Look Of The Day: As Summer Moves On..


Unlike most Brits, I have no issue with the American description of Autumn as ‘Fall’. In the UK describing this most beautiful (in my opinion) of seasons as such is nothing short of heresy, but I really like the phrase.

I’m a Fall Baby, and it has always been my most beloved time of year. There’s something in the air; the way that the coldness starts to creep in and the light grows thin. As the season changes the Earth seems to throw one last hurrah to the sun by turning a multitude of festive colours before gradually starting to fade and wither into Winter.

The colours of Fall are my favourite too. The Summer sorbet shades have now changed into a darker hue reflecting the fruits of the season. The darker greens, the radiants reds and the berry shades are as delicious to the eye as the jams of the harvest are to the palette.

For this look of the day I wanted to find something that bridged the gap between the seasons. September is just a few days away yet we’re still having really good weather in the UK, so I wanted something that would warm when the wind bites yet still allow my skin to catch the few fading rays of Vitamin D as they caress the ground.

I found exactly what I was looking for in this rather excellent mesh body-warmer from NS CUTIE SHAPE. It’s called ‘Emotion 1 Padded Vest’ and is available in a variety of patterns and is a scarily reasonable L$50!  Not only that, it includes matching wristwarmers too.  I opted for a glorious dark red and green tartan combo with a luxurious chunky grey fleece collar. It’s very well textured actually, considering the price. I teamed it with my shorts and tights combo (which you can’t see in the picture but trust me, it’s there, I’m not bottomless I promise!) and set off to trudge around some Autumnal sims.

The hairstyle that I am wearing in this picture is the rather bloody awesome ….. by DURA. I confess I haven’t been to Dura for ages, so when I dropped by earlier I was delighted to see an influx of styles ripe for the picking. This is unisex hair, and is far removed from my semi-regular bob preference, but it just works perfectly on my avatar. It fits like a glove, and the shape is perfect. I really love styles that cover the eye like this, although in real life I wouldn’t last five minutes because I’d find myself totally irritated by the hair obscuring my vision. No such problem in Second Life of course!

Even though this style lends itself to a more casual look you can actually dress it up very effectively, so don’t be put off from giving it a try if it’s not your usual fancy. I also opted for a shade a little lighter than my normal choice of darker hues, and coupled with my Kaelyn 20’s skin I think it really looks the part.

Summer is moving on, and Autumn is on her way, but I’m more than ready for the change of season!

Kitty wears:

Skin – Izzies’s Kaelyn 20’s Skin Dark Red Lips/ Kaelyn Eyeliner – C88

Ears – ‘Steking’ Ears – MANDALA

Eyes – ‘Ascension’ Eyes in Sahara M –IKON

Lashes – ‘Flirt’ – HUSH

Bodywarmer – ‘Emotion 1 Padded Vest + wristwarmers’ – NS CUTIE SHAPE

Hair – *Duraboys&girls46* (Sienna)  – DURA


Pose –  [Clinic] ‘Vintique’ – MARUKIN

Location – Japan Tempura island

(Feeling quite pleased with myself for actually remembering to include the above for a change!)



Kitty Goes RAVING!!!! (Again!)

So the Pet Shop Boys ‘Electric album came out this week, and it’s getting rave reviews. I utterly adore it, but there’s one track in particular that really resonates with me…


 The track ‘Vocal’ features a video compiled of footage taken at early 1990’s raves. You know it’s 25 years since the second Summer Of Love? Scary, really scary. Anyway, to celebrate the album and the fact that I found the most amazing dreddy hair at Hair Fair 2013 I constructed this New-Rave look:


Incidentally, I’m wearing an item from the ‘LOVE DONNA FLORA’ event which I’ll be blogging this week, and it promises to be quite an event. You can read here to find out what it’s all about.

Oh, and to accompany this look I made a playlist; a mix of old and new dance tracks to enjoy:)Top one nice one get sorted!

Kitty Wears:


Tee: ISON ‘Draped Crop Tee’ Medium Gray

Shorts: LRH Frayed Denim Shorts MESH (Dollarbie from Marketplace)

Leggings: LARK ‘Sweet Girl Leggings’ For LOVE DONNA FLORA event

Boots: DECO ‘Some Boots’ Spray

Mesh attachments:

Ears: MANDALA ‘Steking’ ears

Hands: SLINK Mesh Hands ‘Casual’


Necklace:MG(MAXI GOSSAMER) Rapture Rave Smiley Necklace

Bracelets: BOOM Friendship Bracelets (From ‘the Arcade’ Gacha Event)


Hair: DISCORD DESIGNS ‘Cosima’ (Gracile/Dirty Blonde)

Skin: BELLEZA ‘Ava’ Medium TLC4

Lashes: HUSH Lashes ‘Flirt’

Manicure: FLAIR

Poses:  ‘Mien – Charming’ set for the LOVE DONNA FLORA event.

Hand me your Stella and fly….

Sometimes I find myself having a Winehouse moment. I ADORE Amy, but I seriously wish she’d sort her shit out..she’s so talented and it pains me sometimes when you see what a bloody mess she gets herself into.
Anyway, here’s a look inspired by Ms Winehouse…hair is by W&Y, Glasses are from DECO, the skin is of course by CURIO, bangles and nails are by MANDALA, stockings by NO.9 and the tatts and dress were bargains that I’ll update in a bit cos my tea is almost ready and I forgot where they’re from..well, you know that I’m no good ;P