LOTD: Kitty Dares To Double Denim

double denim_002I have no shame.

For a  ‘Fashionista’ (spits tea all over keyboard) you’ll find me wandering the grid looking more like a ruddy virtual bag lady rather than the epitome of elegance and a show-piece for Second Life design.  For example, while writing this post I was trolling the grid dressed head to foot in demos. Demo top, demo skirt, demo hair. No ears. I looked like a ruddy chuff to be frank, and I didn’t care a  jot..because I was DEMOING ALL THE THINGS!!

And there are a LOT OF THINGS out there demanding demo time..
I tripped over to KUSTOM9 earlier and went mad for all the denim. I have a love/hate relationship with denim in real life, I can never get a decent pair of jeans to fit due to the fact that I have a pot belly the size of a small continent, but in Second Life of course you don’t get those issues.  In fact, I felt so empowered by denim trip that I found myself breaking the ultimate fashion rule. You should never, EVER do double-denim. And me being the rebellious type, I went all out for triple. At the time of writing I still have all my teeth and haven’t felt the need to cut my hair into a mullett..so I think I’m safe:)

I snatched the MOTIAMIE tied denim shirt and coupled it with the BUENO denim top. These are both extremely well shaped and textured; I found that the denim top fitted extremely well under this shirt. Occasionally I find I get issues with multiple alphas and mesh items just not working that well when layered but these are spot on.  Once I was sporting them I decided to visit the creator main stores to check out their other items. I couldn’t find one sadly for BUENO, but MOTIAME is right up my street. It seems to be a temp store in a skybox but is definitely worth a look, I spotted some excellent items, like the sporty dress and a gorgeous striped sweater as well as a fabulous array of Kimono. MOTIAME is definitely added to my watch-list!

I also scooped up this fabulous hairstyle by MOON, a brand along with SPELLBOUND that I’ve really been digging this year. Of course, I had to have it because it’s a bob, and you all know how much I adore my bobs,  but I really liked the shape, with the loose tendrils to one side and the ear-tuck. Oh, and it’s also called ‘Mourning Sickness’, which I thought was a fantastic name.

double denim_001Last but not least, an honourable mention to these awesome ears from THE MENS DEPT, courtesy of CASA CHEERNO. They’re super easy to wear and the re-size and the colour match hud was practically spot-on when it came to matching the ears to my stunning skin, ‘SKYE’ by NAR MATTARU ( in tone 3).   It’s just absolutely delicious, especially when worn with the stunning ‘Gentle Breeze’ ombre lipstick. I’ve loved so many skin releases this year but the NAR MATTARU brand has been a real find for me personally and is always an absolute treat to wear.

To finish my look I added the latest necklace release from Yummy because it’s absolutely wonderful and appeals to my witchy sensibilities. It’s the most sublime collection of crystal pendants including a divining pendulum and they’re set on silver chains. The texture on the crystals is absolutely spot-on, but you’d never expect anything less from Polyester Partridge.

Last but not least, I added a septum ring and some favourite eyeliner from MONS to complete my look leaving me ready for the weekend in triple-denim style. What do you think?

Kitty wears: 

Hair by Moon (‘Mourning Sickness’ Ombres Pack)  **KUSTOM 9**

‘Skye’ tone 3, worn with ‘Gentle Breeze’ ombre lipstick skin by NAR MATTARU 


‘Maya’ Eyes by IKON 

Eyeliner and Septum Ring by MONS

Necklace by YUMMY

Tied Shirt by MOTIAME **KUSTOM9**

Denim Top (worn underneath) by BUENO **KUSTOM9**

Skirt by MARSHMALLOWS (No longer available)

The Arcade Is Coming!

September is my favourite month.

Why? Well, it’s my birthday month for a start, and this year is going to be a special one, it’s my 40th. But what has made it even more ruddy fabulous is that The  Arcade gacha event will be hitting the grid again,  and if you have been living under a rock for the past few weeks then you’ll have missed the teaser images featured on Plurk and on various Flickr pages.

To be perfectly honest, it would have probably been more beneficial to my health if I had been living under a rock, that way I wouldn’t have seen any previews of what this round has in store for us. The last round was amazing enough, but bloody hell, when I first saw some of the pictures of what this round had in store for us, well, I am embarrassed to admit that I actually cried!

