and the ambiance of the place. (Oh, and stare at all the avatars in attendance and scrutinise what they’re wearing. Ahem, no, I don’t, honest.)

Today’s ‘Look Of The Day’ then includes some items that can be found at events that are currently setting the grid on fire. I’ve gone for a dressed down look today, with the key element being this absolutely ravishing hairstyle from a brand called ‘MURRAY’.  I’ve never heard of them before yet I think they’re going to have an exceptional HAIR FAIR 2015, because all the styles they offer at the event are flawlessly executed. There’s no fuss, no tortured prims or misaligned mesh to be seen and no flatness of texture either; but you will discover hair that is beautifully styled, textured and utterly perfect when worn. (Regular visitors will have noticed that I’m wearing a long hairstyle and shock, horror Kitty-readers but most of the styles that I have purchased at HAIR FAIR 2015 have been loose and flowing, rather than my normal much-loved bob shapes. Clearly I’m sickening for something!)

But back to MURRAY; the reason I fell for this ‘Giorgia’ style is because, well, just look. It’s perfect isn’t it? This is the ultimate in plain and simple long hair. Some people may think that when you’re launching at such an occasion you should go out all guns blazing and throw some seriously fancy styles our way, but actually I think it is far better to start as you mean to go on. It would be way too easy to throw avant-garde and over-the-top styles at us but we’d wear them once, twice maybe before throwing them into the backs of our inventories, and I don’t know about you but mine is bursting at the seams as is. Better to launch with something with universal appeal in my opinion, which is what they have done with all four of their HAIR FAIR releases.

You know you should never disregard ‘simple’. It takes a proper artist to make something look so easy and effortless, when behind the scenes it’s actually very difficult to do. Hair creation in world can be merciless after all. MURRAY is a brand that has started with, well, not so much of a bang, but definitely not a whimper. (I think an assertive stamp of the foot?)
They’re a brand I’m going to be watching with interest and I cannot wait to see what further items they come up with during the remainder of 2015. Incidentally, if you’re curious about the flower it’s actually a freebie in recognition of HAIR FAIR’s 10th birthday and comes in a pack of 6 different shades for you to enjoy from TABLEAU VIVANT. (When you do manage to get in watch out for the freebies that the majority of vendors have placed out for us, there are some absolute cracking styles that people are giving away!) It looks beautiful with this ZOUL CREATIONS ‘Della’ skin and I’ve resurrected my PXL Sweet Lips from my inventory to wear too. Why? Because they’re plain awesome!

My dress is another summer release from the APHORISM label. Rucy Byron is turning into a virtual design powerhouse in 2015 consistently releasing quality fashion for male and female avatars; the dress is available in either pattern, plain or floral flavours and encapsulates perfectly the Boho vibe that seems to be rocking Second Life in 2015. You’ll find it at THE SEASONS STORY.  To accessorise, I’ve added a nose-ring from the latest round of OMG GACHA! which is full of Summer and kawaii-themed delights with loads of machines to play.

There really is so much going on this weekend/this month/this summer in-world that you’ve absolutely no excuse not to find something that you’ll enjoy, and don’t forget that INDIE TEEPEE is in full swing over the weekend too, don’t miss it! ( I previewed it in my last post here)


Kitty Wears: 

Skin: ‘Della’ by ZOUL CREATIONS
Mouth: PXL Sweet Lips (worn with Della lipstick/applier) by PXL 
Eyes: ‘Charm’ Eyes in ‘Brown’ by IKON
Ears: ‘Naked’ by AITUI
Lashes: ‘Flirt’ by HUSH

Hair: ‘Giorgia’ Hairstyle (light brown 05) by MURRAY @ HAIR FAIR
Hair band: Tropical Headpiece’ in ‘Sunset’ (TABLEAU VIVANT HAIR FAIR gift)

Body: ‘Physique’ by SLINK
Hands & Feet (Casual Hands and Mid Feet) by SLINK

Dress: Summertime Dress (s) by APHORISM (THE SEASONS STORY)
Shoes: ‘Boho Platforms’ in Brown by PURE POISON

Septum Ring: ‘Nisha Septum Ring’ (Black) by ^^SWALLOW^^ (OMG GACHA)
Ring (just seen..only just!) Schadenfreude Owl Wee Beastie Ring by SCHADENFREUDE

