Witchy Wednesday: IDK Neckwear Special

Witchy Wednesday: IDK Neckwear Special

I dunno, you wait around for a blog-post and then you get three in one week? What is the world coming to? <Chuckle> Well, I thought I’d post a very quick ‘Witchy Wednesday’ for you as I haven’t featured one on the blog at all for quite a while now.  Both the items that I’m featuring are necklaces that come with tattoo-style chokers.  They’re both available at the IDK event, and the theme for latest round of is the 1990’s, hence the plethora of choker-style neckwear because you can’t get much more 1990’s than a choker, right?Witchy WednesdayFirst up is the ‘Louise’ choker by DAZED, featuring a pentacle design.  Other symbols are available but this is Witchy Wednesday so is of course the most appropriate choice from the available selection. What I like about this is that you’re not just buying one pentacle, you’re effectively getting four because of the metal change hud that includes, Gold, Silver, Bronze and Black metal options.  It’s simple and effective and just the ticket at a very reasonable L$145.

Witchy Wednesday 2Next we have the ‘See My Neck’ set from TABOU IRISISTIBLE. I really like the fact that you can combine or wear seperately all the necklaces in this package.  You get three necklaces in each pack; the first is the mesh choker, the second has an off-centre eye design and the third is a crystal drop.  There are 4 metal colours available (each of them are sold seperately) but there’s a HUD that enables you to change the colour of your crystal (choose from blue, a deep pink and a yellow tone). This is a great little set and I think I’ll be wearing the necklace featuring the off-centre eye motif quite a look because it’s pretty and quirky, and it costs L$230. Here’s your taxi to IDK! Enjoy! 
(Oh, before I go, a few words about my look that I’m rocking in this post because I think I’m looking pretty hot if I do say so myself! The hair that I’m wearing is a group gift from TRUTH and comes complete with an ‘Essentials’ hair-colour HUD. Truth Hawks  isn’t a frequent gift-giver but when he does they’re pretty special, and I think this style is an absolute belter. It’s a tousled, mid length style that can be worn a number of ways but it screams for summer clothes and beachwear.  My eyes are unusual too; they’re a rare item from THE EPIPHANY, which is the latest Gacha event to hit the grid.  It’s a nice event too, although the majority of items were a little too fantasy orientated for my tastes. It looks beautiful though,  and the selling point for the event is that you can redeem your gacha prizes for points which enable you to obtain exclusive items. I love the concept and the location and it’s definitely worth a visit. Click HERE to take a peek! Last but not least my lovely, simple ‘boho’ top is from AMERICAN BEAUTY at the latest round of SHINY SHABBY.  Don’t get me wrong this is a perfectly adequate top; with good texture and styling but I do think at L$200 it’s a bit on the steep side price-wise!)

Kitty Wears: 

Skin: ZOUL CREATIONS: Gina  (Eyeshadow- Date Night 03)

Eyes: BUZZ Cora Kitty Eyes – Chocolate {Medium} THE EPIPHANY

Lashes: HUSH – Lashes – Flirt

Lips: PXL SweetLips v1.4

Ears: AITUI – Ear: Gen 4, Naked

Body: SLINK Physique Mesh Body (+ SLINK Casual Hands and Feet (Mid))

Tattoo: WHITE WIDOW ‘Insidious’ WIZARDING FAIR 2015


Necklace Picture 1: DAZED. – Pentacle Louise Choker IDK EVENT

Necklace Picture 2:  TABOU IRISISTIBLE ‘See My Neck’ IDK EVENT

Septum Piercings: From a selection available at MONS 

Witchy Wednesdays /Jewelry Fair 2014 The Willow Necklace By Aisling

Witchy Wednesdays /Jewelry Fair 2014 The Willow Necklace By Aisling

Snapshot_003 So Jewelry Fair 2014 kicks off on September 13th (my real-life birthday as well! WOOT!) and guys it is going to be great. I’ve had the privilege of having a sneaky wander around the rather excellent build and can tell you now, you need to get yourself some Lindens because there are some seriously stunning baubles and trinkets on display that you will NEED to buy.  

It runs from Sept 13th-28th and you’ll find that all tastes and genres are accommodated perfectly well, and I’m pretty confident that there will be something for everyone on display. You’ll find a plethora of stunning jewelry from well-known and not so well known designers; from simple statement pieces to the more avant-garde items that Lady Gaga herself would be proud to sport.   As well as amazing necklaces there are tiaras, wedding and engagement rings, earrings galore, wristwatches, bracelets, bangles and all kinds of piercings too! It’s impossible for me to list every item, but I can assure you that your visit will not leave you disappointed.

Here’s an example of the awesome that awaits you.  This stunning necklace, ‘Willow’, features a pentacle set against the backdrop of a beautifully rendered tree with branches reaching skyward and roots pushing down into the earth below. (Click HERE for a better look)

It’s part of a collection that will be available at the event from AISLING called ‘Sortilege’. The necklace comes with a HUD so that you can change the metal colours of the necklace and you can re-size too.  Oh, and it’s materials enabled as well, meaning it will look even more  amazing when worn. If you’d like to check out other pieces in AISLING’s collection, take a peek at the Flickr feed HERE.

This piece isn’t available until the fair opens on Saturday, so I’m sort of cheating a bit by featuring it here today, BUT consider yourself warned in advance and make sure that you don’t miss out on this cracking piece of Pagan perfection when Jewelry Fair 2014 opens to the public.  (Note: this picture is a raw shot from SL that I haven’t enhanced in anyway, yes it is that gorgeous. Just like me:)