shirt_001Another day, another denim adventure!

Today I fancied the classic white shirt and blue jeans combo, but I mixed it up a bit by wearing the shirt open and loose, and adding some frayed denim shorts instead of full jeans. It’s a footloose and fancy free sort of look, made all the better for the glorious hairstyle that I’m sporting, along with an old classic BELLEZA skin. BELLEZA is having a bit of a sale at the moment actually, and it’s well worth your time to check them out. Well, ‘a bit of a sale’ is an understatement, it’s actually a HUGE RETIREMENT sale, so it’s in your best interest to take a trip over and scoop up some favourites before they’re gone forever.
My guess is that the BELLEZA team is planning for the release of their mesh body, amongst other things, so they’re making space in their store for all the lovely goodness coming our way. The sale gave me the chance to finally pick up the Chloe skin that I have lusted after for an age; I don’t tend to buy many skins these days, but I have ALWAYS wanted this skin because of the eyeliner options in Bundle 2.
I genuinely think it’s one of the best skins that Tricky Boucher has ever produced and it’s my honest opinion that the eyeliners, shadow and lip colours have never been matched by any other BELLEZA skin release (with the exception of their Ava BB skin- the eyeliner on that one (which is my profile pic) is LEGENDARY)
These shorts were actually a Marketplace find that I stumbled across months ago. They were only L$1, but they’re a great shape and really effective with their worn seams and overall tatty appearance. I often dress them up with tights or leggings underneath and a big baggy jumper on top, but today I wanted something a little more formal looking, and this gorgeous white open collar blouse from TRES BLAH, at the UBER SL event, was just what I needed.
Last but not least is this beautiful hairstyle from ELIKATIRA. This is another store holding an epic sale and this style, ‘Cassidy’ is included. Regular hair colour packs are available for L$99 each, but you’ll need to be quick because this astonishing offer ends on Friday.

I hope you’re enjoying these denim-centric looks that I’m posting every day this week; here’s to some more heavy duty cotton happy tomorrow! 

Kitty Wears: 

Eyes: ‘Perspective-Blush’ by IKON

Ears: Human Ears Tragus by CASA CHEERNO  **The Mens Dept **

Eyeliner and Septum Ring by MONS

Skin: Chloe (make-up 29 in medium tone) by BELLEZA

Hair: ‘Cassidy’ by ELIKATIRA

Shirt: White open collar blouse by TRES BLAH **Uber SL**

Shorts: Frayed Medium Denim Shorts by LRH **Marketplace Item**

SKIN FAIR 2014 – Marvellous in Meenakshi by Jalwa


I got to wear my first ever Jalwa skin last year, ‘Coven’, and it’s been a firm favourite of mine ever since. Chandra Masala makes blinking fabulous skins, and her Skin Fair submissions this year are nothing short of fantastic. When I saw the line up I KNEW I had to get my sticky-kitty mitts on ‘Meenakshi’ in the Cardamon shade, and that is precisely what I did.

For a start I love the colour of this skin. It has a really earthy, warm tone making it ideal for all kinds of wear. I imagine it would fare well in role-play for some reason, it just has that exotic, spirited air about it. In fact I got a real vintage vibe from it when I was playing around with different looks. I don’t know why that is actually; perhaps it’s just me but whatever spurred that feeling on I used it to great effect when styling this look. But I digress, let me tell you about this skin.

‘Meenakshi’ has a stunning face. She’s incredibly beautiful, with striking eyebrows that are skilfully sculpted, almost as though they are hewn from stone. But even though these brows are high drama, they don’t detract from the look.  Instead they balance out the visage perfectly, complimenting the strong cheek shading and balancing out the perfectly rendered lips. When you try this skin on it’s worth increasing your lip size, even if it’s just a bit, just to get the full benefit of the scrumptious lips that Chandra has blessed ‘Meenakshi’ with. They really are a virtual sensation.

Onto the body and it’s just as elegant as the face, with details accentuated well and the suggestion of a blemish or two.  I really like the cleavage on this skin, and the fact that there is a mole on the breast to draw your attention to it. This is a skin that looks great naked by the way, intimate details are extremely well done with a neat ‘private area’, ahem. One thing I especially like about this skin is the generous use of highlight on areas like the thighs. This is the kind of skin that looks excellent when worn in beach-wear for example, and I think if you’re a virtual beach-bunny then you’ll find this a very rewarding wear. Set your windlight settings to sunset and  bask in Meenakshi’s warm, spicy glow. Utterly delicious.