Pose: AN LAR POSES ‘The Watchtower Series: Two’ INDIE TEEPEE

The *PERFECT* curly Bob

As a teen I *always* lusted after a curly bob. Alas, a disastrous perm left me with hair that was more like a dandelion with legs rather than a sensual 80’s goddess…*never* again.
However, LaLa Moon have more than quenched my curly thirst by releasing this beauty at Hair Fair. It’s called Popfuzz and is rather fantabulous..and just because it’s curly and black doesn’t mean it resembles pubes in any way, shape or fashion…in fact if I had pubes as luscious and silky as these curls I’d be a *very* happy Kitty indeed! ( Hang on a minute, that’s not to say my ladygarden is in any way inadequate..oh I’ll shush) Seriously though folks, this is beautiful hair that moves like a dream. It only took a tiny adjustment for me to reach hair nirvana with this one, so it comes highly recommended by me. Personally, I think I look a ruddy foxtrel in this one…

KITTY RANT: If I can have an ARC of 1 at Hair Fair, why can’t you?

Deep breath time….Ooh I am *cross*. 

I’ve just managed to get into the Purple sim at Hair Fair.  It’s lagalicious; it’s like walking through mud with  potentially the worst lag I’ve ever seen and shopping is practically impossible.  Even when you manage to buy demos you can’t rez them to try them on, and then when you do they’re *buggered*.  So you buy demos and zoom home to try them, then you can’t get back into the sim.  Shopping hell.

Now, as you read my previous post alluded to wearing very little out of consideration to fellow avatars to ensure that we all have a happy hair experience, but it appears my words of encouragement fell on a few deaf ears, because I’ve just seen an absolute bunch of twonks in Hair Fair wearing so much bling that it’s a wonder they haven’t brought the grid down, let alone the sim.  Normally I wouldn’t be so bothered, because I do believe that Avatar Rendering Costs aren’t necessarily a good thing, because I think they may well lead to discrimination etc. BUT at an event that is only running for a short period of time, and one that is for charity at that, I think it may be important to consider the weight your avatar is adding.

I am walking around barefoot and bald, in a bikini, with an ARC of 1.  This will probably be the only occasion in Second Life history where this happens, but hey-I’m doing my bit.  Which is more than I can say for the pillocks with ARC’s of 1500 and above..FFS, you’re buying HAIR! You don’t need your bling boots, whips, prim trenchcoats or your jetpacks…just put some pigging underwear on for modesty’s sake and go like that!

Perhaps at this kind of event ARC limits may have to be considered.  We all know how popular Hair Fair is, so I seriously doubt that sales would suffer…

Check your ARC people before you go to Hair Fair, please. 

 To do this, you need to go into:Advanced->Rendering->Info Displays->Avatar Rendering Cost.

….and if you don’t do it, please be warned that I may have to kill you when the lag subsides.



Oh the excitement, it’s Hair Fair time again!! This WONDERFUL event is spread over FOUR sims this year-can you believe it?? You’d better get some serious Lindens together because it is going to be HUGE.  Not only does Hair Fair mean we all get completely strung out on hundreds of new hairstyles, but it raises funds for charity, ‘Locks of Love’, which means that it’s even more vital you visit and purchase.  Be warned it will be UTTERLY bonkers.  Seriously, you’ll be bouncing off sim borders trying to get in, so to make it as easy as possible for everyone to get in and enjoy the event take off all your fancy attachments.  Yes, I mean those gorgeous prim heels, that stunning flexi-prim hair and skirt…it ALL has to go.  You know it makes sense..take a deep breath and just do it! OK? Now Get rid of your HUDS and here comes the ultimate hardship…take off your Mysti-Tool.  There there..come on, you’ll be fine without it! Trust Kitty..You can last a few hours/days without knowing who else is within poking distance:) Put something really cruddy on and go in shoeless and bald. Oh you can do it, just this once!  Lag is your enemy, not your friend and by working together we can gorge ourselves on beautiful hair without nasty failed transactions and half-rezzed items.  I have a plan.  Want me to tell you? Get up when everyone else is in bed and go to Hair Fair then! (Plus, that way no one will see you looking a total fright) This wonderful website, Hair Fair 2008, tells you EVERYTHING you need to know.  Locations, designers and where all those wonderful charity Lindens will be going to..and of course I shall share all my wonderful finds with you in due course. 

Have some seriously hairy, happy fun!! YAY!