Less Than Three Hours Until Shoetopia Opens Its Doors!!

Less Than Three Hours Until Shoetopia Opens Its Doors!!

So I’ve just woken up after finishing my last RL night shift for this cycle. I’m off until Tuesday..so plenty of time to get into Shoetopia, right?Let’s be honest, it’s not going to happen.  The event is going to be packed to the rafters for the majority of the fortnight run, and judging by the quality on display I’d say that’s rightly so.  Elysium Hynes has pinned practically ALL THE THINGS again, so you can use her Pinterest board as a reference guide to what treats lie in store. All bases are covered, with many different styles of shoes; Courtney Stoddenesque towering heels, classic pumps, wedge heels and a fabulous selection of mens styles are all on display.  This is what her pinboard looks like, you can see it by clicking HERE.

Screenshot 2013-11-15 17.24.22

Looking at Ely’s pins I’m just blown away by the imaginative designs and fabulous finishing.  SHOETOPIA is the kind of event that makes you PROUD to be in Second Life, and we have had a LOT of those this year. But don’t despair when you bounce along the sim borders, desperate to find your way inside. You can sort of get your shoe fix by joining the Shoetopia Demo Group.

What I am doing at the moment is trying on all the shoes to determine which ones I am interested in buying. Doing this in the comfort of your own home, before the event, makes perfect sense. There is nothing worse after all than buying some gorgeous shoes only to find that actually, they don’t fit and don’t look as good as you’d hoped.

Using Ely’s Pinterest as a cross reference, I’ve been looking to see if the demos of the shoes that I’m interested in are in the demo group.  If they are, I’m trying them on for size..


These are actually the first pair I tried on.  They’re the ADJUNCT  ‘As Above, So Below’ boots and as any Witch will know, that phrase has particular significance, so I simply HAD to try them on first!  They’re pretty swish.  I zoomed in and out, took my time while sizing them and adjusting to find my perfect fit and yup, these are definitely on my ‘MUST BUY’  list, although I’ll be opting for black rather than purple.  That said, the purple color really shows the great texture and pattern on these boots doesn’t it? To get even more of a shoe fix, keep your eye on the official Shoetopia Flickr.

A final note; it goes without saying, and it’s certainly something that I’ve spoken about before, but please be considerate to fellow visitors at this event.  By that I mean dress down, remove scripts and generally be an all-round good egg. I fear that the popularity of this occasion is going to inevitably cause problems by way of sim restarts and lag, so anything that we can do to help is a bonus.

Last but not least, this is an event contributing to an amazing charity, so be generous, but most of all, enjoy yourselves! This is going to be FUN!

Shoetopia 2013 opens its doors at Noon SLT (20:00 UK TIME!) and runs until November 30th. 


Kitty LOVES The Catnip Carnival!

Kitty LOVES The Catnip Carnival!


Well come on guys, I wasn’t going to dislike it given that it’s so feline-centric!

It’s a bijou event; there are only a handful of participants and it won’t take you more than ten minutes to peruse the offerings that are available, but every single item on show is lovely and raises funds for Kitties. YAY FOR KITTIES!

You’ll find furniture, skins, poses, hair clothing and jewellery from ten superb content creators who have generously contributed items to the cause.  The full dazzling array of loveliness can be viewed via the Seraphim blog or by visiting Elysium’s Pinterest boards, but I thought I’d share a few of my favourite finds from the event with you here.

I’ve mentioned before that I’ve fallen totally in love with Izzie Button’s work, and she has provided a fantastic skin, ‘Irene’, to  this event. It comes in pale and mocha tones (you get each shade in the pack) and features a discreet cat-eyeliner.  I tried the demo on and was completely sold.  At L$890 for two superb quality skins I’d say you can’t go wrong, and it works really well with the fantastic hair that Truth has contributed to the event, see?


 This style is called ‘Noemi’.  I love the heavy fringe (bangs) on this style, and the volume and curl on the pigtails. It’s also my first try-out of Truth’s new shades and I am especially in love with the ‘Gingers 04 Fade’ shade that I’m wearing in this picture.  There are a number of colour packs available at L$200 each at the event , but I treated myself to the fantastic variety pack at L$350 so that I could experiment with the colours.  (Stop Press: Truth’s promised me he’s working on some bobs; when they are released I will spontaneously combust!)

I also FINALLY got with the in-crowd and bought myself some Gos Boutique shoes. I’m not really a shoes-y gal in RL, and I can’t say that I am in SL either, but having tried these ‘Lolita Espadrilles’ I fear that I may be about to change (and lose!) my mind. Of course I’d heard all about the amazing GOS skin matching system and that it was totally easy and super-effective to use, so when I bought these (I had to buy them; leopard print) I sort of knew what I was letting myself in for. But OMG it’ really is THAT easy to match your skin to the shoes that it now seems plain ridiculous that I don’t own every pair that they have ever created!  What an absolute blessing to Second Life this concept is, and by the way, the shoes are absolutely sensational.  They’re perfectly shaped and textured and I predict that I will be wearing these all summer long, because they’re just THAT pretty!

I also splurged on a cat-bed (even though I currently don’t have any cats!) and lusted after the Cheeky Pea sofa.  I don’t have need of a new sofa so couldn’t really justify the expense, although I do think that if I was looking to purchase a new one this would have been perfect.  The textures are ideal for a cat-lover and applied beautifully. (But what do you expect, it’s Cheeky Pea!)The poses in the sofa and the co-ordinating floor cushions have been well thought out and carefully applied making this entire ensemble a worthy purchase indeed. I think it would work especially well in a small sky-box.

My absolute favourite item though has to be the Catnip necklace from Cae.  

The detail on this is just brilliant; from the intricate and extremely delicate chain to the cat pendant with crystal embellishment. It’s colour-change and is just so ruddy lovely that I want this in real-life, desperately.  I can’t think of a nicer and classier way to show your support for all things feline than by wearing this.  The metal can be changed to either Gold or Silver, and there are six crystals to select from in a variety of colours, meaning you can team it with practically any outfit in your wardrobe. I don’t envisage that I’ll be taking this off anytime soon!

 I really do hope that the Catnip Carnival is a HUGE success and hope lots of lovely cash is raised for the  River Cities Humane Society For Cats  (Thanks so much to Harlow Heslop, and to all the generous contributors, for bringing this event to our virtual world!)

 Click HERE to go visit!