So onto my snaps, which are a little bit 1970’s, hence my referring to them as vintage. I styled this skin in the fanatastic ISON suit that is available at this month’s Collabor88, and coupled with this fabulous ‘Harriet’ bob from Truth and rather ostentatious bow necklace from LARK came up with this rather funky look.  It’s further enhanced by some make-ups that I picked up at Skin Fair 2014 (and will be further writing about) from MADRID SOLO, my new make-up label of choice. I’m wearing an eyeshadow and lip-colour from the ‘Seductress’ range, along with my favourite MONS eyeliner.

Incidentally, Meenakshi comes replete with her own line of eyeshadow and lip options too.  They’re absolutely scrummy, and are featured to great effect on Sydd Sinister’s fantastic blog (Sydd is a ruddy fantastic blogger and if you’re new to her work check it out, she’s one of the most accomplished bloggers on the grid in my humble opinion. I’ve long been a fan:)

But as I’ve said before, it doesn’t matter what you wear on top, it’s the base that counts.

And in Meenakshi I’ve discovered an absolute winner.  A skin that’s versatile and ready to be styled in whatever way I fancy, and every time I wear it I KNOW I’ll look good.


Can’t ask for more than that really can you?




‘Nar Mattaru’ apparently is a Sumerian term, and means a chasm or an abyss.

I don’t know how that relates to skins, other than it sounds a bit bonkers in a cool way. And that’s fine, because NAR MATTARU skins aren’t bonkers, but they are incredibly cool. They’re the creation of Jade Glazner, and they’re completely new to me, but I think I’ve become a total convert after my SKIN FAIR 2014 experience.

This post is about the NAR MATTARU special exclusive SKIN FAIR release called ‘Freya’. Now Freya is one of my favourite Norse Goddesses, and here’s a random Kitty-fact, had I ever had a daughter in RL I would have called her Freya. So with a name that has a meaning for me it would have been completely daft had I not checked the skin out. And I am so ruddy glad that I did, because it’s rather special indeed. It’s the kind of skin that will make hordes of screaming Valkyries wrestle you to the floor just so that they can have a lick. Oh OK then, I jest, but in all seriousness she’s a bit of a stunner.

Freya is available in a multitude of delicious tones at the event, but I opted for the lovely Caramel shade and set to work studying and styling this skin. What FUN!

What I particularly like about ‘Freya’ is the mouth. Oh reader, it is divine. It’s very realistic looking, and when I put this skin on I was immediately taken by how voluptuous it made my lips look, and I haven’t changed the shape of them at all.
On the cheek is delicate blush that leans towards being subtle rather than over-defined, and the eyebrows are nothing short of sensational; beautifully drawn, but restrained and finished to a very high standard. For my close-up I opted to wear the black brow, and it works extremely well when balanced out with mesh lashes, as you can see from my picture above.
The body of this skin has been just as carefully prepared as the face, and I could spot no issues with shading or colourisation on the skin. The tone is constant, and there are a smattering of carefully added blemishes to add realism. Definition is suggested with a gentle highlight on areas of the body that require it. Details like elbows and knees, feet, ankles and that little dip where the clavicles meet are no problem here; attention has clearly been paid where it matters. It also has an interestingly-styled ‘lady-garden’ area. I’m not the kind of avatar who indulges in festive frolics so to be perfectly honest I don’t really pay much attention to private areas beyond checking that they look fine in comparison to the rest of the skin. It does the job for sure, as do the nipples and breasts, which again are very nicely done. I’ve no complaints.

If I was to sum up how wearing Freya made me feel I would say that the overall feeling I got from this skin was one of youth and vibrance.  It’s a zesty little number, make no doubt about it, and when the make-ups are added she really comes alive, but to be honest this is a skin that you can wear bare and get tons of value from. I really love it. 

New Assistant
In fact, we have a radio show around these ‘ere parts, where on a Saturday afternoon local football fans call up to ‘praise or grumble’ the performance of their team. If Freya was a football team I’d say she was more than worthy of some serious, lavish praise. But she’s not, she’s a Goddess, and this skin more than lives up to the lofty standards that only the heavenly can aspire to. I insist that you check her out!

Click HERE to visit NAR MATTARU at SKIN FAIR 2