Wicked Wednesdays: Calling all Shiny Shabby Mesh Body Addicts!


You know what I hate? Going out of my comfort zone. I’m a Kitty of singular yet simple tastes; I like to do things at my own pace without interference or annoyance. So, the idea of going away in RL (even if it’s just for one night) kinda fills me with dread. Especially when I’m going to be hundreds of miles from my own bed..URGH. I don’t sleep well in hotels, and although I’m lucky that I don’t have to travel in real life much with my job the fact is that as you’re reading this I’m going to be a long way from home, and I won’t be enjoying it that much.  So I don’t miss out on my blogging commitments though, I’ve set this post to pop up and entertain you while I’m sat with my colleagues in a room far, far away and counting down the minutes until I can start the long journey back home…

SO let’s forget about all that and concentrate on the spiffing emsemble that I’m leaving behind! This is the ‘Erika’ lingerie from JUST BECAUSE for MESH BODY ADDICTS, and it is simply glorious.  There is NOTHING that I do not like about this lingerie item.  I’m wearing my Maitreya body so of course I’m sporting the Maitreya fit, and it’s as perfect as you would expect. ‘Erika’ has lots to offer; for a start there’s great ribbon detail and contrast piping, and she looks really  authentic, with creasing and shading details across the body that contributes to the realistic feel. The cups are nice; they’re built like a full cup, yet part of them is exposed which makes for an eye-catching detail, but it doesn’t feel cheap or nasty, if you get my drift. This is underwear with class;  a ribbon sits delicately between the breasts and at the back there is clasp detailing on the straps at back that serves absolutely no purpose yet makes this utem look as though.  It’s available in an absolute cacophony of colours, but I’m especially partial to this muted plum colour.


To complement my look and take it up another level I’m wearing a pair of cracking boots from ILLI.  They’re called ‘Doutzen’ and they’re a chunky soled number, with a thin high-heel at the back. The boots have great texture to them; zooming in was fun to spot stitching and leather effects that are extremely well applied, as is the zip to the rear.  These look VERY good indeed close-up, something that always pleases me in Second Life. Of course the big selling point to these boots is the cut-out pattern; I’ll be honest in that I tend to prefer solid footwear but you know what? I really like these. They’ve been worked at, and you can tell; these haven’t been cobbled together quickly and sloppily, they fit well and I think they look really interesting too.  These ‘Doutzen’ boots, like the ‘Erika’ lingerie are available at MESH BODY ADDICTS which opens on the 20th and you really cannot miss this event if you like your mesh appendages to look their very best! (I’m only away for one night so will be back to feature LOTS more on this amazing event, and I can’t wait to share my finds with you!)

To finish is a hairstyle that I discovered at the Blogger preview of this month’s SHINY SHABBY event.  It’s going to be another corker of course, and I know you’ll enjoy it, but when I visited quite a few vendors had yet to set up.  Fortunately PEPE HAIR were already there and I’m so glad that they were because I fell in love with this ‘Bridget’ style immediately.  It’s a simple double ponytail: nothing too fancy at all but it’s one of those styles that just works, you know? I think it’s going to prove a very versatile addition to my virtual hairstyle collection too, and I’ll get a lot of wear out of this because there are six different ‘Dark Brunette’ shades in the pack.

Last but not least, still wearing and loving ‘Becca’ from ZOUL CREATIONS. This time I’ve plumped for the Smoky Brown eyeshadow and nude lip.  I’ve kept jewellery to a minimum as well, just this dinky wee septum piercing from the ever-amazing MONS to finish off my look that I hope you enjoy as much as I do! (And I do, believe me.  As I write this blogpost I’m dancing around in my skybox with nothing but a bunch of virtual kittens for company-this is the life eh?)

Kitty Wears:

BODY: Maitreya ‘Lara’ V3.4

HAIRBASE: Gaja x Celebribase – Fran (Tintable)

SKIN: Zoul Creations ‘Becca’ SK1  Dk Brows chB ( Smoky Brown 02 eyeshadow, Nude 2 lip)

EYES: IKON  Ardent Eyes – Pewter (ML)

LASHES: Hush ‘Flirt’

EARS: Mandala ‘Steking’ Series 5 (you can’t see them; trust me they’re there!)

LINGERIE: Just Because ‘Erika’ Lingerie MESH BODY ADDICTS EVENT *

HAIRSTYLE: Pepe Hair ‘Bridget’ Dark Brunettes (worn with hair band in black) SHINY SHABBY *


*At the time of writing this blog entry Shiny Shabby and Mesh Body Addicts events hadn’t opened so I couldn’t publish the LM’s, sorry! Please check on their respective blogs, which I have provided links for. Sorry for inconvenience caused!

LOTD: Forever inspired by Amy

Amy x

I remember one day about six years ago I was sat at my desk in RL work and was raging about how badly Amy Winehouse was being treated (yet again) by the press. It was clear that poor Amy was going through sheer hell battling her own personal demons, yet the press seemed to relish nothing more than hounding her as she seemingly self-destructed. I recall a colleague at the time saying to me in an astonished voice “You really do care what happens to her don’t you?” and the fact was yes, I did very much.