Seriously dear reader, I blubbed. 

I confess that I am cringing as I write this, but my emotional response to the goodies on offer was nothing short of visceral. I sobbed when I saw the collections of critters, furniture items and accessories that have been promised to us for this round.

Why? Well, I could say it’s hormones seeing as I officially hit middle-age in a few weeks, so you could forgive me if I was feeling a little mid-life crisis like. But I actually don’t have an excuse, other than I was totally moved and completely blown-away out of the park astonished by the creations that I saw.

Bear in mind I’ve only seen these on the official ad posters, too, so goodness knows what condition I will be in when I actually hit the machines!   Unfortunately, I have no doubt that this round will be jam-packed 24/7 for days on end, which will drive me round the twist. I’ll be one of those poor dots that you see on the map hovering pathetically at sim borders, pleading at my monitor for someone to leave so that I can get in!

So what am I especially looking forward to?  I’ll post some of my favourites over the next few days, but first of all I want to tell you about some of the fantastic animal-themed items that I have seen and simply MUST have. 

The first images that made me misty-eyed were the pictures of the INTRIGUE CO. Puppy Pals….

Puppy Pals

..see what I mean?

Why did I blub? Well, first of all, PUPPIES! But also because I’m a big fan of the INTRIGUE CO. plushies collections, and these are without a doubt in my mind the best examples yet. I love the way that these guys are crafted.   Not only do they look like the breeds that they are representing, they are perfectly coloured and feature irresistible breed-unique detailing, like the bow on the Yorkie’s hair. It must have taken ages to make these, but what an absolute joy they all are to behold.

Do I have a favourite?  I do have a few to be honest, but I’m going to try my hardest to win all of them!

Now, let me introduce you to the SILENT SPARROW ‘Pwnies!’



Now, if you know me in real-life (unlucky!) then you’ll know that I have a bit of a thing about a little show called ‘My Little Pony-Friendship is Magic’.

Yes readers, Kitty is a Brony, with no fucks given.

I have a collection of ponies on my desk, as well as an ever-expanding  (like my waistline) family of plushies courtesy of my local ‘Build-A-Bear Workshop’.  You could say therefore that I’m a bit of a fan, and I’d barely finished wiping  my eyes when I saw the poster image of the pwnies, and started blarting all over again! I mean JUST LOOK AT THEM! They are utterly perfect; a multitude of poses and colours and patterns and you would have to have a heart made of the coldest steel to not fall into a messy puddle of happiness at the sight of these.

They are just so much fun, and I am especially taken by Dash (for obvious reasons) and of course, Matt and David (seeing as I’m a bit of a Whovian as well!) To be honest, yes I want all of these as well, and I’m already starting to panic about how many prims I’m going to need to free up to accommodate all of this Gacha awesome. (My house is pretty darn near perfect for me in-world, but I’m going to have some epic rearranging to do to accommodate all of these wonderful things!)

Yummy Fish

But let’s not stop there! It looks as though I am going to have to find the room for an aquarium too, because YUMMY! have created a piano-shaped aquarium and a collection of fish to inhabit it and boy are they are super-cute.

I don’t have the space or time for a  fish tank anymore so this will be the next best thing for me.  I’m looking forward to seeing how these fish work too,  because apparently each one is animated with unique movements so I’m anticipating something very special indeed. I haven’t really selected a favourite fishy, but I am very taken by the ‘Spotted Weirdo’, as I feel that I have a lot in common with it. (I fear that the acquisition of this tank will lead me into ridiculous games of ‘Find The Fish’, which is sure to drive everyone around me bonkers, but no shits given!)

Not only that, but the packaging for this particular Gacha prize is pretty special too!


