Torley Dazzled!

Y’know, I’ve read some truly rotten stuff written about Torley over the months that I’ve been a resident in SL.  People wittering on about how he sold his soul to the devil when he converted into a Linden, blah blah blah. Utter nonsense if you ask me. The Lindens benefit immensely from having him on board, I think he’s a fantastic assett to the company. The main reason  I like Torley so much is because I adore the enthusiasm that he has for the platform that we use. Yes, SL can be a bugger sometimes but sheesh, it gets fixed eventually! Lag and getting kicked out are right pains in the butt and I’m the first to flap when that happens, but we live in an amazing creation and we should appreciate it for what it provides us with a heck of a lot more than we do.  Real life has it’s limitations just as much as Second Life does, and if SL is that much of an annoyance to you you can leave it.  Alas RL isn’t that simple!Anyway, I’ve detracted somewhat but Torely has written a fantastic piece on the official blog about the new Dazzle interface.  I knew bugger all about it until I saw Codie’s post on her Twitter, checked it out and found Torley’s post.  It looks pretty cool, and like he points out-aesthetics matter. A change is as good as a rest after all! 

Read his post here and enjoy, it’s extremely eloquent and I think if he arrived on my doorstep and with the same magniloquence and tried to sell me a timeshare I’d bite his arm off straightaway!

One thought on “Torley Dazzled!”

  1. Snuck in and tried the Dazzle interface today while on lunch. Interesting look, if a bit to “Vista-ish” for my Leopard spotted hide. First impression is some of the UI controls are larger/take more screen real-estate then the 19.8.x or 1.19.x clients. It IS a lot more “usable” and readable at points.

    From a legibility/design point…. Dunno if light text on slightly less light background is still a good choice.

    Over all… it’s great to see LL is spending time working on ways to improve the client’s look and feel. Be interested to see Dazzle in windlight….


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