I loved Amy’s work. It wasn’t just the fact that she had a soaring voice and a vocal range that belied her young years, she also wrote lyrics  from the heart that were totally relatable to.  That said, I didn’t like her very much; she came across badly in print and on screen and it took me a while to see through how she was being represented, but once I did I understood (as well as I could) that her behaviour stemmed from the fact that she was deeply troubled.  Her drunken TV appearances and completely crazed antics were fuelled by more than drink and drugs, they were acts of utter despair and cries for help that only now we seem to recognise.  And yet either no help was offered, or for some reason it was refused.  Of course, it ended tragically and we lost someone that we should have cherished and nurtured rather than criticised and condemned.

I won’t watch the recent documentary about her, not yet anyway, although this clip gives me the shivers..

I don’t think I can bear to watch the progression of her condition and the ultimate sad outcome.  Many people scoffed when she passed that it was a certainty that she would die young, but did it really have to be so? I can’t help but think we were cheated by her death.  She was an amazing artist but she could have become so much more had she lived, and when I listen to her I sometimes feel very angry because we lost her.

For me she was at her most beautiful when she was recording the album ‘Frank’.  She had long hair, hooped earrings and an absolutely fantastic figure; she looked healthy and happy and stunningly beautiful.  Contrast that image with her in the ‘Back To Black’ video and she looks completely different; styled to within an inch of her with the melancholy beginning to really show.

But I think the most enduring image we have of Amy is of the towering semi- beehive hairstyle and the powerful black eyeliner that she sported along with Fred Perry shirts, short skirts and ballerina pumps.  That’s what I’ve been inspired to recreate here; using the outstanding hairstyle named after her from VANITY HAIR and my old favourite eyeliner from MONS.

Amy was almost ten years younger than me; she was born 14th September 1983 (I was born 13th September 1973) and since we (almost) share the same birthday I always raise a glass to her on mine, and thank her for the wonderful music she left behind.  I’ll be doing that again this year and  I’d like to think that wherever she is now she’s at peace, she recognises her own talents and finally feels the love and admiration that all her fans, myself included, continue to have for her.  RIP Amy.

Kitty Wears:

Basic look:

BODY: Maitreya ‘Lara’ V3.4

SKIN: Glam Affair ‘Katra’ (Polar) August NB

EYEBROWS: Just Magnetized – Diva Brows – Brunette02

EYES: IKON ‘Triumph Eyes’ – ‘Armor’ GROUP GIFT

LASHES: Hush ‘Flirt’

EYELINER: MONS Black Eyeliner Series No.8

LIPS: PXL Sweet Lips

LIPSTICK: Arise ‘Jenn’ Reds 6 pack – VINTAGE & COOL FAIR

EARS: Mandala ‘Steking’ Series 5 (Pixie)

HAIR: VANITY HAIR ‘Winehouse’ (Ombres Naturals)


SHIRT: FOXES ( I cannot find a LM for this brand?!) ‘Throw back and tied-Red’

SKIRT: BUENO Denim Skirt -Midnight Dark (Ripped)

BRA: (Just seen) FOXES Brasserie ‘Animal’  COLLABOR88

Kittywitchin has had over 200,000 page views!


I’m feeling quite emotional today, but in a good way.  Y’see, overnight Kittywitchin’ surpassed 200000 page views, and for me that is an enormous personal achievement.  I’m absolutely stoked by this.

As I’ve written many times before Kittywitchin’ has never been anything other than the blog of an ardent Second Life hobbyist; and even after 8 years of writing about Second Life I’ve still got so much to learn about the darn place!  But one thing has remained constant, and that is the love I have for the virtual world that I also call home.

This past fortnight has been a challenge.  Windows 10 really messed up my ability to log in and blog, but slowly and surely (and thanks to my amazing tech-wizard boyfriend) things are starting to get back to normal. My PC isn’t quite as sick as it was, and I can actually rez in-world for the moment without crashing spectacularly. Huzzah!

Not being able to log in really brought it home how much my virtual life means to me.  I was in despair at a few points during the week. It’s beyond a habit for me now;  I do actually have to log-in as part of my day, even if just for a few minutes.  I’m like Parzival in ‘Ready Player One’ logging into the Oasis on a daily basis and  although I don’t  yet have a haptic suit and gloves,  I do have 3D glasses and I hope to get an Oculus Rift when they (hopefully) launch in Spring 2016.  That will bring a whole new element to my time in world!

What is Kittywitchin’s next goal? Well, for the immediate future it’s to keep writing about Second Life.  But further on down the line I don’t know if I will be writing about Second Life or Project Sansar. As someone who adores her current virtual existence the idea of leaving this occasionally buggy and often frustrating world for a next-gen platform is actually quite hard to even contemplate at the moment.

So until then Kittywitchin’ will carry on, faithfully documenting the many shopping trips I make, the events that  I visit and most of all sharing with you the fun that I hope, no I’m sure, that I will continue to have in this mad, crazy metaverse that I call home.

Thank you so very much for reading my blog.

(Now, if everyone can just get out of Kustom 9 so I can get in, that would be super-awesome!)