Last but not least are my absolute critter must-haves from this collection. They are, of course, cats, and this is when my tears REALLY fell. Because just LOOK AT THEM:



Now, a fact that you possibly don’t know about me, apart from my obviously being cat obsessed, is that I collect Maneki Neko and images of the Egyptian Goddess Bast.  In fact, I am completely Bast-obsessed.  I have statues, jewellery and books about the cult of the cat in Ancient Egypt, and I also like to make trips down to London to see the Gayer-Anderson cat in the British Museum. (Mine in a previous life, obviously 😉

So you can imagine that when I saw this collection and  spotted ‘Isis’ the Egyptian puss, as well as not one but three Maneki-Neko, I almost had a heart attack from excitement.  But there’s more; there’s a chibi-cat for everyone in this set; for example there’s ‘Pumpkin’, who obviously appeals due to my Witchy persuasions (and also because I had an amazing cat called Pumpkin too!) and ‘Sweetie’  is another Whovian reference and an absolute must for my in-world Doctor Who collection. There are so many fabulous felines here to adore, and then there is ‘Fatman’, who reminds me of my much-missed ginger lad (for whom I confess I am still mourning).


Allegory, if by chance you’re reading this, I thought your ‘Voubou’ collection was outstanding and have them proudly displayed in my home, but these are on a whole different level. Every one of these cats is perfection.  They’re shaped so sweetly and decorated so perfectly. I cannot wait to get my paws on them; I just hope that I don’t have to wait too long because I know EXACTLY where I’m putting them. Well, I *think* that I do…GAH!

The Arcade opens on September 1st (that’ll be Sunday then) and I shall be clawing my way into that sim with all the strength and power I can muster so that I can get my mitts on all of these wonderful  creations, and I expect that you will be doing exactly the same!  I fear it will be a battle, but so long as I can get my critter-fix within a reasonable time frame I’m sure I’ll be fine!

Do check out the official blog and Flickr groups for updates on this event, and tune in tomorrow when I’ll be sharing some other favourite picks of mine. (These didn’t make me cry, but they are just as outstanding!)


Yummy! Tesla and Ivalde Hotness

(See what I did there? Clever kitty!) I haven’t paid much mind to clothing shopping this past few weeks, but that’s all changed following some amazing recent releases that caught my eye. First up, I want to show some love for Ivalde, something which I really don’t do enough of. Ivalde, for me, is one of the most graceful design houses in-world, and it is of no surprise that it has many ardent fans amongst the Second Life populace. Whenever I visit it’s busy (Just like ‘Last Call’ used to be whenever I ventured near, and consequently took ages to get into) and that’s probably because of the quality that is on offer: when you wear an Ivalde design you know that you’re channelling the classical elegance that screen sirens such as Lauren Bacall, Grace Kelly and Marylin Monroe oozed out of every pore. In fact there’s a whole range of Marylin Monroe inspired creations for you to enjoy, as well as garments reflecting many different decades and eras such as Victorian and Edwardian. This trip however I wanted to check out the dresses; I can never have enough dresses and they are just that little bit spesh. Immediately I landed and was in clothes heaven. The angels of habidashery surrounded me in a warm blanket of couture loveliness (Yes, it’s official, I’ve lost it!) and led me to the glory that is the Verun frock. I bought it in black ( naturally) but if I had the dosh I’d get the whole package as they are so utterly delicious, perfectly shaped and and with the seductive ruching and prim collar that they’d look perfect for any occasion. I also fell in a big way for this dress, the Konstante White Emo dress, because It is just ruddy well perfect, in an entirely 1980’s way. (Both styles being horrendoulsy fashionable in RL at the moment.) I love the fit but I had a few issues with shoulder seams and the belt was a damn pain in the ass to adjust, but after I mixed it up with some accessories from Yummy and my quintessential Tesla shoes I’d forgiven it:) Speaking of Tesla, the lovely Miss Miles dropped a package on me that contained some rather FABULOUS sunglasses. These are called ‘Oracle’, are *scripted* and can be worn on your face or moved up onto your skull. They look good down, but look how good they look perched on my bonce, the whole outfit just works doesn’t it? Buy these babies and you don’t need anymore sunnies either, as the menu allows for colour change (great colours too!)and opacity of glass. Wonderful superstarry shades these aren’t they? Methinks she’s been channelling Yoko Ono! More credit to Tesla for creating these beauties at a measley L$499, as I’ve seen shades on sale that aren’t half as good for the same price. Yes, I know I sold my soul to Tesla a long time ago, but I don’t care, because when she makes wonderfulness like this can you seriously blame me for being a Tesla Miles groupie? No? EXACTLY! So there you go, Yummy, Ivalde and Tesla all in one lickable 80’s ensemble….oohh I’m spent!